Getting Started with Ruby on Rails – Prof. Paul Krause


Foundations for Building Web Apps with Ruby on Rails




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This course covers all you need to get started with building Web applications with Ruby on Rails. It takes you from basic material on the best practices that are embedded into the Rails framework, through to advanced material on developing real time applications with Rails.

The course contains screen casts and practical examples. We show you how to get coding right away using Nitrous – a cloud based development environment. So there is no need to spend time on the tedious business of installing tools on your own machine.

I am not a full-time teacher. My courses are informed by extensive real-world application development both in industry and academia. So I teach you what works in practice, and by following this course you will benefit from my 35 years' experience in a wide range of software engineering projects.

Course Curriculum

Basic Introduction to Ruby for Rails Developers

  • Setting the Scene (27:59)
  • Using for Ruby on Rails (17:10)
  • The Nitrous Desktop (6:13)
  • A Little Deeper into Ruby (30:50)
  • Classes in Ruby (14:36)
  • Interactive Ruby: the IRb (20:25)
  • A Little Practice with Ruby

Handling Static Pages in Rails

  • Introducing Rails (30:53)
  • Static Pages in Rails (18:12)
  • Fleshing Out the Content (13:54)

Getting Your Processes Sorted

  • The Importance of Process (13:28)
  • Setting up your Development Environment (13:06)
  • Behaviour Driven Development (27:36)
  • Version Control with Git and GitHub (28:26)
  • Early Deployment and Reprise (16:04)

Now Add Some Database Magic

  • Using Active Record (20:39)
  • Validations, Action Callbacks and Authorisation (23:18)
  • Capturing Associations between Classes (12:27)
  • Thinking About Your Models (17:09)
  • A Little Bit of Tidy Up with jQuery (32:08)

A Touch of Style

  • Laying the Foundations for a Makeover (32:46)
  • Semantic Markup with HTML5 (23:11)
  • Sassy CSS (35:51)

Take a REST

  • RESTful Rails (31:36)
  • RESTful CRUD in Detail (30:56)

And a Sprinkling of Gems

  • A Sprinkling of Gems (7:44)
  • Active Admin (22:36)
  • CarrierWave and RMagick (20:52)

Now What Have We Got

  • Where to now? (8:26)

Starting the Move to the Next Level

  • More on Working with Git (37:18)
  • My First Real Time Rails App (41:22)

Appendix: HTML5 Basics

  • What is HTML? (13:48)
  • A Short history of HTML (14:26)
  • The structure of an HTML document (7:49)
  • The Document Object Model (11:58)
  • The "head" element (21:09)
  • Block type and inline elements (24:52)
  • Character encoding (15:18)
  • Marking up text (23:14)
  • Tables (12:44)
  • Forms (21:37)
  • Links (19:07)
  • Validation (12:14)
  • Accessibility (19:40)
  • Review and next steps (16:07)

Appendix: CSS3 Design Patterns

  • Why Design Patterns?
  • Image Replacement (16:49)
  • Font styles
  • Layouts: Tabs (22:02)

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