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Watch “Over Our Shoulders” As We Show You Step-By-Step Exactly How To Prepare For Your Interview So You Outshine Your Competitors And Book The Job You Want & Deserve



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Watch “Over Our Shoulders” As We Show You Step-By-Step Exactly How To Prepare For Your Interview So You Outshine Your Competitors And Book The Job You Want & Deserve

The Interview Master System is our best-selling job interview preparation tool-kit, developed for our students who wanted personal coaching from the Interview Guys. Since we don’t have the time to accommodate all of those people day in day out, we created the Interview Master System.

To put it simply, it’s the closest thing to having a “face to face” coaching with the Interview Guys!

“But what’s the difference between the “Master Guide” and the “Master System?”

Think of it in cooking terms…

The Master Guide is like an award-winning recipe book.  You get all the ingredients and you get all the easy-to-follow directions.  At the end of it all, you get delicious meals fit for a 5-Star restaurant.

But imagine you could watch the 5-star chef making the recipes instead?

What if you could actually watch them make the dish right in front of you?

You get to see all of the steps they take, all of their tricks and techniques, and all of the mistakes to avoid.  They basically hold your hand through the entire process. That’s what the Interview Master System is like!

It’s a hands-on and visual experience where you actually SEE us doing what we teach will leave you feeling the most confident and give you the best shot at landing that job offer!

So what exactly is in the System?

“Over The Shoulder” Video Series

  • 7 module video course harnesses the power of all the online tools at your disposal, allowing you to zero in on exactly what your company is looking for and present yourself as their Perfect Candidate.
  • These cutting edge techniques allow you to see “behind the curtain” of the company you are interviewing for so that you can blow the interviewer’s mind with your knowledge
  • Get REAL TIME inside access to real people’s interview experiences at recognized organizations including Facebook, Starbucks, Apple, Target Bank of America, Walmart, UPS, Home Depot and hundreds more!
  • Leverage these people’s experiences to prepare yourself for anything: the actual interview process they went through, their mistakes to avoid AND the real questions and answers they faced at the companies above

IMS Process Map

  • Visual companion for the “Master System”.
  • You’ll never be lost again by following this “step by step” road map.
  • Visual learners will love this!

IMS Action Guide

  • Hit the ground running with this simple easy to follow breakdown of the entire system
  • Learn the “system” at your own pace.
  • If you’re short on time come here to figure out where to focus your energy

Night Before” Checklist

  • Don’t miss a critical step with this handy task manager

PC Generator

  • Generate perfectly “tailored” answers to the questions you’re asked that tap directly into exactly what your company is looking for
  • These answers will be targeted at exactly what makes up your company’s “Perfect Candidate”
  • No more guesswork

PC Blueprint

  • Your “interview roadmap” that let’s you always know you are on the right track, presenting yourself as their “Perfect Candidate”
  • Take this cheat sheet into the interview with you so that you can have all the “critical info” at your fingertips
  • Don’t get caught off guard. Refer to this important info at a glance.
  • Seize and capitalize on any in-interview opportunities that arise by referencing your pre-planned crib sheet

Okay, so having said that, you’re probably wondering how much the Interview Master System is gonna cost you…

Well considering this is dozens of of hours of our coaching boiled down into one training program, and that our coaching costs hundreds of dollars and hour we could easily sell the Master System for $500 or more…

But don’t worry you’re not going to be paying $500. Not even half that!

Today you can get instant access to the Interview Master System and have us The Interview Guys walking you step-by-step towards getting a job offer from your very next interview…

So if you like the idea of having Jeff & Mike hold your hand through the entire job interview process AND becoming the type of interview candidate that your hiring manager simply MUST hire, then you need to take advantage of this opportunity today.

To get instant access to our exclusive Members Area where you will get access to the Interview Master System , simply click the add to cart button below to get started and you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page….

Ready to get started?  Here’s how…it’s really easy!

Click the big yellow button, fill out your details on our secure checkout page and then you’ll get instant access to the IMS members area where everything will be waiting…

And since the Interview Master System is a fully digital product, you won’t need to wait OR pay for any shipping.

Just click the button and you’ll have access to everything in minutes, so you can start preparing for your interview right away.

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