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How To Have Sex: The Complete Sex Guide Package – Tom Anderson


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The Complete Sex Guide Package By Tom Anderson consists of four ebook

Sex Decoded and Explained

In the recent past, we guys thought it was difficult to get laid. We thought it was difficult to turn women on. And we thought it was difficult to satisfy women in bed.

But that was the past.

Now, every part of seduction and sex has been decoded.

First, the pick-up community decoded the mystery of seduction. They found the steps we guys have to take to lead women into our bedrooms.

And with this ebook, the mystery of sex has been decoded as well.

This means:

Every step of the way, from seduction to orgasm, has been decoded. And in this groundbreaking ebook, every step is explained.

The Science of Sex

This ebook is the result of 12 years of research on the male-female sexual interaction.

Tom Anderson describes how men and women follow a specific pattern when having sex. When the man understands and follows this pattern, the woman will always follow his lead and eventually do anything in the bedroom.

This sex guide focuses on:

  • How to turn women on – every time
  • How to make women say yes to sex whenever you want to
  • How to know what to do in bed
  • What to do when women say “no”
  • How to turn “no” to “yes” every time
  • How far you can go with women
  • How to make women do anything in bed

The ebook also offer solutions to 42 common mistakes men do in the bedroom.

Tom Anderson has with his newest sex guide cut away everything nonessential. He focuses only on what to do every time the woman hesitates or resists the man’s lead.

The result is a simple step-by-step sex guide to make women do absolutely anything in bed.


His techniques are meant for the bedroom, but they are as effective during pick-up and foreplay. In other words, the techniques you learn in this ebook will remove any resistance women have towards your sexual advances.

40 Articles about How to Satisfy Women in Bed

140 Blog Posts about Seduction and Sex


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