Cisco Network CCNA OSPF – Sam Fitzgerald


In this course, you will learn the absolute best, and quickest way, to deploy OSPF on an enterprise and service provider network. With this course you'll get access to over 2 hours of content, and 20+ lectures all packed with crucial need to know info.



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In this course, you will learn the absolute best, and quickest way, to deploy OSPF on an enterprise and service provider network. With this course you'll get access to over 2 hours of content, and 20+ lectures all packed with crucial need to know info.

These videos are designed to give network engineers the exact commands they need to implement and verify the OSPF technologies. There are 20 separate lessons that cover various OSPF topics, such as, authentication, areas, and route advertisement. Each video stands on it's own, and completely explains the functions and features for that specific topic, so you can jump around within the course if you wish.

In this course I will be configuring OSPF and various OSPF features throughout the network.

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" This course makes CCNA topics like routing technologies and network device security as simple as possible. I really enjoyed it, and I will definitely being taking more of your courses.” –Treavor Eason

" Excellent content so far! Sam does a great job keeping it interesting. No BS, just great info. Thanks Sam! –Eric Vanderbuilt


This class is led by Sam Fitzgerald who has over 15 years’ experience designing, building, and supporting enterprise and service provider networks. This real world experience is one of the key differentiators that make Networking Step by Steps courses unique.

Sam has successfully taught 16,000+ students, let’s make you 16,001! Enroll Today!

Networking Step By Step – Learning At The Speed Of Life


GNS3 Academy Curriculum


  • Introduction (2:46)
  • Documentation
  • Before We Begin


  • Enable OSPF Routing Process (3:19)
  • Router ID (4:03)
  • Enable OSPF (6:00)
  • Cost (5:38)
  • Reference Bandwidth (5:19)
  • Fast Hellos (7:24)
  • Network Type (7:34)
  • MD5 Authentication – Interface (6:48)
  • MD5 Authentication – Process (8:12)
  • Priority (4:39)

Stub Areas

  • Stub Area (6:14)
  • Total Stub Area (6:31)
  • Not So Stubby Area (4:46)
  • NSSA Totally Stub (4:59)

Route Redistribution and Summarization

  • Redistribute Route (4:59)
  • Route Summarization between Areas (3:31)
  • Route Summarization External Routes (3:15)
  • Virtual Link (4:58)
  • Default Route (4:47)
  • DNS Lookup (2:36)
  • Suppress Hello Packets (4:58)

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