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FATC Membership 3 NICHES – Cat Howell

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Get Mind Blowing Support And Build Up Your Expertise for Your FB Ad Campaigns.

…PLUS Hands On Experience, Comprehensive Training & Freelancer & Agency Listing!

Here’s a story that might sound familiar…

Onboard client.

Client sets high expectations but you’re confident you can get the job done.

Launch campaigns.

Right out the gate the KPI’s are way off.. And you’re not exactly sure where the bottleneck is.

You frantically start making changes hoping that something will stick, but inevitably it only makes things worse..

By now your new client is breathing down your neck and “suggesting” changes to make.

A few weeks later your client walks.. Leaving you to hustle for a new client. AGAIN.

What if I told you there was a way to stay on top of all these changes and crush your campaigns?

So you can stop losing clients after the first month to poorly performing ads…

What if you were able to get your clients amazing results right out the gate?

Such amazing results that they then referred other clients to you All. The. Time.

So that you spent less time and resources scrambling to get that next client.

As a Facebook™ Ads Marketer you've no doubt experienced the struggle of launching a client's campaign and watching as it crashes and burns…

And then frantically trying everything you can to turn it around, motivated by the fear of losing a client yet again.. 

The industry average churn rate for us FB marketers is 30% – which puts you in the position of always hustling for new clients.

And when you are always frantic for new clients, it’s hard to serve your current clients at the highest level possible.

It’s hard to stay on top of what’s working and what’s not.

And…it’s hard to get out of your own way, take a step back and look at your client’s campaign from a non emotional perspective.

But what if you could…

  •  Have access to handpicked EXPERTS across all niches: So that you can get their advice on setting up campaigns, optimizing, scaling and troubleshooting.
  •  Get hands on experience: So that you don't have to feel like a fraud messing around in an account. 
  •  Develop your skills and expertise: So that you can crush campaigns and earn word of mouth referrals.
  • Tap into a framework: So that you can cut all the work in half by systematizing the set up and management of your clients campaigns? 
  •  Increase the number of months clients stay with your business: So that you can spend time GROWING YOUR BUSINESS rather than scrambling to keep it afloat. 
  •  Deliver exceptional results WITHOUT it needing to take you years of experience to become the expert.
  •  Make Money:  For clients and yourself.

Hey I'm Cat Howell

Five years ago I started to get contracted out for Facebook advertising by some smaller clients. 

But – if we're being honest – I had no idea what I was doing. 

And because I lacked the confidence in my services, because I doubted in my ability to get clients results – I kept undercharging myself and stunted my own growth for the longest time. 

Losing an account can be one of the hardest blows to your confidence. 

Even though I would be getting good results for some clients, it felt like I was always losing accounts and would I'd subsequently dip into these really big lulls where I started to doubt everything and even started to doubt being a Facebook Marketer. 

I felt like a fraud that was mostly guessing her way around an account. 

And because I was always undercharging, my only option to try and turn poor performing campaigns around was to tap into consultants (I couldn't even afford to hire contractors) – which cost me way more than I care to think! 

It wasn't until I'd spent a SH!T TON of client money and lost a SH!T TON of accounts that I started to stitch together some tactical strategies that seemed to be getting great results. 

I now run a seven figure FB ads agency and have worked with clients like FUJIFILM, Contiki, and Coca Cola and I've also had the immense honor of mentoring over 2,000 Facebook marketers and agency owners just like yourself – meaning I'm exposed to OVER 30 ad accounts on ANY GIVEN WEEK! 

And I've helped hundreds apply the framework and position themselves as world experts in the space! 

And today I want to give you an opportunity to BYPASS HAVING TO LOSE HUNDREDS OF CLIENT ACCOUNTS and gain the confidence and skill set that will allow you to grow your own business and client results. Win-win! 

Get FATC Membership 3 NICHES – Cat Howell, Only Price $58


FATC (Facebook™ Ads That Convert):  A monthly membership where you have access to HANDS ON SUPPORT (AKA your dream team) to help fix your ad campaigns.

PLUS comprehensive training and access to a replicable framework for setting up, launching, managing, and scaling your FB Ad campaigns and achieving positive ROA within a couple weeks.   

I've spent the last three years building out this framework and it's based off of hundreds of ad accounts I've personally worked on or helped troubleshoot. 

The process is one we developed exclusively in the agency – it's made up of three phases, and at the end of it you will come away with a campaign not only delivering you cheap leads and sales, but extremely high quality leads as well!  

Which means one happy client! 

Now Just Imagine…

  •  Knowing and being able to attract the most lucrative types of clients, and how to pitch for your services to land clients willing to pay your fees…
  •  Being able to onboard your clients with the right expectations (and how to see if their stuff will even work)…
  •  How to setup the campaign that will save you hours of time and budget, AND easy lead wins for your client…

No more having to rely on Facebook Support – unlockyour own Dream Team and never stress about your client campaigns again!    

The membership is like unlocking your very own box of private consultants and world-class experts ready to lift up their sleeves and help fix & troubleshoot YOUR campaigns! And the best bit – it'll cost you a FRACTION of what it would cost to lose a client or hire private consultants!  

Bypass the heartache and stress and avoid costly campaign pitfallsensure maximum campaign ROA, and solve sticky situations in a fraction of the time by tapping into your very own Dream Team!

6 Common Freelancer/Agency Pitfalls

pitfall #1:   A membership costs too much

Consider the cost of losing just one client.

Assuming you’re charging at least $1500/month for that client… (***which you absolutely should be!) The loss of that client will cost you at least $1500 while you scramble to find a replacement.

With that money you could have your very own dream support team for all your client campaigns for months!

How much more would you charge, how many more clients would you onboard, and how much more would your business thrive if you had unfaltering faith in you or your team's ability to deliver on client expectations?

Bypass the heartache and stress and avoid costly campaign pitfalls, ensure maximum campaign ROA, and solve sticky situations in a fraction of the time by tapping into your very own Dream Team!

pitfall #2:  I'm doing just fine myself

Don’t you want to be MORE than just ‘fine’?  

With all the changes Facebook™ makes to the algorithm, what’s working with FB ads changes on a week to week basis. 

And if you’ve ever spent any real time inside of ads manager, you know that Facebook™ doesn’t always behave the way that “it should”…

Doing 'just fine' will cost you clients!

Get inside a community to see what’s ACTUALLY working on a week to week basis. 

With FATC you can get cutting edge insights from FB ad experts who are responsible for millions of dollars per year in ad spend.

The membership is like unlocking your very own box of private consultants and world-class experts ready to lift up their sleeves and help fix & troubleshoot YOUR campaigns!

Get FATC Membership 3 NICHES – Cat Howell, Only Price $58

pitfall #3:  

I will just pay for a consult 

And where to from there? 

You’ll be left with a million and one unanswered questions and nothing tangible to move forward with. 

Not to mention the cost of a consult which can range between $300/hr up to $1500/hr for a highly sought after expert.  Plus the money that gets wasted or clients that walk while you wait to get on that experts books.

Do you really think you can troubleshoot or optimize an entire campaign in just ONE hour??  

Save those dollars for a week on the beach.  Tap into experts at your fingertips right when you need them!

pitfall #4:  

There are plenty of free online courses out there… 

Wading through numerous blog posts and free online webinars is not only frustrating but time-consuming! Time is precious and it’ll cost you. Don't spend your days, weeks, life searching for the right pieces to the puzzle. 

Besides, those having success with FB ads are constantly testing, optimizing and troubleshooting.  

This is not something you can learn from an online course or a YouTube video.  There's actually a systemized process AKA FRAMEWORK that will guide you through these steps.  

This framework is key and only available inside FATC.  Don't waste your time and life searching.  Get access and move forward!

itfall #5:  

I've already spent money on other programs…

Well if you are reading through this my guess is that program didn't quite work!

Which is all too common these days.  Managing FB ads is a very dynamic process.  It's not about setting up one ad campaign then making millions.

And although you get access to step by step training in FATC, it's really the hands on support that is helping 100's of other FB marketers succeed.  By NOT tapping into that support, you will continue to fear taking on new clients.  And you will continue to loose clients because they are not getting the results they want.  That right there is money LOST!

pitfall #6:  

I just need one more client…

Ah yes just one more client and then syndrome.

You wouldn't go out and buy all new furniture for your house before it's built would you?  Then why would you go out and try to land a bunch of new clients before you had a foundation and support in place?

Look one more client is not going to change your life…yet.  And even if you did get that next client, how long before they leave?  Or worse ask for a refund because they feel taken advantage of.

Best to learn the framework and have support in place first.  Then wow your clients and get lots more!

So What's Actually Inside

Request live support and get a FATC team member to  help with your campaigns

  • Weekly live calls for support
  • Get support around ROA, scaling, audiences, tracking, funnels, DPAs, etc. 

Private Facebook Support Group

  • Hands on support inside a private FB group
  • Hand picked experts at your fingertips
  •  Peer group feedback

Getting Prepped To Run Ads 

Like A Boss!

  •  How to make your funnels compliant (including GDPR)
  • Thinking like the algorithm
  •  Estimating Results
  •  Audience Mapping
  •  Tools used
  •  Industry Stats and more!

How to set up, manage and optimize campaigns

  •  Prepping the account
  • Minimum viable funnel
  •  Rapid Fire Testing
  •  BOF retargeting
  •  Scaling
  •  Optimizing, bottlenecks and more!

Step by step standard operating procedures for campaigns

  • How to calculate results
  • Mapping out your funnel
  •  Setting up naming conventions
  •  How to setup reporting columns
  • How to setup BOF
  •  How to setup retargeting and more!

Since support is a huge part of FATC here is a snippet of a live training call!

Plus You Will Also Get…

Use my money to gain real-world campaign experience 

(and case studies!) 

  • Gain experience working on live campaigns
  • Each month 12 students will be selected to work with 6 businesses
  •  One month of supported hands on campaign management
  •  Opportunity to "pitch" on going services

Get in the Top 1% of FB Ad Experts! 

  • Hit targets and benchmarks and we'll certify you as being one of the top 1% of FB Ad specialists!
  •  NEVER worry about where the next lead or client is coming from again!
  •  **A six month membership is required to unlock the certification

Land new Clients! 

  •  Get listed on an Exclusive Freelancer Database
  •  NEVER worry about where the next lead or client is coming from again!
  •  **A six month membership is required to unlock database 

Get EVERYTHING you need to deliver 

on client expectations!

You’ll get the full Framework, SOP's, step-by-step instructions, live coaching calls, and the most support you’ve ever received in any course or membership program.


LIMITED MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE  If memberships are all taken you will be redirected to a waitlist page. If we feel you are a good fit for the program we will be in touch within 30 days. 

The Framework – valued $493

Weekly Dream Team Support Call – valued $497

Private Facebook Support Group – valued $99

Campaign SOP – valued $2997

FATC Certified – valued  $1997 

Live Campaign Experience – Priceless

Total Value $6,086

How It Works

Step 1:

Choose Your Niche.  

If interested in ecommerce, online physical goods, then 

If interested in local services lead generation, then

If interested in coaches and online programs, then

Step 2:

Join FATC Membership

Step 3:

Fill out welcome form

Step 4:

Get access to training

Step 5:

Join private FB group

Step 6:

Hop on coaching calls

Step 7:

Change your life!

Get FATC Membership 3 NICHES – Cat Howell, Only Price $58

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