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How would you like to learn PPC Bootcamp Style for 4 weeks?

No one will be left behind!

Each webinar occurs on Wednesday's at 3pm PST 

Recordings will be made available if you can't attend Live.

The next available program runs during the following dates:

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4 Week Mind-Blowing Training Program

How would you like to learn PPC Bootcamp Style for 4 weeks?

No one will be left behind!

Each webinar occurs on Wednesday's at 3pm PST 

Recordings will be made available if you can't attend Live.

The next available program runs during the following dates:

  • Lesson 1: March 14
  • Lesson 2: March 21
  • Lesson 3: March 28
  • Lesson 4: April 4

Price for 4 week program: $297


Watch Dori Friend Chime In

Dori here with a short 3 minute video that is fun and tells you about Derek Booth's PPC Training Course Series we've got going. 

I'm Super Excited!

From The Horses Mouth

Listen to Derek explain what you are going to get out of his new course.

Program Description

Most SEOs find Google AdWords and PPC intimidating​

Let’s be honest… most people that sign up for an AdWords account and run an ad find that their product doesn’t sell, the phone barely rings, and life is exactly like normal. And then they receive the Google bill.They just paid for the privilege of wasting their hard earned money.

It doesn't have to be that way. Many marketers are absolutely crushing PPC!

What separates the losers from the winners? Technique! Consider Google the science and the successful marketers the art form.

That’s right, you can win at PPC by applying the right art form.Derek will teach you the right techniques that will put you ahead of 98% of SEO marketers.

He will boost your knowledge quickly. With his training, you can make an immediate impact on your business and also have lifetime access to everything in the member’s area.

If you want to increase your earnings, learn the best techniques that are required to deliver results from Google AdWords, this is the right program for you.

Here are a few exciting things that you will receive when you join the PPC4SEO course.

  • Keyword Research and Initial Fishing Set Up: You can’t trust keyword tools! Keywords are the foundation of SEO but did you know there is a completely untapped source for ACCURATE buyer keywords that you are missing out on?
  • Rewriting and Working Exact Matches: When people run PPC ads, most miss this critical step. Not you though. Derek’s course will show you how to get a quality score of 10! Pssttt… this makes your ad clicks CHEAP!
  • Applying Discovered Fishing Terms to SEO: There’s a lot of SEOs in the business. How many do you think are using AdWords PPC to boost their SEO? They probably don’t even know it exists. Derek will show you how to beat 98% of the SEOs with no guesswork.
  • Local and Click To Call Campaigns: Selling leads and local click to call ads are growing rapidly. Uncover how Derek uses his Super Stealth techniques to blow past your local competition.
  • Dynamic Ads: These are the easiest way to find customers searching Google for precisely what you offer. Dynamic Search Ads use your website to target your ads and can help fill in the gaps of your campaigns.

This Course Was Created With You In Mind


Focuses on quickly generating profits – so you see an immediate improvement in your ROI. 

Simple to implement – anyone can follow Derek’s step-by-step instructions (yes, that even includes experienced marketers) 

Easily repeatable – once you’ve mastered each technique, you can apply them time and again to all your campaigns. 

Lead to cumulative growth – each technique is self-contained so the more you implement, the more your profits will grow.

Each webinar will be live (recordings will be made available), and include a presentationQ&A  and assignment to hold you applying what you are learning. Nobody will be left behind!


Weekly Agenda

This is Not a Do As I Say Course, This is a Do as I Do Course


Keyword Research – Setting Your Foundation to Success:

Discover Derek’s tips to choosing keywords that drive converting traffic. Shhh – these are PROVEN to convert. And is for affiliate, local, SEO agencies and your own products and services.

  • Backdoor Strategies: How to find “Hidden” keywords that your competition (other SEOs) don’t even know about. Beat them at their own game!
  • Money Tail Keywords that fly under the radar of MOST KEYWORD TOOLS. Making this section of the course your MOST VALUABLE keyword tool! NEVER use the 'Google AdWords Keyword Suggest Tool again!
  • Dos and Don'ts of choosing keywords based on Derek’s Impressive PPC business. Watch as Derek teaches you how to discover keywords which will transform your online marketing even in the most competitive niches.
  • Over the Shoulder, LIVE examples of Derek working his PPC magic.
  • Direct email access to Derek.


Applying Discovered Fishing Terms to SEO -And Show How And Why to Fish Deeper:

This alone is worth 3x the course price! You will also see:

  • Derek’s on-page tactics
  • Live, Over the Shoulder implementation
  • See how he takes the keywords he uncovers and ramps up his SEO.

This is literally a step by step guide to planning, setting up and running a killer PPC campaign using Google AdWords for SEO benefit.


Dedicated To Local And Click To Call Campaigns:

This covert secret can explode your local marketing. You’ll learn the hidden keywords that the local SEOs are missing. The best is that these are keywords that you never thought of.

  • Derek will show you how to set up your ad the RIGHT WAY for click to call ads. Most local businesses get this wrong.
  • He will also help you to slash your PPC ad spend by having that sought after amazing Quality Score!
  • How to make money, even if your list is small

Derek- “How I discover keywords and apply that to SEO will transform your online marketing even in the most competitive niches.”

Proof of Results

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