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Create Better Content, Stronger Links, And 10x Your Search Traffic

Super charge your SEO traffic in a single weekend.Authority SEO is a compact online course that takes you through the exact SEO strategies I used to grow my blogs to over 100,000 visitors/month. Go through the lessons, copy the strategies into your own blog, and watch your search rankings skyrocket.

The Niche Site Course is now: Authority SEO

For the past few years, The Niche Site Course has welcomed over a thousand students and received 100+ glowing reviews. Today, the course is rebranding to Authority SEO. The course content remains the same as the strategies taught in the course are still crushing it in 2018. However, there are a few new changes. Continue reading to learn more…

What’s the difference between blogs that get dozens of visitors per month and a blog that gets millions?

Screen Shot 2018 04 26 at 2.29.23 PM - eBokly - Library of new courses!

The highest traffic (and highest earning) blogs across any industry all have 3 things in common:

1. They know exactly which keywords to target.

2. They know how to identify and create the best type of content for those keywords.

3. They have powerful backlink profiles. They know what kinds of content attract the most links, and how to execute a link building strategy to go out and get them.

You’re probably thinking that blogs that get millions of visitors per month or ones that make 6 or 7 figures per year have to have a team of hundreds of writers and a full-blown editorial staff. Or that it’s impossible for a single man operation to grow a blog to this size themselves.

Not really…

There are more single author blogs making a killing on the internet than there are major publications with hundreds of team members. There are more profitable blogs run by everyday people working from home than there are media giants with millions of dollars in funding.

They can get to these colossal traffic figures not because they’re smarter than everyone else, or they know how to “game” the system. They just know how to target the right keywords, create the right type of content, and how to rank for them.

What took me four years to figure out

Most SEO’s don’t have any sort of formal training.

They just learn by reading what’s being shared on the web, then through trial and error while working on their own sites.

I was the same way, and it took me 4 years to finally figure this stuff out.

I would work tirelessly on my blogs, drooling over others’ success stories, while being constantly frustrated that I had spent years working online without being able to turn it into a meaningful income for myself.

I considered myself a talented SEO. I was working full-time at a reputable SEO agency with a very experienced team and worked on projects for some very high-revenue clients.

Still… I hated my job. I didn’t hate THE job. I hated the fact that I had to work a job, any job, period.

If I was so talented, why couldn’t I create results for myself?

My blogs weren’t even making $1000/month at that point.

I would work day and night on my sites, and I would finally hit the #1 rankings for my keywords.

BUT IT DIDN’T MATTER. No matter what I did further, that site was capped at making just a few dollars per day.

Obviously, I was doing something wrong.

It clearly wasn’t my work ethic or dedication that was the problem.

I was just doing the wrong things.

It didn’t matter how many hours I spent doing them.

They just didn’t work.

It wasn’t until I shifted my strategy and focus entirely that I crossed my first $100/day.

When I changed my focus to creating giant authority blogs rather than small micro sites, I broke $100/day in 3 months.

It was silly how long it took me to understand a very simple process that consisted of:

1. Targeting the right keywords
2. Creating the right kind of content
3. Then building the right kind of links.

5 months later, I quit my day job to focus on growing my own blogs full-time and have been growing the business ever since.

And today, I’m growing my blogs using the exact SEO strategies outlined in this course to get results like this:

100000 readers - eBokly - Library of new courses!

And this:

product sales - eBokly - Library of new courses!

And this:

adsense screenshot 1 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

I don’t show you this to brag, but to show you what’s possible when you do SEO the right way.

I don’t consider myself smarter than anyone else. I don’t think I know any sort of “secret” that others don’t.

I just identified what the key drivers are in an SEO and blogging business and focused all my efforts on those three things.

3 things that must happen if you want to break the $5000/month mark with your blog

Why $5000/month? I’ve been building and growing blogs for nearly a decade now. I’ve hit the $5,000/month mark with 4 different blogs in the past 3 years.

From my experience, growing a blog from zero to $5,000/month is the first major benchmark, and it’s something that anybody can achieve IF they’re focusing on the right things.

99% of blogs fail. And usually, it’s not due to lack of effort. A ton of people are HUNGRY for success – with the desire to quit their job and pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor.

It’s not due to lack of passion. The reason they fail is because they’re stuck wasting time on the wrong things. It doesn’t matter how hard they try. They’re working on things that don’t produce results.

Get Niche Site Course V3.0 – Chris Lee, Only Price $54

Why growing a blog to $5K/month is a great benchmark for anybody:

– It’s fairly straightforward if you follow a set of step-by-step strategies.
– It can be done in 10 months or less.
– It’s something that anybody can do if they put in the work and do the right things.
– It’s enough income for majority of people to quit their day jobs and do this full-time.
– The most important strategies you have to learn are implemented during this phase. Growing from there is not a matter of trying new things, but scaling what you’re already doing.

This phase is also the part where 99% of people fail or give up.

And there are 3 requirements to hit this benchmark:

Requirement #1: A Plan

You can’t just throw up a blog and randomly put up a bunch of content. SEO is about following a proper plan. And that involves keyword and competition research.

“Planning” sounds simple, but if you’re able to know WHAT to plan for, the entire process becomes a lot easier. This is what I mean about focusing on the right things.

If you can identify exactly which keywords to target in your niche, what kind of content to create around it, and where to build the strongest links, all it takes is going out and executing.

Requirement #2: A change in mindset

This is one of the biggest changes people need to make: Their mentality.

You need to approach SEO and your blog growth as a long-term business. Too many people make the mistake of thinking of their online business as a “short cut” to success. They see it as an easy way to make a living.

While growing a successful blog can provide you with a great income and lifestyle, it takes work to get there. You need to be willing to do things right the first time.

If you take short-cuts, your business will be short-lived. The only reliable and consistent way to build a sustainable long-term business that lasts is to focus on quality instead of quantity. That accounts for everything: from content to links.

Requirement #3: Action

And of course, you need to take action. Reading blog posts or watching YouTube tutorials won’t grow a business for you.

You learn so much from going out and doing the actual work that can’t be expressed in any blog post. It’s the fastest way to learn.

Of course, you want to make sure you’re taking action and spending your time and energy on things that actually produce results.

Over the years, I’ve developed a number of resources — templates, swipe documents, and workflows — that have allowed me to quickly apply this framework of building and growing a blog in the most efficient way possible.

Introducing Authority SEO

Three years ago, I built a small course to help people looking to learn SEO specifically to grow their search traffic and earn a higher income from their blogs.

Since then I’ve rewritten, redone, and reworked that seed of a product into something full featured and comprehensive: An in-depth course that covers everything you need to know about building content and links that rank you higher and drive more traffic.

This course is designed for people who want to learn SEO strategies that actually boost your traffic. No complicating spreadsheets, no tedious tasks that take all day but produce nothing in results. Just efficient tactics that drive higher rankings.

And no matter what stage your business is in, you’ll equip yourself with the knowhow to build a thriving and profitable blogging business.

This course is grounded in proven principles and strategies that work. It’s broken down into simple, step-by-step lessons that allow you to walk through each of the five phases of building and growing an authority blog.

  • No guesswork.
  • No more mental roadblocks.
  • No more confusions about link building.
  • No more frustrations with ranking.
  • No reverse engineering.
  • Just follow the plan.

I will teach you the SEO strategies to skyrocket your blog traffic and income.

So you can stop wasting time like I did doing things that just plain don’t work.

So you can get a massive head start to succeeding online rather than trying everything out yourself and making mistakes along the way.

It’s so much easier to get from point A to point B if you have a proven blueprint to follow.

And this course is that blueprint.

Here’s what you’ll find inside

39 in-depth lessons packed with my best SEO strategies. You’ll get my start-to-finish guide on how I build out high-traffic, high-income blogs. PLUS: Every single link building strategy I use to build out powerful backlink profiles on my sites.

Module 1: Niche & Keyword Research Over half the battle with succeeding with blogging depends on your research and preparation. I’ll show you how to avoid the most common mistake that people make here.

Mess up your niche & keyword research, and you’ll potentially spend time and money on a project that was bound to be a failure before you even started it. My method of niche and keyword research ensures that your site is on a path for success. So that whatever time and effort you put into it, you see a financial reward that’s significant.

PLUS: A complete explanation of my most important strategy for creating authority blogs. There’s a fundamental difference between blogs that make $100-$500/month and blogs that make $5000-$10000/month. Steal my strategy for Pillar Keywords and Pillar Posts and use them to grow your sites to a larger scale of traffic and income.

Module 2: On-Site SEO Set up your site for success, and plan out your authority blog structure. I’ll show you my techniques for setting up on-site SEO perfectly, inter-linking strategies, my essential plugins I use for all my blogs, and how to plan and create content as you grow out your site.

If you want to build a giant blog with millions of visitors, architecting the proper structure is critical.

Module 3: Link Building Learn my complete backlink strategies for my authority blogs. Stop wasting time with ineffective techniques and spammy link packages. Start link building like a real SEO.

Start earning powerful, natural links that ACTUALLY make an impact on your rankings. Learn my backlink techniques where even a SINGLE link can make a difference to your site’s authority and rankings.

Module 4: Monetization & The Path Forward Putting all the pieces together. Dive even further how everything you learned from the course is put together using a general timeline. The entire step-by-step strategy is broken down into a timeline to give you an even clearer picture of HOW to get started, WHAT you should be doing, and WHY. What to expect in your first few months of building your site, what tasks you should be working on during this time, what goals to be striving for, and what outcomes will be produced and when?

PLUS: Maximize your revenue earned. I’ll show you the most profitable ways to monetize your blog and take you behind the scenes of my best strategies.

Get Niche Site Course V3.0 – Chris Lee, Only Price $54

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