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Learn How to Hack YouTube Advertising to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales


“John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire here. When you have a flagship community such as Podcasters’ Paradise, the one major issue is getting the word out, and getting in front of not just enough people, but the RIGHT people. Working with Jake at Video Power Marketing…I was able to get in front of the RIGHT people, and the conversions were incredible. Jake and his team have their systems down pat, from step one to conversions, and it was a true pleasure working with them! IGNITE!”

John Lee Dumas | Host of Entrepreneur on Fire

Here’s What You’re Getting

  • 20+ Instructional Videos that walk you through Campaign Strategy, Set-Up, & Measuring and Optimizing your campaign
  • 4 PDF Documents that include detailed descriptions of how to set up and run a TrueView Campaign
  • 1 Screenshare Walkthrough of one of my personal TrueView campaigns
  • 10+ Bonus Videos

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn From Hacking YouTube Advertising

Module 1: Foundation For Success

Before you shoot any video or create a campaign you need to lay down the foundation. Without this step you will waste both your time, resources and your ad spend.

  • Use our Easy Campaign Planner to help you get organized from the very beginning
  • Come up with the Right Results, Right People, & Right Message for your Campaign
  • Conduct Placement & Keyword research to find your audience online

Section 1: Foundation for Success

Module 2: Creating Videos That Move People

In this section we discuss elements of your videos that will capture attention, build trust and get people to move. I will show you my formula for my videos that drive (almost) free traffic and how I use videos to convert traffic into conversions.

  • We’ll break down what makes an effective TrueView ad & how to drive traffic to your webpage
  •  Learn how to make your Landing Page video convert your new traffic into real sales
  • Create high-quality ads on a budget; see our Behind The Scenes

Section 2: That Move People

Module 3: Creating A TrueView Campaign

TrueView campaign allows us to place our video or message in front of many, very specific types of people. In this section we learn how to setup your TrueView Ad Campaign in Adwords so you can place your video where your future customers are.

  • Never used AdWords? Learn how to easily set up your Account and Campaign
  • Learn how to Hyper-Target your videos so that only the most relevant audiences will see them.
  • Set-up conversion tracking so you can track and measure your success

Section 3: Creating A TrueView Campaign

Module 4: ROI Optimization

Every campaign you build will have holes in it. It’s in this segment where we learn how to find those holes and plug them up to prevent wasted ad spend.

  • Learn how to properly optimize your campaign for maximum efficiency
  •  Know how often to optimize so that you don’t choke your campaign or overspend
  • Understand your campaign by mastering what KPI’s need to be measured

Section 4: R.O.I. Optimization

Don’t Take My Word For It

“The way that I found Jake is I was actually doing research on this particular subject and I saw his ad. I said, ‘Dang, that’s a good ad. It got me. This guy knows what he’s doing.’ So I bought his products that he had at the time, signed up for his list, and finally emailed him and said, ‘Man, we gotta get you to come out and talk about YouTube advertising cause it’s an under discussed subject and you know what you are doing.’ Jake Larsen is a YouTube ambassador. He also does his own consulting and training when it comes to this particular subject so you guys could not be in better hands.”Ryan Deiss (Founder of DigitalMarketer.com)

“Jake is an expert in his field. He manages YouTube ads. I hired him and he walked me through the process as a first-timer. Would recommend Jake to anyone wanting to bring in more leads through YouTube ads.”

Kim Flynn (Founder of Kim Flynn Consulting)

“We’ve had success working with Jake on various projects. He is an expert YouTube advertiser, as a fellow marketer we use Jake on any TrueView campaign opportunity we come across. You can rest assured that he is on top of any bleeding edge developments in this space. We trust him with our clients and that speaks for itself.”

Preston Andrew (CMO at Distruptive Advertising)

Why Did I Create This Course

Too often I hear business owners talk about how they would like to learn how to advertise on YouTube and use YouTube to grow their business. I created this course to show you how anyone can create effective ads and target a very specific audience in order to drive traffic and maximize sales. Using YouTube to your advantage is not as hard as you think, and this step-by-step course will teach you how.

This Course has taken me countless hours of experimentation and several years to figure out.  I’ve wasted hundreds of thousands of advertising dollars trying to find that exact formula that makes getting a return possible.  From a couple of successful campaigns and many failed ones, I’ve figured it out.  I’ve carefully measured,  documented and compiled everything into one place.  I’ve decided to release these detailed documents, step by step instructions and training videos into a course called, Hacking YouTube Advertising. You may not be able to out spend your competition, but you can outsmart them, and this course will show you how.

From: Jake Larsen

Owner of Video Power Marketing

Dear Marketer,

The Hacking YouTube Advertising Course teaches you how to advertise on YouTubeincrease online sales, traffic, and exposure using YouTube Advertising (TrueView). Combining engaging videos with hyper targeted campaigns allows you to get better results with your advertising dollars. You can get Guaranteed Results by creating highly engaging videos that get people to move.

Hacking YouTube Advertising will help you create the right message and place it in front of the right people to achieve your desired outcome.  This is exactly what we’re able to accomplish everyday within YouTube’s TrueView platform. We’ve learned to create the right message, how to put it in front of the right people, and get high returns; efficiently and effectively. Now we’ve turned our strategy into a course that you can learn and apply for your own business.

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