Codeless Website Development with Adobe Muse


Design Beautiful, Interactive Websites without Coding



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Still haven't had time to learn to code? Does HTML give you a migraine? Are you the type who's not just into coding? Have you been looking for an easy way to create websites without sacrificing power? If this is you, you've found the solution.

Codeless Web Development with Adobe Muse shows you how to create outstanding looking websites with all the features you'd expect. Instructor John Secor has been creating websites with Adobe Muse for some of the largest—and smallest—companies around. John's a competent expert with a knack for teaching; you'll immediately feel comfortable as he shows you all the tools and techniques you'll need to develop professional style websites.

After taking this course, you'll be able to independently create full websites that look greatand function perfectly. And remember, you can do this without writing any code at all.

This course won't just show you how to create websites, you will also learn how to create sites targeted to mobile devices like Android, iPhone, and iPad. Mobile web is critically important since more and more people are accessing the internet through mobile devices.

Course Curriculum

Your First Programs and Variables in C

  • Introduction (1:12)
  • Introduction (1:43)
  • Site Properties (5:33)
  • What is Adobe Muse? (2:55)
  • Working with graphics, Part I (5:17)
  • A Tour of the Interface (11:18)
  • The Tools Panel (6:24)
  • Using the Panels in Adobe Muse, Part I (6:26)
  • Using the Panels in Adobe Muse, Part 2 (4:15)
  • Moving around, using the interface (3:46)

Setting Up Your First Muse Website

  • Introduction (0:54)
  • Reviewing the particulars (2:06)
  • The Details (1:56)

Setting Up Pages

  • Introduction (1:12)
  • The Plan View (2:57)
  • Master Pages (10:04)
  • Menus (9:09)

Working With Graphics and Text

  • Introduction (1:02)
  • An Overview On Importing Content (1:03)
  • Working with text (11:16)
  • Working with graphics, Part II (10:14)
  • Inserting HTML (9:57)
  • The Contact Page (7:19)
  • Finishing Touches (1:58)

Getting The Most Out of Muse Widgets and Library

  • The Difference Between Widgets and Library (4:12)
  • The Adobe Widget Library (6:30)
  • The Library (6:24)
  • Scroll Effects (5:48)

Creating website variants (tablet & mobile)

  • Introduction (0:57)
  • Setting up the tablet version (12:47)
  • Setting up the smartphone version (6:21)
  • Testing mobile/tablet versions before deployment. (9:37)

Getting Ready to Publish

  • Introduction (0:58)
  • How to preview your site (4:56)
  • Reviewing the Assets (8:40)
  • Publishing to Business Catalyst (2:41)
  • Exporting HTML/FTPing (9:25)

Becoming an Active Member of the Muse Community

  • Introduction (1:49)
  • Becoming an Active Member of the Muse Community (2:45)
  • Muse Jam Sessions (3:45)
  • The Next Step (3:22)


  • Assignment
  • Solutions

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