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Available only $222, Hypnotic Persuasion LIVE REMOTE OPTION – Joseph Riggio Course

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Author: Joseph Riggio

Course name: Hypnotic Persuasion LIVE REMOTE OPTION

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The Art of Attaining Alignment, Agreement & Action With Others

[A Message From Joseph Riggio, Neurocognitive Scientist and Master Consulting Hypnotist]

I’ve been training people in the art of persuasion for more than three decades using conversational hypnotic protocols and I know what it takes to train you too. 

I’ve designed this LIVE program to go beyond what I can do in a solely remote training because I’m going to be able to demonstrate and show you what the process looks, sounds and feels like in a “hands-on” way.

I’ve condensed what I presented in my Hypnotic Persuasion online program into the essential steps and I’ll demonstrate each one in this program, and if you’re attending live I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step in working with others in the room. 

If you’re attending virtually, you’ll see exactly what it looks, sounds and feels like to persuade others in a purely conversational way … I’d venture to say, unlike anything you’ve ever seen if you haven’t been in a room with me doing this kind of live training. 

BOTTOM LINE: I’m going to blow away everything you thought was possible in terms of persuasion, and when we’re done you’ll be asking yourself why have you waited so long to learn this for yourself! – Joseph Riggio

What I mean by “Hypnotic Persuasion” refers to bypassing the critical decision making faculty, by tapping into it conversationally and organizing it from the inside out … give me two days and I guarantee you’ll be a better persuader and get outcomes that would be impossible for you without these skills …

The 4 Steps of Hypnotic Protocol
Creating Connections and Compliance

1. Direct Focus And Absorb The Attention:
Develop profound connection and establish a framework that engages interest leading to a desired outcome.

2. Bypass The Critical Interference:
Access the excitatory bias of the individual where they are organized in relation to possibility and hold positive expectation. 

3. Access Deep Cognitive Processing:
Use the tools of verbal and non-verbal communication to elicit the personal patterns of thinking and communication of others

4. Direct The Focus & Attention To Take Action:
Use the patterns of deep cognitive processing to lead the interaction to the realization of agreed upon mutually rewarding outcomes 

What You Need To Know

Understanding the way the brain processes information to create the change in focus and attention in unlocks the power of persuasion that’s only possible once you’ve become skillful in using hypnotic protocol, the essential technology of Hypnotic Persuasion.

Many folks believe that hypnosis must be some kind of mysterious, arcane kind of mental voodoo. Yet when we look at what we call hypnosis carefully what we really see is a shift in focus and attention, and not much more. This shift in focus and attention happens multiple times a day for almost everyone of normal intellect and mental health.

Yet, knowing how to intentionally access, sustain and use this shift makes all the difference in the world in regard to creating your outcomes with others … I’d go so far as to say it’s the essence of the kind of persuasion that changes lives.

“Conversational Persuasion may be the most powerful interpersonal skill you can master.”


I’ll show exactly you how to bypass the critical faculty in decision making so you can become a Master of Persuasion

The critical faculty is the “speed bump” in high quality decision making. Bypassing the critical faculty is the most important and essential skill in hypnosis, and the one thing that makes hypnosis such a powerful technology for transformation.

What most people don’t know (even many professional hypnotists) is how to do this … i.e.: bypass the critical faculty … without doing official closed-eye hypnosis and using trance. Yet the most effective persuaders in the world do it all the time.

From extraordinary leaders, to masterful sales professionals, to the best coaches, consultants, advisors and trainers in the world, and even folks like elite hostage negotiators, I’ve worked with all of these and when I show them this they are blown away by how much more effective they become … and, how effortless persuasion, getting to agreement and building compliance becomes for them.

Have a look at what’s included:
Section 1.0: Conversational Rapport

Connect Conversationally, Elicit the Excitatory Bias, and Establish Positive Expectation

Section 1.0: Conversationalizing LIVE (Open Day 1)

Section 1.1: Eliciting The Excitatory Bias

Section 1.2: The Structure of Narrative

Section 2.0: Hypno-Analysis

Elicit & Gather the Critical Client Data Conversationally

Section 2:0: Eliciting Critical Information Conversationally

Section 2.1: Following & Extending The Data

Section 2.2: Anchoring The Data (Close Day 1)

Section 3.0: Structuring The Installation

Creating Outcomes With Others Conversationally

Section 3.0: Eliciting Critical Information Conversationally (Open Day 2)

Section 3.1: Instructions & Suggestions

Section 3.2: Shifting Filters & Forcing Sorts

Section 4:0: Designing The Narrative Trajectory

Establishing Long-Term Success

Section 4.0: Developing & Delivering The Narrative Framework

Section 4.1: Limiting Limiting Beliefs

Section 4.2: Building & Installing Future Memory (Close Day 2)

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