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Welcome To Passive Income Publishing Academy!

I’m Ahilan from the Self-Made Entrepreneurship Channel!


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Welcome To Passive Income Publishing Academy!

I’m Ahilan from the Self-Made Entrepreneurship Channel!

Would you like to learn how to make money ONLINE from a self-publishing business that makes money for you month after month on auto-pilot? Make money while you sleep or travel the world!

Work anywhere around the world with a secure WIFI connection and just watch your $$ come rolling in…

I want to show you the formula I used to generate me thousands of dollars per month PASSIVELY.

I’ve had months where I’ve generated $5,000, $7,000 and even $8,000 completely PASSIVELY.

My course is the most up to date in the space! This isn’t some basic publishing course like the others…

My course is designed to teach you how to monetize publishing books online and maximize your profits by using strategies that are solely focused on making you the most amount of money with the least amount of effort.

This is truly the greatest time to be alive! Self-publishing is the FASTEST way to generate passive income and scale your online businesses.

Whether you’re a student, single parent or someone who wants to escape their 9-5 self-publishing is your route to freedom!

In this course I will teach you everything you need from A-Z. No guess work required! Everything taught is a done for you system that has proof of concept you just need to follow my instructions in order to achieve success.

My course is the ultimate all in one package! – There won’t be any up-sells for any other courses because this course contains everything you need to become a successful self-publisher!

I cover how to make the most amount of money with Kindle E-books, Kindle Paperbacks, and Audio-books. – And How to make money outside of Amazon!

You get all my in depth lessons and powerful strategies all in one course!

I teach you how to outsource books, my amplified book launch strategy which keeps your book ranked high on the search engine from the get-go -taught nowhere else, how to find profitable keywords, how to penetrate saturated niches, where to get your premium covers designed.

– I give you my personal book cover designer, teach you how to leverage amazon marketing services and how to find untapped markets, and diversifying your income streams so you make money from multiple sources! Never depend on one stream of income ever again!

You will learn how to automate this entire process! You do NOT need any highly technical skills to do this.

For only a few hundred bucks I teach you everything you need to know to become a successful self-publisher. Why trust me?

I went from working a full time 9-5 sometimes working 7 days a week to making thousands upon thousands of dollars online completely passively. I wake up every day to $100s of dollars in net profit – and I didn’t even need to break a sweat or step outside my house! -All this is done from the comfort of my home.

This is a business you can work from home in your pajamas! No more early morning commutes and trying to beat rush hour traffic.

I’ve had multiple best selling books in multiple niches that have generated me thousands of dollars online passively.

The fact is Self-publishing through Amazon is an incredible opportunity that can CHANGE your life. Amazon has done all the heavy lifting for you. They have millions upon millions of ready to buy customers credit cards on file. All you need to do is implement my strategies and techniques in order to start making sales.

You don’t have to worry about inventory, logistics, shipping or even customer service! That’s all taken care of for you!

It’s as simple as following my methods and hitting “publish” and you’re on your way to making passive income.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to change your life in a way you could never imagine?

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When you buy Passive Income Publishing Academy you get…

Bonus 1

LIFE TIME ACCESS TO THE ACADEMY’S PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where you can ask ANY publishing related questions and network with your fellow self-publishers. The group alone is worth the price of the course.

Bonus 2

Case studies included on profitable books where I dissect the success of certain book brands and take them apart so you can emulate the same results.

Also, any future course updates will be included ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Course Curriculum

Signing Up KDP Account Setup

  • Signing Up Part 1 (1:19)
  • Signing Up Part 2 (1:34)


  • Mindset (1:55)

Module 1: Niche Selection

  • Niche selection 1.1 -1.6 (3:48)
  • Niche Selection Demonstration 1.6 (3:54)
  • Niche Selection 1.7 – 1.9 (1:37)
  • Niche Selection Evergreen Demonstration 1.9 (3:36)

Module 2: Keywords

  • Keywords 1.1 – 1.3 (2:19)
  • Keywords Demonstration 1.3 (2:39)
  • 10 x Your Keywords! keywords lesson 1.4 (3:04)
  • 1.5 Keyword Pyramid Stack Book Series Formula! (5:29)
  • 1.9 Author Central Account Setup (0:42)

Module 3: Book Description: Copywriting

  • Book Description 1.1 -1.5 (3:10)
  • 1.5 Video Demonstration Book Description (4:35)
  • 1.6 Video Demonstration Book Description (4:56)
  • 1.7 HTML Book Description Strategy (6:10)

Module 4: Book Cover Design

  • My Personal Book Cover Designer (3:31)

Module 5: Outsourcing Books

  • Outsourcing Books 1.1 (4:20)
  • 1.2 Outsourcing Books Demonstration (8:16)

Module 6:Review Process

  • Review Process 1.1-1.2 (4:48)
  • Review Process 1.3-1.4 Creating An Audience/Fan Base (3:47)
  • Review Process 1.5 – 1.8 Email List & Landing Page Demonstration (6:12)
  • Review Process 1.9 How To Use Drop Box (1:38)
  • Review Process 2.0 Legacy Follow Ups: Email Automation (6:01)

Module 7: Amazon Marketing – Sponsored Ad Listings

  • Amazon Marketing 1.1-1.7 (7:00)
  • Amazon Marketing 1.8 Demonstration KDP Rocket (8:22)
  • Amazon Marketing 1.9-2.1 Steroid Book Launch Strategy! (3:32)

Module 8: ACX Audio-Books

  • ACX 1.0 How To Do Keyword Research & Pick The Best Narrators (3:32)
  • ACX 1.1-1.6 Fundamental & Advanced Tips (8:15)
  • ACX 1.7 How To Get More Bounties? (3:38)
  • ACX 1.8 Narrow Down Your Category! (2:09)

Module 9: Market Penetration Strategy

  • Market Penetration Strategy & Case Study (7:01)

Module 10: Closing Thoughts

  • Closing Thoughts: Conclusion (0:24)

Module 11: Make Money Outside of Amazon

  • Different Publishing Aggerates (3:03)

Module 12: Other Self-Publishing Money Making Ideas

  • Translated Books (1:07)
  • Translated Books 1.1-1.2 (1:20)

Audio-Book Diversification Strategy

  • Increasing Your Reach! (7:05)


  • Copyright Violation: Help (1:15)
  • Missing Royalties!? What Do I Do? (2:41)
  • Digital Book Sales Statistics (8:02)
  • Publishing Industry: Indestructible Market? (3:35)
  • How To Do Trademark Research? (4:24)
  • Publisher Rocket Tutorial (9:40)

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