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6-Figure Group Coaching Secrets – Kendall SummerHawk

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4 Online Training Classes For Coaches + Templates, Checklists, Awesome Marketing Bonuses and More

It’s tantalizing, isn’t it?

The idea that keeps nudging you that yes, maybe you could create a group coaching program… 

You’ve secretly been imagining what it would be like… 

Serving more clients in less time? Yes, that sounds awesome. 

Making more money? Say hello to coaching income that rocks your world. 

Delivering coaching that creates everyday miracles in the lives of your clients? Yep, transformational work is your soul of genius so bring it on.  

So what’s been stopping you from creating a group coaching program that lights you up and helps you make money with ease?

That voice inside your head…you know, the one that dumps rain on your positivity parade with questions like: 

How long do I make my group? 

How much should I charge for it?

What should I call it? What content do I need to include?

How many people do I need in it and where do I find them? 

How do I coach people in a group? How do I make sure everyone feels taken care of?  

  If questions like these have kept you from taking the plunge and creating a lucrative group coaching program you love, then I have one piece of coaching advice for you… 

That nagging voice? It’s dead wrong. 

(Listen to your inner voice of wisdom. She’s smart. And you can trust her.)  

Hi. I’m Kendall SummerHawk, Creator of Multiple 5, 6 and 7-figure Group Coaching Programs and I’m Happy to Share My How-To Secrets With You. 

If your desire is to lead a group coaching program because you want to get your coaching mojo out to more people in the world… 

…and yes, quickly multiplying your income is definitely a practical inspiration too…  

Then this is the online training that will show you how: 

  • You don’t need a big list (size doesn’t matter here and you can easily start making money with a boutique group and save going bigger for later)  
  • You don’t need tons of content (Less is definitely more, saving you time and keeping your group blissfully out of overwhelm)  
  • You don’t need tons of confusing technology (I ran my first coaching group with a telephone and it was awesomely simple)  
  • You don’t need prior experience coaching groups (I’ll show you my specific secrets for creating a super positive group experience, including the magic behind creating engagement, safety, accountability and more)

How Will Creating A Lucrative + Richly Rewarding Group Coaching Program Help You Be Successful In Your Coaching Business?

One-on-One coaching is great, but let’s face it, burn-out is a real thing and it’s not pretty. 

Plus, even if you charge high-end fees for your coaching, working solely one-on-one limits how much you can make in a month. 

Creating a group coaching program – even with a small number of participants – can radically increase how much money you make. 

Imagine serving 5…10… 25 or more clients (whatever number speaks to you) in the time it takes to serve one? 

Say hello to giving your bottom line a healthy boost… and your time a healthy break!

Who 6-Figure Group Coaching Secrets Is For:

6-Figure Group Coaching Secrets is an INSTANT ACCESS 4-class online training 100% with me, whether you coach clients online or in person. 

This training is for coaches who have the desire to create a group coaching program, who are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about how to design, price and fill a group… and want to know how to confidently deliver their coaching magic to their group participants. 

This training will give you step by step, what you need to fulfill your desire to create and lead a lucrative, richly rewarding coaching group program. 

If that sounds like a wish come true, keep reading (or better yet, click here to sign up now)  

Exactly What’s Inside 6-Figure Group Coaching Secrets: 

TRAINING MODULE #1: The ABCs of Designing Your Coaching Group – Step by Step 

This module is all about simplicity and structure so that you’ll feel confident you have the details totally handled with grace and ease. At the end of this module you’ll have your Group Coaching Design DONE. 

Here's a peek at what you’ll discover in this module: 

  • The 2 different types of Group Coaching and how to confidently choose which one is right for your business  
  • The perfect length of time to make your Coaching Group so you create maximum engagement and client results  
  • Secrets to creating an enticing title your perfect clients will find irresistible  
  • Answers to important questions such as when to ‘close’ enrollment for your Group Coaching program, and more  
  • Tech tips to keep your life simple and your Group Coaching program easy to start, especially if you’re on a budget and want to get started fast  
  • A cool mindset visualization that will powerfully connect you with the value of your Coaching Group so that you feel unstoppable and confident  
  • and more!  

Includes templates and checklists so you are creating your group as you go through the training.  

  TRAINING MODULE #2: Getting It Right – How To Create Awesome Content For Your Group Coaching

This module is all about transforming your expertise into Group Coaching content that delivers awesome value. You’ll learn how to stay completely clear of overwhelm or any temptation to over-deliver. What a relief! At the end of this module you’ll have your Group Coaching Content DONE. 

Here's a peek at what you’ll discover in this module: 

  • The 3 styles of Group Coaching content and how to easily choose which one will work best for you  
  • Minute by minute, what goes into a Group Coaching session using my Clock Model (This template is one I know you’re going to love!)  
  • How to quickly and easily create the perfect amount of Group Coaching content, without over delivering and without overwhelm  
  • Specific tips on trimming your content so you — and your Group Coaching clients — stay out of overwhelm  
  • Which bonuses are a must to include, that only cost pennies to provide  
  • Simple secrets for adding bonus handouts and exercises that your clients will love and only take minutes to create  
  • Exactly what content to put into the all-important 1st session of your Group Coaching program  
  • My point-by-point outline of how to complete your Group Coaching so that your clients finish on a high, wanting to hire you for more  
  • Simple "stick" strategies that work beautifully to keep your Group Coaching clients engaged from start to finish of your program together  
  • and more! 

Includes templates and checklists so you are creating your group as you go through the training.  

TRAINING MODULE #3: Leading Your Coaching Group Like A Pro

This module is all about easily mastering your role as Group Coaching leader with grace and ease. You’ll feel confident creating engagement and positive group dynamics. New to coaching in a group? No worries, because at the end of this module you’ll have your Group Coaching leadership how-to’s DONE

Here's a peek at what you’ll discover in this module: 

  • Which Group Coaching guidelines are essential to include so that your group starts off in sync, and any potential challenging situations are virtually eliminated  
  • What to say in your 1st Group Coaching session that clearly establishes you as a caring, respected leader, and sets the ground rules with grace and ease  
  • Simple secrets to increasing your Group Coaching client attendance and most of all, active participation  
  • Highly effective secrets to creating safety and engaging the shy or quiet members of your group so that everyone receives full value  
  • The 3 phases of energy your Group Coaching clients experience, and why it’s so important to expertly lead your group through each  
  • How to handle potential ‘disrupters’ with grace and power, keeping the energy of your Group Coaching positive, and clearly establishing YOU as a leader of the highest integrity  
  • Pinpoint YOUR unique energy and values that you want to bring to your Group Coaching so you feel empowered and authentic in every session  
  • The ‘secret 1-page checklist' you’ll never want to start a Group Coaching session without, so that you always feel relaxed and confident leading each session  
  • and more! 

Includes templates and checklists so you are creating your group as you go through the training.  

TRAINING MODULE #4: Secrets to Confidently Pricing & Filling Your Coaching Group 

This module is all about the money magic, which means you’re going to feel prepared, ready and confident to price and fill your Coaching Group. At the end of this module you’ll have your Group Coaching Pricing DONE

Here's a peek at what you’ll discover in this module: 

  • Step by step, exactly what — and how — to charge so you feel confident about your Group Coaching fee and you’re not selling yourself short  
  • Simple, high-integrity pricing secrets that inspire more “pay in full” clients in your Group Coaching program  
  • The #1 simple enrollment strategy that inspires your Group Coaching clients to say yes, on the spot  
  • Specific answers to important questions such as should you offer a payment plan, how long should a payment plan be, and more  
  • Pricing do’s and don’ts that will save you time and energy, keeping you feeling positive and confident about your pricing  
  • How to confidently discuss your Group Coaching fee  
  • When it makes sense to post your Group Coaching fees online (and when it’s a big no-no!)  
  • Discover easy ways to fill your Group Coaching program with people who already know, like and trust you  
  • 3 Easy to follow marketing ‘blueprints’ showing you the exact flow of how to fill your Group Coaching program  
  • and more!  

Includes templates and checklists so you are creating your group as you go through the training.  


Why 6-Figure Group Coaching Secrets Is Perfect For You  

I believe that leading a coaching group should feel like passionately connecting with your best clients ever… and that multiplying your coaching income should make you feel like doing a happy dance.  

If you love this topic & my work, this is your chance to be in my energy and learn directly from someone who has led a gazillion lucrative coaching groups.

As you learn how to create, price and confidently deliver lucrative, richly rewarding group coaching programs, some pretty inspiring things will start happening for you… 

  • Filling your higher-level, private coaching spots will feel happily easy, because your group coaching participants quickly become your BCE (Best Clients Ever)  
  • Creating new products, services and content will become surprisingly easy – the people in your group will TELL you what they want more of  
  • Your confidence as a coach will sky rocket because of all the experience you’ll have under your wing 

Yes. That’s just a hint at what happens when you add group coaching to your business.  

Ready to get started? Sign up for 6-Figure Group Coaching Secrets, right now and get INSTANT ACCESS.  

The Bottom Line About 6-Figure Group Coaching Secrets

This training is not about ‘building a massive list’, ‘setting up Facebook ads’, or creating complex funnels. 

(Yes, I can already feel your relief) 

It’s about joyfully creating a group coaching program that gets your coaching magic out into the world so that you can change more people's lives… 

… and it’s about leveraging your time so that your love of coaching feels like it stays in the honeymoon phase, forever… 

… and it’s about making awesome money in your coaching business because you deserve all this richness in your life.  


# CLASSES: Training includes 4 online audio training classes, all taught by me. Plus transcriptions and gorgeous companion workbooks that guide you through the training, step-by-step, with grace and ease. 

LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE: You get lifetime access to the entire course: training class recordings, transcripts, downloadable handouts, templates, checklists, and bonuses. 

BONUSES: Register now and get INSTANT ACCESS to the Marketing Bonuses including my Create Your Signature Talk and Discovery Session trainings.  

Plus, this training includes BONUS Feminine Group Coaching Leadership Mindset audio trainings — 5 minute inspiring audio insights designed to help you become the feminine leader you’re meant to be in the world.  

Register now and you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to start your Group Coaching training today.


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