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Available only $39, How to 10x Your Content Creation With an AI Writer – Nina Clapperton Course

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Author: Nina Clapperton

Course name: How to 10x Your Content Creation With an AI Writer

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How to 10x Your Content Creation With an AI Writer – Nina Clapperton Course for Bloggers: How to 10x Your Content Creation With an AI Writer

Finally Write Rankable Blog Posts Without Staying Up Till 2 AM!

Hey you!

It’s lovely to e-meet you.

I’m Nina, an 6-figure travel blogger and an SEO specialist.

My #1 complaint as a beginner blogger, and a blogger now balancing 4 jobs PLUS trying to get an article out every week, was I HAVE NO TIME!

With more and more high volume keywords requiring 5,000+ word posts, and the need to keep publishing content to rank on Google, it’s more important than ever to be able to write amazing content quickly.

That’s where my buddy comes in!

Jasper (formerly Jarvis, formerly Conversion AI) is an AI writing tool.

With Jasper, I’ve been able to increase my output from 1x 2,000 word article a week to over 50,000 words per week!

I’ve even written my ebooks with Jasper, tripled my freelance writing rate, and been able to run multiple blogs while still working my day job at a law firm (without ever working more than 40 hours a week!).

The fastest way to scale your blog is to publish publish publish.

With Jasper, you can do that AND MORE!

More Posts = More $$$

I did an informal study when I got into Mediavine to see how many posts on average it takes to get into Mediavine. I found that for your first site, it tends to take 120-140 blog posts to get into Mediavine!

If you’re writing 1 post per week, that’s OVER TWO YEARS until you’ll be making $1,500+ in ad income monthly.

I don’t have 2+ years to wait to make 6 figures blogging. Do you??

But Nina, Google says they don’t rank AI content.

You’re right!

Google doesn’t rank AI content that just skims the surface of the top 10 SERPs and rephrases them.

But my posts with Jasper – using the method I’m teaching in this course! – have always ranked, and continue to rank post Helpful Content Update and post Google Core update.

In fact, they remain my highest ranking posts!

Even my affiliate posts written with Jasper rank and bring in $$$$ daily!

If Time is Your Most Valuable Resource, You Need This Course!

Since cracking the Jasper code, I’ve:

 ✅ Written a 65 page ebook (that sells!) in 4 hours

✅ Written up to 100k words a week for published blog posts

✅ Scaled my blog to 50k sessions in 6 months – and got into Mediavine!

✅ Been able to create a formula for affiliate blog posts that earn me $$$$$!

✅ Automated the creation of infographics, digital products, quizzes, and even course scripts

✅ Saved HUNDREDS of dollars monthly on writers

What’s Included?

✅ How to write blog posts 10x faster without sacrificing quality

✅ The best Jasper commands for excellent outputs

 How to write an SEO optimized blog post that ranks with Jasper

✅ Writing affiliate articles such as hotel reviews, product reviews, and tour reviews

✅ How to feed Jasper location and item-specific information

✅ How to keep Jasper on track, and stop him from repeating himself

✅ Nailing tone of voice and article structure

✅ The best Jasper recipes and templates for success

✅ Product and lead magnet creation with

✅ & more!!!

And I’m even including bonuses like:

✅ Freelancing with Jasper – do’s and don’ts

✅ art

✅ Jasper & SurferSEO

You’ll get all this and more to help you turn your blog into a profitable business today!

Meet Nina

I’m Nina Clapperton, founder of

I started my travel blog when I ditched law school for a $200 flight to New Zealand. I wanted to make the world accessible to other young women who were constantly being told that they needed a 9-to-5 and 2.5 kids.

But 4 years later, I was burnt out.

I’d spent every evening and weekend blogging. I’d be up until 2am the night before work trying to get new posts live with the dream of travel blogging success.

My family started pushing me to go back to law school and “get a real job”.

But I knew that some way somehow I could turn my passion into a profitable business.

My SEO strategies scaled my blog to 6-figures in 6 months thanks to determination and help from my buddy – so I could work on my business without losing all of my free time.

With the help of and my special SEO strategies, my blog went from 5k to 50k sessions between December 2021 and May 2022. And scaled to my first passive $10k month in June 2022!

I’m not special – you can do it too! That’s why I share my strategies in my SEO courses and my new course!

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