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Automated software delivers over 750,000 hot new profitable opportunities every month

  • Explode your profits by targeting only buyers in trending niche markets
  • Build powerful lists, dominate affiliate competitions and skyrocket your eCom sales
  • Stay way ahead of the competition and OWN any niche you choose
  • Earn passive monthly revenues with hands free niche blogs, sites & FB pages
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Why Most Marketers Are Doomed To Fail Before They Ever Start

Discover How To CASH IN With The Most Profitable Niche Markets In Minutes with ZERO Guesswork Or MIND NUMBING Research

Automated software delivers over 750,000 hot newprofitable opportunities every month

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  • Explode your profits by targeting only buyers in trending niche markets
  • Build powerful lists, dominate affiliate competitions and skyrocket your eCom sales
  • Stay way ahead of the competition and OWN any niche you choose
  • Earn passive monthly revenues with hands free niche blogs, sites & FB pages

All It Takes Are 3 Simple Steps


Create your account with NicheReaper


Search or browse trending niche markets


Export TOP buyer keywords to DOMINATE your niche

Hi, Matt Garrett here.

Like many, I was lied to back when I got started online. Everybody was saying “the money is in the list”, when the real fact is nothing could be further from the truth. As a blogger and niche marketer, I understood the power of list building. But…

Not all lists are created equal! Anyone can build a list in any niche. But the MONEY only comes IF the niche you enter has active buyers.

Don’t know about you, but I don’t want to waste any time exploring a niche that doesn’t have real people wanting to spend real cash.

So I spent an insane amount of time doing manual keyword research. Then thought there had to be a better way. If it were only possible to automate the process…

After working with a few developers, I had the solution. A 100% automated software that did ALL the research. I kept this software to myself and my income exploded…

Over 7 Figures In PROFIT Online

Since 2008 Thanks To This Software

This is one of my

Monthly Ad Statements

That’s one month’s revenue – COMPLETELY PASSIVE, from just ONE of my ad accounts. From niche sites I set up back in 2014 and haven’t touched since…

But enough about me. The real story here is automation…

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Software Finds Niches Worth Up To

4.6 MILLION In PASSIVE Monthly Income

This SINGLE tool has gotten incredible results for both me AND beta testers:

“It’s a no brainer for any serious marketer…”

“10 seconds after logging in Niche Reaper pointed me to a great niche and a few keywords I could dominate quite easily. 2 minutes later I registered a domain for that niche and I was in the game to dominate this niche!

… it simply replaces ALL of the tools I was using and it provides results that will allow ANYONE to take action almost instantly. It’s a no-brainer for any serious niche marketer…”

JP Schoeffel – SEO & Niche Marketing Expert

Windfall Profits Like These In A Matter Of Days With This Software

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Traditional niche and keyword research is boring, expensive and time consuming. Automated keyword research is simply a game changer and can have a massively positive impact on your business.

I no longer waste any time exploring unprofitable niches. The software picks the winners for me, full stop. It’s so easy and so effective, it’s a completely unfair advantage.

Don’t Want To Do Boring Research Or “Guess” If The Niche

You’re Entering Will Pay Off?

You know longer have to. I’ve built this software so the research is done for you. And you’re only ever given niches and specific buyer keywords in trending markets with maximum profit potential.

Niche Reaper 3.0

The Internet’s Missing Link

Profitable Keywords In Seconds!

  • Find AND qualify keywords in hot trending niches that ANYONE could exploit for practically unlimited profit
  • Completely analyze the competition for SEO factors, giving you a “quick reference” visual ranking index score
  • Show availability of keyword domains for total niche domination

When I finally decided to “go public” with this software, I wanted to have it re-developed from the ground up. So that it would blow away anything else on the market. And then decided to charge a FRACTION of what competing products cost…

The software had to be able to do the following to make the grade:

  • Find AND qualify keywords in hot trending niches that ANYONE could exploit for practically unlimited profit
  • Completely analyze the competition for SEO factors, giving you a “quick reference” visual ranking index score
  • Show availability of keyword domains for total niche domination

That’s EXACTLY What Niche Reaper

And Here Are Some Of The Results

“I don’t think I’ll ever be stuck  for niche ideas again!”

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JP Schoeffel – SEO & Niche Marketing Expert

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Mike Johnson – SEO & Niche Marketing & Auto-blogging Exper

“I don’t think I’ll ever be stuck for niche ideas again!”

“One of the most important parts of my business is research … if you get it right, making money online is EASY … but get it wrong, and you’ll struggle to make anything… Niche Reaper is going to save anyone who uses it hours of time and frustration usually associated with the “old” way of doing research. I don’t think I’ll ever be stuck for niche ideas again!”

Richard Legg – Traffic & Affiliate Marketing Expert

“Freaking awesome””

“This product is freaking awesome! This is definitely a “must have” tool in the arsenal if you do any keyword research or internet marketing at all.”

Erika L Rich & Adam Begley – Expert SEO & SMM Marketers

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Too Easy:

Log In, Discover Hot Niches & Buyer Keywords, Then Exploit For Unfair Profits EVERY TIME

Niche Reaper 3.0 Gives You The Hottest Trending COMMERCIALLY PROFITABLE Keywords In Seconds!

Niche Reaper 3.0 is a pioneering research tool that doesn’t mess about. It’s the only real time keyword discovery tool that scours the web 24/7 and digs up over 25,000 BUYER keywords daily & researches them all! But not just any old keywords…

The cream of the crop! Only keywords with maximum search volume, low competition AND proven buyer intent are considered … everything else is dumped!

See Niche Reaper 3.0 In Action

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In The Demo Below:

Forget Time Sucking, Boring Research

Unleash Niche Reaper 3.0 For Automated COMPLETE Niche Domination

Plenty of products show “how” to market …This one shows you “what” to market to make hands-free profits…

  • Over 25,000 buyer intent keywords added to the database daily … untap profit niches and markets you NEVER even knew existed
  • Spies on the competition for you: see what the competition is up to AT A GLANCEand decide IN SECONDS if this is a niche you can crush
  • 100% automated, DFY research: advanced algorithms and paid search metrics BUILT IN so you have the most current real time results for what’s hot NOW
  • Instant keyword export: just pick your niche, grab ALL the buyer keywords & export to CSV in 1 click for use in all your campaigns
  • Immediate ranking “snapshot”: see right away how easy certain keywords will be to rank based on advanced indexing algorithms so you can dominate the SERPS
  • MULTIPLE income streams: passive ad revenues, affiliate/eComm earnings, list building & domain flipping … one and done software maximizes your revenues no matter how you’re marketing


Research Tool You’ve Ever Seen

The interface is user friendly and simple to understand, while providing every metric for even the most advanced users.

See at a glance what the competition is doing, how the keywords stack up, and which to exploit for profit.

Niche Reaper 3.0 makes picking profitable niches complete child’s play!

Get Niche Reaper 3.0 NOW

While You Still Can!

Remember, originally I kept this tool all to myself. And while it is now available, you’ve only got a few days to grab it. Once this launch is over, you’ll never see Niche Reaper at this price again…child’s play!

“Traditional” Niche Research Is Costing You Money And LOSING You Profits!

Fact is no one can manually keep up with every online trend and keyword. With the speed of the internet, it’s an impossible task.

But missed opportunities cost you cash!

Many trends (especially in eComm and select niche markets) are here today, gone tomorrow. You can either make massive windfall profits in a matter of days by getting in early, or miss out completely…

Niche Reaper 3.0 Is Your SECRET WEAPON

To The Fastest Profits You’ve Ever Seen!

Constantly working in the background, scouring the web’s top authority sites for buyer keywords, this software is your silent partner.

It delivers DAILY profit opportunities you can cash in with by being ahead of the competition at every step.

Then picks the “low hanging fruit” buyer keywords instantly that convert to maximum profits in minimum time…


Income Streams

In marketing, diversity is king. Why limit yourself to earning with just one method? With Niche Reaper 3.0, you can maximize profits in numerous ways:


Monetize your blog with passive ad revenues using buyer keywords to drive endless traffic at no cost.

Push Button Profits

Build targeted lists you can market to long term for push button profits.

eComm, Amazon

Crush it as an eComm, Amazon or affiliate marketer with hyper-targeted review sites that cash in on the latest trends.

Domain Flipping

Make quick windfall profits with domain flipping: grab available buyer keyword domains, build simple sites and cash out fast.

Targeted FB Pages

Maximize social media earnings with targeted FB pages rich with buyer keywords that drive viral social traffic direct to your door.

Passive Long Term Profits,

Lucrative List Building And Fast Cash Are YOURS For The Taking!

And That’s Not All…

To make this completely friendly for marketers of ALL levels, I’m including a complete series of video trainings showing EXACTLY how to use Niche Reaper for maximum profit.

This customized video series walks you step by step through how to build profitable websites, blogs and fan pages.

Plus how to drive traffic and MULTIPLE ways to monetize all of the assets you create with Niche Reaper 3.0.

These are the exact methods I’ve used to earn over 7 FIGURES online and I’m putting them all on a platter for you.

So Just Who Is Niche Reaper 3.0 For?

  • Affiliate Marketers on any platform that want to cash in on the latest trends…
  • List Builders that want to create laser targeted subscriber lists of proven buyers…
  • eCom & Amazon Sellers that want unfair profits capitalizing on the latest trends…
  • Bloggers & Content Marketers looking for ways to passively monetize their sites…
  • Domain Flippers who want to make maximum profits in the least possible time…
  • Niche Marketers looking to enter and dominate new, trending niche markets
  • Social Media Marketers after no cost viral traffic to send to their offers and pages
  • SEO Marketers looking to rank higher and dominate their niche
  • Video Marketers that want more views, 

As You Can See, Niche Reaper 3.0 Has

UNLIMITED Applications For Smart Online Marketers

With Your Investment Today, You’re Getting INSTANT Access To:

Niche Reaper 3.0 Software

the cutting edge niche and research tool that gives you the hottest, most current profit opportunities available on a daily basis

Access To Our Existing Database of over

230,000 buyer keywords … with over 25,000 more being added every single day

Complete Training

on the software and HOW to exploit it with blogs, websites, social media marketing and more

Lifetime Software Updates

Unparalleled Customer Support

But There’s ONE Catch… 


Niche Reaper 3.0 is only available for a limited time. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

Our closest competitors charge between $175 and $500 PER MONTH for services that don’t even touch what Niche Reaper 3.0 delivers for a low one time investment.

I want to make this life-changing tool available to ANYONE who takes action, but simply can’t keep it at this price for long.

Once this limited launch is over, the software and training bundle will switch to a $67 PER MONTH cost!

So … the time to make a decision is RIGHT NOW!

“Matt This Sounds Great But Will Niche Reaper 3.0 Work For Me?”

Absolutely. In fact… I guarantee it.

The principle behind my offers is always to save us both time & money. If the product doesn’t meet these criteria it doesn’t get off the ground.

I’m confident Niche Reaper 3.0 meets these criteria & I truly believe you will benefit from your investment. So you have my no quibble money back guarantee…

So, it’s time to make a choice. Do you want:

  • To be able to practically guarantee profits in any niche you enter?
  • To earn hands-free passive income, build lucrative lists and explode your affiliate and eCom earnings?
  • To never waste another second or dollar pursuing a niche that won’t deliver profits?

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