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We’d like to welcome you to the Newspaper Profit Formula 6-Week Mentorship Program – the ultimate step-by-step system for achieving growth with newspaper advertising!

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Newspaper Profit Formula – Caleb & John O’Dowd course is available you will get immediately after payment only $2997 $227.

What will you get: 

  • PDF password.txt
  • 0 Presales Webinar
    • 1. Thank You For Registering for Workshop.mp4
    • 2. Thursday Webinar Replay Access.flv
  • 1st Module
    • Module 1 Printscreen.png
    • 01. Getting Started
    • 02. Welcome to Module 1
    • 03. Pick Your Market and Product
    • 04. Introduction to Newspaper Advertising
    • 05. Formula For Breakthrough Conversion Rates
    • 06. Become A Reporter
    • 07. The Identity Trigger
    • 08. Formula For Breakthrough Headlines
    • 09. How To Craft Your USP
    • 10. Main Images That Generate A 400% ROI
    • 11. Section One (Body Copy)
    • 12. Section Two (Body Copy)
    • 13. Section Three (Body Copy)
    • 14. Section Four (Body Copy)
    • 15. Section Five (Body Copy)
    • 16. Section Six (Body Copy)
    • 17. 11 Triggers
    • 18. Q&A Call May4 – Week 1
    • 19. Billion Dollar Swipe File
    • 20. Q&A Call May 11th
    • 21. Checklist
  • 2nd Module
    • Module 2 Printscreen.png
    • 01. Lets Get Started – Media Broker
    • 02. Sales Call Floor
    • 03. Compliance
    • 04. Fulfillment
    • 05. MOTO Merchant Account
    • 06. Designer
    • 07. Media Buying – Interview with Dave Klein
    • 08. Interview with Fulfillment Providor
    • 09. Summary of Contacts
    • 10. Q&A Call – May 18th
  • 3rd Module
    • 01. High Converting Call Floor Script
    • 02. An Introduction to Call Auditing
    • 03. Q&A Call May 25th
    • Module 3 Printscreen.png
  • 4th Module
    • 01. Optimizing & Testing – Overview
    • 02. What Metrics to track for Media Buying
    • 03. What metrics to track for your Call Floor
    • 04. Newspaper Cost Summary
    • 05. Success Versus Failure Going Forward
    • 06. How to Test & What to Test
    • 07. 4 Call Floor Optimization Systems
    • 08. Before You Scale
    • 09. Q&A Call – June 8th
    • Module 4 Printscreen.png
  • 5th Bonus
    • 01. Sales Copy Formula #2
    • 02. Interview with Scott Haines
    • 03. Unannounced Bonus
    • Bonus Printscreen.png

Caleb & John O’Dowd wrote:

We’d like to welcome you to the Newspaper Profit Formula 6-Week Mentorship Program – the ultimate step-by-step system for achieving growth with newspaper advertising!

In the Newspaper Profit Formula Six Week Mentorship Program, what we are going to do is give you every last ounce of knowledge you need to get started in the newspapers with a winning ad campaign.So here’s how it’s gonna work:

We will be releasing training videos and documents each Monday morning for the next six weeks. In total, there will be four modules. But due to the importance of some of these modules… for example the module on writing a winning ad… we need two weeks instead of one to complete the training.

Then there will be a live Q&A call held each Wednesday. This enables you to ask specific questions relating to your ad campaign and your business goals in relation to the training.

You will be given homework to complete each Monday to keep pace with the 6 week program.  By keeping up with the pace, you will be enabled to ask valuable questions at the group Q&A call each Wednesday..

So here is a layout of what is to come:

· Module 1 is all about how to write a killer newspaper ad… and this module will be broken out into two parts and we will complete it over a two week period.

· Module 2 is about getting you set up with all the necessary vendors to get started with your newspaper campaign.

·  Module 3 will be about writing a killer call floor sales script and giving you an insight into establishing a call floor management system that can run on auto pilot once setup.

· Module 4 will be entirely focused on Testing and Optimising your campaign for maximum results.

· On Week 5, instead of training materials, we will be scheduling a one-on-one meeting with you to find out where you are in the cycle, answer your questions and make sure you are headed in the right direction. (These were scheduled in tight 15mt segments. Something MUCH better than that is enclosed for GB Participants!)

See you at the training guys!

Get Newspaper Profit Formula – Caleb & John O’Dowd, Only Price $227

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