Offermind 2021 Replays – Steve Larsen


The purpose of this event is simple.. Learn the Offer Creation frameworks that cause cashflow as a rule… Offermind 2021 Replays – Steve Larsen

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Join 1,081 Other Offer-Creating, Capitalist Entrepreneurs.

The purpose of this event is simple.

Learn the Offer Creation frameworks that cause cashflow as a rule.

I’ve logged way over 1,000 hours JUST coaching new and existing businesses in online sales (yes I actually counted).

Much of what you’ll learn is a direct reflection of what is routinely missed as businesses sell online.

Find Out How YOU Can Build A BRILLIANT And SEXY Offer That Will Blow Your Customer’s Minds!

From: Steve J Larsen

Boise, Idaho

Secretary Of Capitalism

Lover Of Laughing At Socialist Weenies

Dear Entrepreneurs and Business Owners,

OfferMind 2019 was 650 internet entrepreneurs in one room for two days. It was epic!

So, I was thinking to myself: “Self, how do I make this better?”

OfferMind Virtual 2021 Is Coming

And I Want You There!

This is opportunity knocking at your door.

I’m bringing 1,081 of the Best Internet Entrepreneurs into one event to break down and discuss the best tips, advice, strategies, and tactics for building offers for any industry.

You’ll be able to sit side by side with experts from all different kinds of industries as gurus give you new insights that you can start applying immediately.

It’s unlike anything you’ll experience all year!

This is your chance to massively propel your business forward! 

And although you’ll meet others, this is NOT just a ‘Networking’ Event, a ‘Hype’ Event, or a ‘NEW’ Event!

This is OfferMind’s 3rd year!

OfferMind Is A ‘Teaching’ Event

OfferMind is a curriculum…

I wanted a platform where I could do my deep-dive, forward teaching style, for THREE DAYS…

Frankly, I didn’t ask for this to happen, but:

  • After building almost 500 Funnels at ClickFunnels,
  • Spending over 1,000 hours in active coaching in 3 years.
  • Leaving the comfort of my job to make my first million (and did – and then many more)
  • Showing new funnel builders how to make their sales message, offer, and funnel as a One Funnel Away and Two Comma Club Coach, etc…
  • Building my own thriving company from scratch with no funding or equity loss in one year…

… I would be an idiot if I didn’t see patterns!!

My friend, there ARE FRAMEWORKS  that cause internet success.

Guess what really doesn’t matter?

– online vs offline…

– physical vs digital…

– product vs service…

– cheap vs expensive…

– new vs experienced…


The entire aim of this event is for me to show my offer creation process, start to finish, in depth…

It’s not what most are taught or are teaching today…

These are tried and true “models” that thousands have now used to go from:

  • New > First Cash In Hand…
  • Or Experienced > More Cash + Time…

Funny enough, what I’ll show you will negate 99% of what I was taught in my Marketing (and entrepreneurship) Degree…

There’s fundamentally WRONG material running rampant in mainstream entrepreneurship today…

Where else are you going to find this one of a kind opportunity?


Bluntly, I firmly believe you will learn these patterns eventually…

It’s the cost you should take note of…

There’s two choices:

1) Learn these patterns through a teacher who’d DOING what he teaches (me)…

2) Learn them on your own through painful trial and error that hurts your time and wallet…

OfferMind Is NOT A Marketing Event

OfferMind is NOT about Marketing.


OfferMind is about Entrepreneurship.

and there’s a staggering difference!

I’m not going to be teaching you traffic hacks, social-posting tricks, or any kind of noise-secret…

thats taught in another event of mine…

OfferMind is exclusively about the ROLE of entrepreneurship (and the patterns of success online)…

Coming to this event and playing full out is the CHEAPEST and FASTEST way to your success…

I don’t believe in shortcuts…

But you can certainly increase your speed on the path…

I’ll see you there this May!

It’s going to be mind-blowing!

“The Obstacle Is The Way”

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