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Available only $39, Learn to draw in 60 days – Brad’s Art School Course

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Author: Brad’s Art School

Course name: Learn to draw in 60 days

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Learn to draw in 60 days – Brad’s Art School

Learn the basics of drawing from Brad Colbow

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed while following a drawing tutorial and thought: “I’m over my head” you’re not alone. That’s exactly how I felt when I started teaching myself. I was jumping into college classes before finishing high school.

What’s in this course? It’s designed to give you a drawing exercise every day for 60 days. Each lesson introduces a new skill and these skills build on each other step by step so when we get into more and more complicated things you are ready for them.

Learn From Youtuber Brad Colbow

Discover the path I took to teach myself how to draw and build the core skills I needed to take on harder tutorials and courses.

Enhance your drawing and sketching skills

Regardless of your level of experience this course will sharpen your knowledge of the drawing basics and build a solid fundation.

Easy to follow Lessons

Every day is a new video class with homework and projects that reinforce the lessons and help you build skills.

Course curriculum
1. The Basics


Day 1 – Getting Started

Day 2 – Basic Shapes

Day 3 – The Construction Method

Day 4 – Construction Part 2

2. 3d Shapes

Day 5 – Drawing 3D Shapes

Day 6 – Overdrawing Lines

Day 7 – 1 Point Perspective

Day 8 – 2 Point Perspective

Day 9 – Spheres and Cylanders

Day 10 – Horizon lines and Veiwpoints

3. Lets Start Drawing in 3d

Day 11 – Drawing A Door
Day 12 – Drawing the Door in 3D
Day 13 – Blocking Out Our Room
Day 14 – Drawing A Desk
Day 15 – Drawing The Dresser
Day 16 – How to Break Perspective
Day 17 – Table in Skewed Perspective
Day 18 – Drawing A Lamp
Day 19 – Drawing The Window
Day 20 – Drawing A Chair in Skewed Perspective
Day 21 – Drawing a Computer
Day 22 – Drawing A Bed

4. Organic Shapes and Details

Day 23 – How to Draw Folding Paper
Day 24 – The Tricky Part of Drawing Leaves
Day 25 – Making Organic Shapes
Day 26 – Drawing A Plant
Day 27 – How to Draw a Guitar
Day 28 – How to Draw That Guitar in 3d
Day 29 – Adding Clutter to Your Drawing
Day 30 – Cluttering Up the Whole Room
Day 31 – More Clutter!!

5. Lets Draw People

Day 32 – Lets Start With Stick Figures
Day 33 – Simple Poses
Day 34 – Proportions
Day 35 – Adding Meat to the Bones
Day 36 – Drawing People in Perspective
Day 37 – Posing in Perspective
Day 38 – Foreshortening
Day 39 – Gesture Drawing Part 1
Day 40 – Gesture Drawing Part 2
Day 41 – Drawing Heads
Day 42 – Drawing The Head at Different Angles

6. Creating Characters

Day 43 – Drawing Eyes
Day 44 – Drawing Hair Styles
Day 45 – Exaggerating Heads
Day 46 – Drawing Characters
Day 47 – Cleaning Up Your Linework
Day 48 – Character Silhouettes

7. Shading and Textures

Day 49 – Shadows in Perspective
Day 50 – Get Started with Textures
Day 51 – Shading Cubes
Day 52 – Shading a Sphere
Day 53 – Shading A Door

8. Drawing Backgrounds

Day 54 – Drawing Trees
Day 55 – Adding Variety to Your Trees
Day 56 – Drawing Rocks
Day 57 – Drawing Background Thumbnails
Day 58 – Roughing in the Background
Day 59 – Cleaning Up the Background
Day 60 – Shading the Backgroun

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