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Purchase this course Platinum Package – Breaking Into Wall Street at eBokly, You get access to all files. Direct Download Link and No costs are incurred (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha).

All the courses you buy, when you need them, Please inform and I will always resend the link to you. However, You should download early and conveniently study anytime, anywhere.

Platinum Package – Breaking Into Wall Street course is available you will get immediately after payment only $1197 $109.

What will you get: 

  • 1 -IB Networking Toolkit – BWIS
    • Module-01 -Networking Overview
    • Module-02-Lead-Generation
    • Module-03-T racking-Networking
    • Module-04-Requesting-lnformational-lnterviews
    • Module-05-Conducting-lnformational-lnterviews
    • Module-06-Cold-Calls-Cold-Emails
    • Module-07-lnformation-Sessions
    • Module-08-Weekend-T rips
    • Module-09-Co-Worker-Networking
    • Module-10-Networking-Quiz
    • Module-11 -Effective-Email-Templates
    • Module-12-LinkedIn
    • Module-13-Success-Case-Studies
    • Transcripts
  • Bank and Financial Institution Modeling Course (Bank – FIG Modeling)
    • Module-60-Overview
    • Module-61 -JPM-Operating-Model
    • Module-62-JPM-Valuation
    • Module-63-JPM-Merger-Model
    • Module-64-Bank-LBO-Model
    • Module-65-lnsurance-Overview
    • Quick-Reference-Guides
    • Transcripts
  • BIWS PowerPoint Pro
    • 1. Slides, Text & Objects
    • 2. Pasting In Objects
    • 3. Grouping, Aligning & Formatting
    • 4. Finishing Touches
    • 50-AAPL-Buyside-Pitchbook.ppt
    • 50-AAPL-Buyside-Pitchbook.pptx
    • BIWS-PPT-Shortcuts.pdf
  • BIWS Premium – Advanced Financial Modeling
    • 1 Yahoo! Operating Model
    • 2 Yahoo! Valuation
    • 3 Microsoft and Yahoo Advanced Merger Model
    • 4  Yahoo! Advanced LBO Model
    • 5  Microsoft and Yahoo Deal Commentary & Pitch Book
    • 03-BIWS-Equity-Value-Enterprise-Value.pdf
    • BIWS-Excel-Shortcuts.pdf
    • BIWS-PPT-Shortcuts.pdf
    • FrontPage.PNG
  • BIWS Premium – Financial Modeling Fundamentals ( Excel Financial Modeling Fundamentals Course)
    • 01 Accounting Fundamentals
    • 02 Creating 3-Statement Projections
    • 03 Equity Value, Enterprise Value & Multiples
    • 04 Valuation Overview & Comparables
    • 05 Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
    • 06 Valuation Summary
    • 07 Merger Model
    • 08 LBO Model
    • 09 More Advanced LBO Model BIWS-Excel-Shortcuts.pdf
    • FrontPage.PNG
  • Investment Banking Interview Guide 3.0 – BIWS 
    • Documents
    • iPad Version
    • iPhone Version
    • Large Version
    • MP3 Version
    • Main Page.png
  • Oil and Gas Modeling Course
    • Certification-Quizzes
    • Module-70-Overview
    • Module-71 -Operating-Model
    • Module-72-Valuation
    • Module-73-Merger-Model
    • Module-74-LBO-Model
    • Module-75-Data-Gathering-Assumptions
    • Module-76-PDP-PDNP-Reserves-Production
    • Module-77-PUD-PROB-POSS-Reserves-Production
    • Module-78-UT-Uinta-Acquisition
    • Module-79-lnvestment-Recommendation
    • Quick-Reference-Guides
    • Table-of-Contents-and-Quiz-Questions
    • Transcripts
  • Real Estate and REIT Modeling Course
    • Module-80-Overview
    • Module-81 -Office-Development-Sale
    • Module-82-Hotel-Acquisition-Renovation
    • Module-83-REIT-Operating-Model
    • Module-84-REIT-Valuation
    • Quick-Reference-Guides
    • Transcripts

"If You’ll Stop at Nothing to Land Your Dream Job and Then Leap Up the Ladder of Success to Top Bonuses, Exit Opportunities, and Perks Others Can Only Imagine… Then You May Be A Fit For BIWS Platinum"

BIWS Platinum is the Ultimate Package If You Want to Outpace Other Interview Candidates by Miles, Win More Job Offers at The Most Prestigious Firms, and Advance Rapidly On the Job – While Pocketing $982 In “Best Customer” Savings At The Same Time!

I'll cut right to the chase… The only reason I created this page is because so many students, entry-level professionals and career changers have asked me to recommend the FASTEST and most “BULLETPROOF” way to break into and advance within investment banking, private equity, and hedge funds.

But an important note first: if you don't know me, or you're not familiar with what BIWS is "all about," this package is probably NOT for you… yet.

But if you’re still with me… then please read this entire page and decide if you’re the right fit for BIWS Platinum

Who is a Fit for BIWS Platinum, and Who is Not?

A while back, I was doing some research and speaking with students and professionals enrolled in our courses… and I discovered that we have TWO types of customers here at BIWS.

The first type enrolls in one or two courses to address a specific need or "gap," but never advances much further than that.

The second type absorbs everything we offer like a sponge, often enrolling in all our courses as they advance through the ranks in the finance industry – from breaking in, to earning bonuses and promotions, to moving to the buy-side… and eventually becoming "top dog" at a well-known firm – or even starting their own firm.

Of course, I value ALL our customers… but I wanted to do something EXTRA SPECIAL for you if you want to squeeze the most value out of what we have to offer.

So I’ve bundled up ALL of our courses into a "super package" called BIWS Platinum – which lets you get your hands on all the courses that you’d very likely invest in over time anyway… and lock in an immediate savings of $982 as a "thank you" for signing up early.

At first, I was skeptical that more than 1 or 2 students might be interested in this package… but BIWS Platinum is now our second-best-selling product!

Get Platinum Package – Breaking Into Wall Street, Only Price $109

So if you think this ‘all-inclusive’ package might be for you, read on to look at everything you get inside and you'll instantly see and appreciate the massive value:

What You’ll Get As Our Newest BIWS Platinum Member

Course #1: Excel & Financial Modeling Fundamentals

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: This course helps you master foundational financial modeling skills that you'll use in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, equity research, and other fields

Master Excel and financial modeling and leap ahead of the competition – before you even walk into the interview room. You'll get a total of 340 videos – everything you need to trounce your interviews and get a head-start before you start working.

In this course, you'll learn Excel, accounting, valuation, and financial modeling from the ground up with 10+ real-life case studies from around the world, including: EasyJet (UK), 7 Days Inn (China), Vivendi (France), Chuck E. Cheese's (US), Jazz Pharmaceuticals (US), Suntory (Japan), Kakao / Daum (Korea), and Netflix (US).

These case studies teach you how to use financial modeling to make client advisory recommendations (e.g., advise a client on whether it should sell itself or raise capital) for investment banking roles and how to make investment recommendations for buy-side roles such as private equity and hedge funds. Nothing else on the market teaches you the the thought process in the same way.

These are the fundamental skills you'll need in in any sector in the finance industry – and you'll be ahead of the game by mastering them before you start working.

Course #2: Advanced Financial Modeling

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: This course helps you master more complex models, valuations, and case studies

BIWS Advanced Financial Modeling is a fast-track course in financial modeling as it is performed in real life every day, at investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms.

It's based on a real-life case study of Microsoft's attempted $44 billion acquisition of Yahoo – using the same case study-oriented approach to learning that Harvard Business School uses.

You'll get 100 training videos total, which cover advanced operating models, valuation based on SEC filings and equity research, complex merger models, and advanced LBO models. There's also a sample pitch book and commentary on the entire deal process and outcome at the end.

Course #3: IB Networking Toolkit

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: This course gets your foot in the door for interviews and makes it easy to advance throughout your career

The Investment Banking Networking Toolkit makes it easy to create valuable contacts and connections that will ease your way into a great job in the finance industry. Learn how to find names and contact information, how to plan your informational interviews and cold calls, and how to break into finance – without stressing yourself out or feeling "pushy."

You get 37 video and audio files, along with dozens of bonus email templates, networking success case studies, and a module on how to use LinkedIn effectively. Everything is presented in multiple formats, so you can watch, listen, or read, depending on your preferred learning style.

To accelerate your networking, we even give you the names and descriptions of 4,178+ investment banks, 11,306+ private equity firms and 3,190+ hedge funds, organized by region (Note: These include main phone numbers and email addresses/physical addresses, but are not specific people at each firm).

Course #4: IB Interview Guide

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: This course helps you pitch yourself, answer "fit" questions, and master the trickiest technical interview questions

This is your "Interview Action Plan" – it gives you preparation checklists for interviews, shows you how to walk through your resume and background with 18 templates, and explains how to prepare efficiently for the "fit" and qualitative questions (with tutorials, dozens of sample questions and answers, and more).

There are also 578+ pages of detailed coverage of the technical topics, including material that no other guide on the planet teaches (e.g., private companies, ECM/DCM/Leveraged Finance, and industry-specific questions). And then there are 18+ Excel files you can use to understand all these concepts in-depth, along with 218+ quiz questions you can use to test yourself.

In addition to all that, you can test your skills with the 17 practice case studies – ranging from 3-statement modeling to valuation/DCF to M&A and LBO-related exercises. These are very similar to the tests you'd have to complete at assessment centers in EMEA and, increasingly, in interviews anywhere.

The guide is comprehensive, but efficiency is the goal as well – which is why we provide study plans for 4 hours, 2 days, and 1 week of preparation time. If you have more time than that, great! But make sure you master the fundamentals outlined in these plans first.

Course #5: Bank & Financial Institution Modeling

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: This course helps you develop valuation and modeling expertise specific to banks and financial institutions, including how to make investment recommendations

Master the fundamentals and the nuances of bank and financial institution accounting, valuation, and financial modeling with detailed, step-by-step video training.

This course is based on four detailed, global case studies: An operating model and valuation for Shawbrook, a U.K.-based "challenger bank," a merger model for KeyCorp's $4.1 billion acquisition of First Niagara, a potential growth equity investment in ANZ, and a 100% buyout of the Philippine Bank of Communications.

Each case study concludes with a client advisory presentation or investment recommendation, and there are simplified and more complex versions of each model. Plus, you get a set of bonus lessons on accounting and valuation for insurance companies.

It's the only FIG training on the planet that explains how to use modeling techniques to write stock pitches for commercial banks – a required part of any asset management or hedge fund interview. And then you also get a crash course on equity research reports and investment banking pitch books.

You'll gain immediate access to the 103 instructional videos, the stock pitch, ER report, and IB pitch book, the extensive written notes, the practice quiz questions, and the Quick Start Guides so you can quickly grasp the concepts and practical skills taught in the course.

Course #6: Oil & Gas Modeling

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: This course helps you master oil & gas accounting, NAV models, valuation, and stock pitches and case studies in the energy sector

You'll master oil & gas valuation and financial modeling in this course, including coverage of energy-specific accounting, the financial statements, and industry-specific methodologies such as the Net Asset Value (NAV) Model.

This course is based on two separate case studies: the first is an analysis of Exxon Mobil's $41 billion acquisition of XTO Energy, where you'll learn how investment bankers advising XTO would model and value the company, build a merger model for the deal, and even evaluate XTO as a potential LBO candidate.

The second case study is based on a stock pitch for Ultra Petroleum [UPL], and it incorporates a complex Net Asset Value (NAV) Model based on individual wells drilled in separate regions. It's perfect if you're interested in equity research / hedge fund / asset management roles, and you need to understand how to do a fundamental analysis of an oil & gas company.

There are 95 videos in the course, as well as over a dozen quick reference guides and written documents for when you need to review key points quickly.

Course #7: Real Estate & REIT Modeling

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: This course lets you dominate your real estate private equity, real estate investment banking, and other RE-related interviews and case studies

Get the bleeding edge advantage you need to master real-world real estate and REIT financial modeling and valuation… with 2 real estate development case studies, 3 real estate private equity case studies, and a REIT modeling and valuation case study based on AvalonBay.

In the first two case studies, we walk you through an office complex development so you can learn how a brand new property is developed, funded, and sold; next, we cover a hotel acquisition and renovation so you can master modeling for existing properties.

The third case study is for AvalonBay Communities, a leading REIT in the residential sector – there, you'll learn how to project the 3 financial statements and value a REIT, including industry-specific methodologies such as P / FFO and P / AFFO multiples and the Net Asset Value (NAV) model.

You'll wrap up the course with 3 real estate private equity (RE PE) case studies – one for a stabilized multifamily property in Seattle, one for a value-added office acquisition in Boston, and one for a pre-sold condo development in São Paulo. These case studies teach you not only the modeling, but also how to think like an investor, since you'll create your own investment recommendations in each one.

There are 113 videos, as well as quick reference guides, written case study documents, investment recommendation outlines and full presentations, and more – so you can review the key points and get up to speed quickly.

Course #8: PowerPoint Pro

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: This course saves you hours of time each day, lets you leave the office earlier, and gives you dozens of templates that will speed up your own presentations and pitch books

When it comes to entry-level jobs in investment banking, your PowerPoint skills can make or break you.

You'll spend much of your time in PowerPoint, and believe me – you won't have time to decipher Microsoft's cryptic "Help" articles. Your bosses will expect professional pitch books and presentations on a deadline – so you better be able to deliver.

PowerPoint Pro teaches you everything you need to know about PowerPoint for investment banking, private equity, and hedge fund roles – from how to set up the interface to optimize your speed and efficiency, to navigation, slides, shapes, alignment, distribution, grouping, formatting, and more.

You'll learn how to use the Slide Master and Sections effectively, how to paste in and format Excel, Word, and image data, and how to apply "finishing touches" to fix small problems in your presentation; and then you'll get to practice even more with different company and deal profiles and additional exercises.

The entire course is based on a sell-side M&A pitch book and valuation for Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and you learn how to create every slide in the presentation from the ground up.

Get Platinum Package – Breaking Into Wall Street, Only Price $109

Plus… Each Course Above Comes with The Following Valuable Tools to Accelerate Your Learning:

  •  FULL Transcripts of All the Videos
  •  365-Day-per-Year Support
  •  Cheat Sheets and Quick References
  •  Free Lifetime Updates
  •  Downloadable to ANY Device
  •  Lifetime Support
  •  Quizzes and Certifications

…and Our Legendary, 12-Month  No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You have a full year to work with BIWS Platinum and make certain it’s everything we promise.

If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, simply ask for your money back and we’ll issue a prompt refund, no questions asked.

There's no "fine print," there are no special "exceptions," and there's no nonsense, hassles, or hoops to jump through.

Put simply, if you're not satisfied, you'll receive a full refund once you contact us and let us know.

Apply Your Knowledge to Real Deals – and Get Hired

Once you master the concepts in the courses above, you’ll dig into the 8 Bonus Case Studies based on real valuations, stock pitches, and M&A and LBO deals.

The case studies snap all your new knowledge into sharp focus, and help make it instantly applicable to the real world of investment banking, private equity, and hedge funds.

These case studies alone are worth $650, but they're yours for free once you enroll in the BIWS Platinumpackage.

You’ll sound like an insider when you discuss well-known companies and deals, including:

Mylan – Valuation, DCF and Stock Pitch Case Study(Value $100)

ConAgra’s $4.9 Billion Bid for RalCorp – Valuation Case Study(Value $50)

United’s $16.0 Billion Acquisition of Goodrich – Merger Model Case Study(Value $50)

Best Buy’s Potential $11.0 Billion Leveraged Buyout – More Advanced LBO Model(Value $50)

TPG’s $3.0 Billion Leveraged Buyout of J Crew – LBO Model Case Study(Value $50)

Intel’s $7.7 Billion Acquisition of McAfee – Merger Model Case Study(Value $50)

Apax Partners’ $6.3 Billion Buyout of Kinetic Concepts – LBO Model Case Study(Value $50)

Plus Expert Support From Current And Former Investment Bankers, 365 Days Per Year

Just moments after you enroll, you'll receive Instant Access to the entire BIWS Platinum package.

Everything is digital, so you do not have to wait for physical products to arrive in the mail, and there are no shipping charges.

You can download the videos, written guides, Excel files, quizzes, case studies, and other resources to your preferred device, so you can learn whenever and wherever you like.

But that’s not the best part.

The best part is 365-day-per-year expert support!

If there's anything at all that you don’t understand, just go to the “Question/Comment” area below each and every lesson, and ask your question there.

These comments are monitored and responded to by our expert support team – every one of whom has personal experience working on deals at investment banks, private equity firms, and other finance firms.

That ensures that you'll get responses from people with deep experience in the field – not a clueless high school temp clutching the "Help Desk" manual.

This personalized, expert support is one of the things that sets Breaking Into Wall Street apart and gets you to your goals faster.

You can often learn just as much from reading other customers' questions and our responses, as you will from the lessons themselves!

Our 1-on-1 coaching rate is $200+ per hour. But when you invest in BIWS Platinumpersonal support is included for FREE.

NOTE: There are some limitations to these support services. For example, we cannot complete models, case studies, or homework assignments for you.

We also cannot provide play-by-play support with an earpiece during interviews.

Finally, we cannot answer questions on topics not covered in these courses, such as sales & trading interview questions or coding/programming interview questions.

We're happy to answer career-related, qualitative, and technical questions that are related to the course materials.

BIWS Platinum is Your Detailed Roadmap Straight to the Top of the Career Ladder

BIWS Platinum walks you from beginner-level skills up through advanced strategies and tactics, and positions you to develop a unique and specialized skill set.

Practical modeling skills will become second nature – and you’ll be able to demonstrate knowledge that compares favorably to professionals with years of hands-on experience.

Listen up. If you’re wondering:

"Is investing in BIWS Platinum worth it?"

"Do I really need all the courses now?"

Here’s the answer: if you're absolutely set on getting the job and moving up the ladder quickly, you’re going to NEED all the knowledge the Platinumpackage contains.

You may not need every last bit right now… but chances are good that you'll sign up for everything here over time, anyway.

Sign up for everything at once and not only do you save $982, but you’ll also have everything you need at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

You’ll never have to spend another dime on your IB career education because you’ll also get every single course update, bonus case study, and new course we create, FOREVER.

Nothing else – except maybe 10 years on the job – will prepare you as thoroughly for interviews and your future career.

You’ll master techniques that demonstrate advanced knowledge…

…all of which give you a significantly better chance of landing the best internships and jobs with the top investment banks, private equity firms, and hedge funds.

When You Get Your Hands On BIWS Platinum, You’ll Be In Fine Company

The information is so detailed and so thorough that our regular customers come from top-ranked universities (like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, LSE, Oxford, Cambridge, and over 121+ other schools), investment banks, and business schools

When you put BIWS Platinum on your resume/CV, interviewers will know what you can bring to the table.

In fact, inside the site we even give you the exact words you can write on your resume or CV so you can leverage these courses as effectively as possible!

What’s Your Investment in BIWS Platinum?

You’re going to be shocked – or at least pleasantly surprised – at how affordable Platinum is: ONLY $1,497, which represents a savings of $982 off the regular pricing if you signed up for each course separately.

(Or if you prefer, you can pay in 3 easy monthly payments of $515.)

(If you have already invested in any of our courses and you’d like a special upgrade deal on BIWS Platinum, contact [email protected] and we'll send you a customized sign-up / upgrade link.)

You’ll save $982 over buying everything separately – and if you’re die-hard committed to your quest for a high-paying IB job, BIWS Platinum is your ticket in.

You'll be ready for everything years in advance.

What is your Return on Investment in this package?

Here's how you can think about it:

The pay for entry-level investment banking jobs varies from year to year, but it's safe to say that even entry-level Analysts earn at least $140,000 – $160,000 USD right out of university.

So even at that $140,000 level, which is actually on the low side these days, this package represents a +93x ROI.

At the MBA-level, that climbs to $200,000 – $250,000 USD. As you jump up the ladder, your total compensation only gets higher and higher.

From that perspective, your $1,497 investment will – very soon – seem like chump change. It's less than a single week's pay, and even less than that as you move up.

There is simply no other way to get this level of training… this level of support… this level of testing and certification… and this level of access to a community of thousands of peers…

…at ANY price!

So yes, you have to invest in yourself to gain access to BIWS Platinum, but that investment will be one of the smartest, highest-return investments you ever make – we guarantee it!

You’ve asked for all our courses in one nice, neat package, and I’ve bent over backwards to deliver the best, most comprehensive program ever…

…and I've made absolutely certain you'll get the results you want – "results" in the form of high-paying job offers and a long-term career in Investment Banking, Private Equity, or Hedge Funds.

To date, over 22,981+ students and professionals have invested in the BIWS training and gone on to secure lucrative and stimulating jobs in the industry.

Shouldn’t you be next?

Here's What Will Happen Within a Few Short Moments of You Joining BIWS Platinum

Once you sign up, you’ll immediately have access to the hundreds of instructional videos, complete transcripts, all the Excel files, the bonus case studies, and the complete curriculum.

And you’ll have access to our expert support team to ask whatever questions you need, 365 days a year.

With that comes lifetime access to the site, free upgrades, and new content and courses as we add them.

Decision and Action Time

This is the most comprehensive and most practical financial modeling training around, at the best price, with the best support, and with the best guarantee.

It doesn't just introduce you to "the basics" or "what you need for interviews," but instead gives you COMPREHENSIVE training in all areas, ranging from winning interviews and job offers, to out-performing on the job, to advancing and moving into industry-specific roles.

And it's all backed by a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, 12-month money-back guarantee – this is as risk-free as an offer can come.

In fact, the ONLY risk is that you might go into an interview without having taken the courses here – and the candidate next to you has.

The next move is up to you.

You can hope that finance firms hire you without strong Excel and financial modeling skills… and that you can advance and move into buy-side opportunities without them… good luck to you there.

OR you can confidently tell banks you've invested in the most advanced Excel, financial modeling, and industry-specific training based on real case studies, authored by experienced professionals who have worked on dozens of deals.

I know you'll make the right choice.

Get Platinum Package – Breaking Into Wall Street, Only Price $109

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