Optimizing and Auditing With Confidence and Clarity by Andrew Foxwell


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This route is the whole thing you want to recognize approximately a way to optimize, audit and enhance overall performance of Facebook and Instagram commercials in 2021. (Yes, even in a post-iOS14 era!)

It lays out all of the current adjustments to attribution and optimization and a way to navigate them, indicates you in-intensity examples of a way to discover the proper audiences, bid the proper way, restructure your accounts, scale matters nicely and construct innovative that converts.

Woven in the course of this route are interviews with enterprise professionals like Nick Shackelford, Susan Wenograd, Akvile DeFazio and Ryan Kovach on how they may be optimizing on a every day or week-to-week basis.

And to make sure you are constantly on the pinnacle of your game, this 150+ minute route additionally consists of club to quarterly webinars ($500+ price) with Andrew Foxwell and the Foxwell Digital group with updates on optimization in the Facebook commercials platform as adjustments happen. With get admission to to those webinars, you may constantly recognize what is the brand new this is working (and not).

We've additionally thrown in 3 worksheets with this route: an ROI/COGS/CPA calculator worksheet, a alternate log and a Delayed Attribution Calculator.

All guides bought through Foxwell Digital have a 100% delight promise. If you don’t discover price on this route, we’ll refund your money.

Topics Covered

Course Outline & Class Takeaways

  • Defining optimization and auditing
  • How to know when to audit an account and when to optimize
  • Common issues and misconceptions
  • Recent changes in optimizations and auditing (iOS14.5)
  • How advertising post-iOS14 is different from pre-iOS14
  • Planning and strategizing the optimization process the right way
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly optimization
  • Which metrics to look at when optimizing
  • Optimizing through creative, audiences, bidding, and placements
  • Tools, graphs, and data (inside and outside of Facebook Ads Manager) you need to use to improve your account audits
  • Step-by-step guides and checklists for accurately optimizing and auditing
  • Setting attainable goals and expectations

Course Also Includes

  • Foxwell Digital Optimization Webinar Membership ($500 value) with quarterly Zoom webinars for Q2, Q3, & Q4 of 2021 with updates on changes to Facebook and Instagram ads you must know.
  • Interviews with industry experts including: Susan Wenograd, Akvile DeFazio, Shane Cicero, Tim Aton, Zach Hyde, Ryan Kovach, and Nick Shackelford.
  • Resources including: Delayed Attribution Worksheet, ROAS Calculator, Advertising Changelog

What's included?

 8 videos 4 files

Videos Included

Optimizing and Auditing with Confidence and Clarity.mp4

(1h 40m 14s)

Foxwell Digital Webinar 7-27-21

(1h 37m 26s)

FD Optimization Webinar Deck – Q3 2021.pdf

2.65 MB

Foxwell Digital Delayed Attribution Worksheet.xlsx

20.4 KB

Foxwell Digital ROAS Calculator.xlsx

31.8 KB

Foxwell Digital Facebook Changelog.xlsx

64.3 KB

Susan Wenograd – Susan Wenograd Media & Akvile DeFazio – AKvertise

Susan Wenograd & Akvile DeFazio join Andrew to discuss what signals they are looking at on (and off) Facebook when it comes to adjusting campaigns and readying their optimization skills post Apple iOS14.5 update.

Susan Wenograd & Akvile DeFazio – Ways to Approach Optimization Post iOS 14

14 mins

Shane Cicero – Foxwell Digital

In this interview Shane Cicero and Andrew Foxwell discuss the coming changes that will rollout with Apple's iOS14.5 update, how they will likely impact the Facebook Ads Platform and how they are adjusting to continue optimizing in their clients' accounts.

Shane Cicero – The Coming Changes to the Facebook Ads Platform

14 mins

Tim Aton & Zach Hyde – Homestead Studio

In this Interview Tim Aton shares with Andrew how the Homestead team is currently optimizing their client accounts and their plan of attack as they move into a world post Apple's iOS14 update. 

Zach Hyde also joins the conversation and shares how they continue to structure Ad creative testing and how they see it helping as they go forward. 

Tim Aton & Zach Hyde – Optimization and creative testing

15 mins

Ryan Kovach – Social Outlier

Ryan Kovach joins Andrew and explains the exact process that that the Social Outlier team uses and the metrics they consider before turning off underperforming ad sets. 

Ryan Kovach – How the Social Outlier Team Looks at Optimization

9 mins

Nick Shackelford – Konstant Kreative

In this Interview Nick Shackleford shares his screen and walks through his the metrics and tools he and his team focus on currently when optimizing their campaigns and how they plan to adjust as iOS 14.5 rolls out.  

Nick Shackelford – Optimizing Facebook Ads

21 mins

Q4 Optimization Webinar Replay

In the Q4 Optimization Webinar, streamed live on October 13, 2021, Andrew Foxwell and the Foxwell Digital team cover all things optimization for Facebook & Instagram specifically as it's occurring right now.

Topics include:

  • The RCABP process and updates as it relates to Q4 2021
  • Optimizing with MER and ROAS
  • Optimizing with UTMs (and how to pull the report)
  • Optimizing with AEM, ATT, & CAPI (technical walk-thru)
    • How we're navigating data loss
  • Optimizing with creative
  • Optimizing with exclusions
  • CBO vs. ABO in Q4
  • Optimizing with manual bidding in Q4
  • Optimizing with FB & IG Shops
  • Optimizing with other advertising platforms
  • Optimizing during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday timeframe

Q4 Optimization Webinar.mp4

(1h 05m 53s)

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