Design and Develop Advanced Computer Games with Stencyl – Richard Sneyd


With no previous programming or game design experience, build your own amazing 2D games in just a matter of hours!



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This course has been especially designed to take your complete beginner or intermediate level skills in Stencyl and build them up to the level required of a professional indie game developer. Where as the foundation course (Create your First Computer Game with Stencyl), teaches you many important skills, concepts, and techniques necessary to implement core gameplay, utilise sound, and implement some basic AI, this course will teach you how to Create a complete, professional grade computer game which can be published on all the most popular platforms — Google Play, IOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, Flash etc.

From start to finish, you will develop a complete, playable game including all the advanced features and polish you would expect, such as:

  • start menu
  • social link buttons
  • multiple, playable levels
  • level selection screens
  • saving and loading
  • in-game currency
  • in-app purchases and ads (for revenue generation)
  • beautiful, unique art and animations
  • parallax scrolling
  • sophisticated, physics based gameplay

We also cover less technical — but none the less essential — subjects such as marketing, design theory, game monetisation paradigms and various other business and design tips and tricks for game development . After the core game has been developed, the course leads into sections on what it takes to publish it to the various Stencyl supported platforms (Desura, Steam, Google Play, Samsung Apps, IndieCity etc), including platform specific details such as certificates, marketplace restrictions, monetisation methodologies etc.

In short, when you've finished this course, there will be nothing stopping you from beginning your professional game development career. So let's get started!

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome to the Course (11:48)
  • The Structure of the Lectures (4:50)
  • Overview of Software & Tools (13:46)
  • What's New in Stencyl 3.x and Beyond? (14:58)
  • What's New in Stencyl 3.x pt 2 (11:51)

Marketing & Monetisation

  • Monetisation Strategies & Methods (18:44)
  • Game Marketing: What, Why & How (15:48)
  • Game Marketing p2 (13:48)
  • Licenses & Pricing Options (3:39)
  • Marketing & Monetisation Core Concepts

An In-depth Look at Stencyl

  • Looking At Stencyl – Part 1 (19:43)
  • Looking At Stencyl – Part 2 (18:05)
  • A Look At the Stencyl Tool Pt 3 (13:08)

Game Design Theory – An Overview

  • What is Play? (13:04)
  • What is a Game? (16:03)
  • Theory Review

Building the Bones of the Game – Let's Get Practical!

  • Game Data Folder (5:14)
  • The Game Concept – Mudslide Cowboy (13:50)
  • UPDATE: Background System Changed as of Stencyl 3.2 (2:13)
  • Setting Up the Game Project (10:25)
  • Setting up the Game Project Pt. 2 (13:17)
  • Setting Up the Game Project Pt. 3 (18:37)
  • Setting up the Game Project Pt. 4 (18:18)
  • More Actors – Simple & Complex Pt. 1 (11:12)
  • More Actors Pt. 2 (13:00)
  • Populating the Level (19:09)
  • Making the Balloon Move 1 (4:35)
  • Making the Balloon Move 2 (14:39)

Programming Core Functionality & Mechanics

  • The Player Handler – Handling User Interactions Pt. 1 (21:03)
  • Player Handler Pt. 2 (20:51)
  • Adding the Adaptive Cursor (18:10)
  • State Management & Movement Controls Pt. 1 (20:06)
  • Movement Controls Pt. 2 (19:44)
  • Movement Controls Pt. 3 (16:25)
  • Refining the Controls (7:06)
  • An Object Lesson in Software Development – Build Bugs (1:52)
  • Cursor Handler – Sharing Attributes Between Actors (12:36)
  • Cursor Handler Pt. 2 (12:28)
  • Debugging – The Cursor Handler (8:17)
  • Debugging – The Player Handler (4:36)

Crafting the Aesthetic Experience: Various Experiential Embellishments

  • Refining Obstacle Interactions (5:49)
  • Exercise: Create a More Elaborate Camera Follow Behaviour (1:34)
  • More Elaborate Camera Follow: Solution (14:04)
  • Handling Collisions Properly: Configuring and Using Collision Groups (5:45)
  • Reaction to Collision Events: Destroying Obstacles (10:40)
  • Reaction to Collision Events: Adding Some Eye Candy (23:10)
  • Eye Candy: Dust Behind Player Avatar (4:22)
  • Exercise: Finish Player Eye Candy (1:09)
  • Solution: Finish Player Eye Candy (5:44)
  • Directional Click Handling Fix (4:48)
  • Collecting Coins 1 (10:43)
  • Collecting Coins 2 (17:02)
  • Animating HUD Elements (7:24)

Finishing Touches

  • Using Fonts and Tracking Score (17:18)
  • Adding Main Menu & Buttons (8:43)
  • Level Selection Screens (21:17)

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