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Discover the “Insider Secrets” any Restaurant Owner can use to make quick cash with your own Mobile Food Truck!

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Discover the “Insider Secrets” any Restaurant Owner can use to make quick cash with your own Mobile Food Truck!

Thursday September 18, 2014

Dear Restaurant Owner,

Thanks for taking a minute out of your busy day to read this short report. Since I know you are here to add quick cash and profits to your business I will get right to the point!

Mobile Food Trucks have been featured in every major publication from the New York Times, Time Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal as the hottest trend in food. Besides the fact that the FOOD NETWORK and Food Channel have both created shows solely based on this mobile food trend.

Why you should have your own mobile restaurant

If you are currently a restaurant owner, there are several benefits.

  1. There simply is no better way to generate a buzz about your brand than exposing people all over your city to your food. Your mobile restaurant will be a mobile billboard exposing your food to people who would otherwise not know about you.
  2. You can never have a bad location. If it doesn’t work simply move, often for the cost of feeding a meter for a few hours.
  3. A fraction of the cost of opening your own restaurant.
  4. If you have ever thought about opening a second location you can now create a fan club and assess the feasibility of that new location before you spend a fortune on buildouts and sign an expensive long term lease.
  5. You can now add or expand a catering option. This as you know is the most profitable of the Restaurant business. You will quickly find your customers flooding you with requests for catering.

This shocked me and it may shock you!

We constantly get requests to cater weddings and other parties we would have never been considered for in the past. Some people like formal affairs but many others love the novelty of having a “Mobile Restaurant” at their affair.

Ever consider doing the fair and festival circuit but simply didn’t have the ability to do all the heavy lifting and take one of your trucks out of service? Have you ever thought of the money to be maid at sporting events both professional and even at the college or high school levels.

Of course getting your business into the stadium is not a possibility. But now you can still profit from these events and the crowds they produce with out being inside or even having a brick and mortar location nearby.

Now you have the perfect “tool” to start making some quick cash at these sporting events, fairs and festivals- But even better- You are now adding to your base of loyal clients and fans who will of course want you for their own businesses or personal parties too !

Last year we were able to be on the in-field of the PREAKNESS and had a nice five figure day! Here’s a photo of our food truck on the infield. Not a bad weeks pay – except that we made that much in one single day 

Juana Burrito on the Preakness Infield – a Five Figure Day!

Who am I and why should you even listen to me?

Brian & Sherri Sacks in front of their Mobile Restaurant, Juana Burrito

At this point you might be asking yourself – “Who are you and why should I even listen to you?” That’s a fair question so let me tell you my story.

I had been a mortgage banker for over 25 years when the industry totally collapsed. So I decided to look around and see what other opportunities might be available. In my travels I kept seeing these mobile food trucks. So I decided to do some investigation. Boy am I glad I did. In fact I spent about 20 months traveling the country meeting with vendors and checking out various mobile food trucks.

Then I spent thousands of hours on-line trying to figure it all out. The problem of course there isn’t much information on-line as I am sure you have already discovered.

My wife and I came up with the concept of Juana Burrito. Putting that into action took another 12 months until we were finally on the road serving our clients.

As the Owner of Juana Burrito we spent 2 plus years touring the country meeting with Vendors and spending hours and hours on-line researching the business. I wish there had been a mobile food profits course when I started.

We made many of the mistakes that costs months of delay and thousands in lost revenue. We spent days at bad locations before discovering what a good location is and what the correct demographic. Aside from spent thousands creating an on-line fan club and presence.

Been thru the frustrating and hard to locate liscensing process. Perfected the use of a lead generating website , Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other social media to drive a consistent flood of traffic.

In fact I was recently a panelist at the Mid-Atlantic Restaurant Show on the topic of Mobile Food.

Juana Burrito at one of our regular lunch stops in Baltimore – this is one of our best locations!

Spending thousands of hours and months of our life figuring this trend out was the best thing we ever did. We launched Juana Burrito and were able to quickly build a loyal following. We figured out the good and bad locations. We figured out what the best days were. We figured out what made up a good location.

BOTTOM LINE: We did all the hard work so we could be successful quickly! I mention this not to brag but rather to let you know that I am NOT a pretend expert but have learned this business from the ground up and have made many of the mistakes already and quickly fixed them.

Why every Restaurant Owner should have their own Mobile Food Truck

  1. Generate catering business you wouldn’t normally have
  2. Test out new dishes without alienating your current customers
  3. Test out new locations before expanding and get a fan base before you open
  4. Get new customers from other parts of town – with no additional expenses
  5. Branding tool for your current restaurant without spending a dime on ads
  6. FREE PR and BUZZ from your bricks and mortar locations
  7. Expand without costly build out and long term leases and commitments
  8. A way to try out new food concepts without jeopardizing your current customers
  9. Help you scout out new locations and have landlords begging you to come
  10. Added revenue source
  11. Now able to do those fairs-festivals and sporting events you haven’t been able to in the past
  12. Economies of scale with your exisiting restaurant
  13. No worries about a bad location since you can always moveEven if you break even —- your restaurant will benefit
  14. MUCH MORE PROFITABLE AND SUCCESSFUL THAN the major ads you currently spend a fortune on
  15. Create a loyal following for your truck and restaurant
  16. Quick cash!
  17. Earn money during your typical downtimes or when you are normally closed due to your geographic locations
  18. Maybe you do a big lunch but now can do dinner
  19. Maybe you do a good dinner but can now do lunch
  20. Maybe you do a good lunch and dinner but can now hit the most profitable dining segement in the food truck business- after bar crowd!
  21. Maybe you can now do breakfast
  22. Better purchasing power meaning lower food costs since you now have 2 outlets instead of 1
  23. Low spoilage since you have 2 ways to get your food out
  24. Whatever doesn’t sell for lunch can go on the truck for dinner and vice versa

When I was considering a Mobile Restaurant I had a ton of questions. Do you have any of these? Just click next to the ones that concern you the most right now.

  • How much will it cost to get started?
  • How much can I earn?
  • Where can I park?
  • How will I get customers to my truck?
  • What permits and licenses will I need?
  • What equipment will I need?
  • How can I get a great Location?
  • What makes a great location great?
  • How can I market my Mobile Restaurant™?
  • Do I need to have a restaurant?
  • What type of food should I sell?
  • What type of truck should I purchase and why?
  • Do I need Insurance? How much is it? Where do I get it?
  • Is this just a fad or something that will be around for a while?
  • Does this only work in warm weather climates?
  • What hours should I be open?
  • How much staff do I need ?
  • What equipment do I need in my truck?

As a Caterer, aren’t you tired of only having income on the weekends? Your hard costs don’t know what day it is! You will now finally have the ability to start generating fast cash and profits 7 days a week.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a loyal following, with more jobs than you can handle, even in todays economy? All without spending one thin dime on costly advertising.

Introducing the Only Complete Step by Step Online Course any Caterer can us to add HUGE profits and a flood of new jobs quickly and easily with your own Mobile Restaurant™

Mobile Food Profits Online Modules & What You Will Learn

Insider Secrets To Creating Your Own Unique and Profitable Concept

It all starts with your concept and in this module I will show you what makes a profitable concept and what does not! There are many great ideas out there and many great recipes and chefs.

Just because something tastes good doesn’t make it a great concept! This module is critical to your success since your buildout, ,marketing, and budget will all depend on having a concept that works. This module will show you those secrets!

Little Known Secrets To Building Your Mobile Restaurant For Maximum Profit At A Minimum Cost

I hate to say this but having our truck built was NOT a pleasant experience. We made many mistakes that cost us a lot of lost time and money. In this module I will show you how to avoid these mistakes plus we will share:

  • What is the most cost effective truck to purchase and how to equip it.
  • Secrets to making sure your truck passes inspection every time.
  • How to create a workflow for maximum efficiency.
  • How to make sure your truck is your Mobile Billboard that sends you new customers
  • Little Known Tactics so you can avoid getting ripped off by your vendors.
  • You will see the actual layouts and why it was used to produce maximum profits
  • How to insure your truck and business and who to use.
  • The BIG MISTAKES to avoid and how to avoid them.

How To Always Have a Great Location and Have The Top Landlords (with the hungriest tenants) Standing In Line and Begging You To Park At Their Locations

One of the major benefits of a mobile restaurant is that you can never have a bad location. In this module we will show you how to have landlords lined up and begging you to come to their location. You will learn:

  • How to always have the best location – often for FREE!
  • How to know a good location from a bad one! ( it’s not what you may think
  • How to negotiate with these landlords even if they have a food vendor on premise
  • What is the BEST demographic for your food truck buyers
  • How to price your food for maximum profits.
  • How to make quick cash at fairs, festivals and sporting events
  • Secrets to having landlords do your advertising for you – at no charge to you !

There is much much more in this module including sample leases and other tools you can quickly use to get the most profitable locations in town and quickly learn which ones are best and which to avoid like the plague.

This one module will help you grow your catering business and profits faster than anything you have ever experienced before.

How To Drive a Constant Flood Of Loyal (and Hungry) Customers To Your Mobile Restaurant and How To Keep Them Coming Back as Loyal Customers

I hate to burst your bubble here but the old saying “Just because you build it they will come” doesn’t always hold true. There are proven ways to generate a flood of loyal customers and keep them coming back.

Even more importantly is having them always have you at the top of their minds when it comes to business and personal catering opportunities. You will be their “OBVIOUS CHOICE”.

In this module you will get:

  • Proven marketing campaigns that work and are inexpensive or FREE!
  • How to use social media to generate a flood of traffic – FREE
  • Secrets to getting FREE PR for your truck and your business. Imagine how all of that FREE press will help your existing business!
  • The real secrets to having an on-line presence that generates business
  • How to have your website be more than just your on-line menu but actually produce trackable revenue for you.
  • Little known yet highly effective “Underground Tactics” that will get you noticed all around town… Quickly and for FREE!
  • Techniques you can instantly use to have a line of people waiting for your arrival each and every day. There is no better feeling than pulling up and seeing that line of hungry people with cash in hand waiting for your window to open. This is a bigee!!!

Aside from lunch, fairs, festivals, and sporting events there are other very profitable opportunities you can take advantage of each and every week. They are revealed in this module.

Finally – we go into great detail to show you the Economics of your food truck and how to price your offerings for maximum profits. Consider this your mobile food success recipe!

The beauty of this business is that you will quickly grow your “fan club” for Free. Expensive advertising is simply ineffective to grow your food truck business which is great news in this economy!

What our most successful members are saying:

Hear what Jordan Gaither has to say about the Mobile Food Profits course…

“Required viewing for anyone starting a mobile food business. It will easily pay for itself many times over. Brian Sacks’ experience and passion will make him your food truck mentor!”-FoodTruckTalk.com

“Amazing amount of information! This course covers everything, including things like the commissary. I honestly believe that I have a chance to be successful in this business now. Thanks Brian!” Vanessa Johnston

“This course answered 90% of my questions and provided me with useful information I hadn’t even considered. The one on one session covered the remaining 10%. ” Josh Sacks – New Jersey

“The Mobile Food Truck business course and online resource center saved me a bunch of time I would have spent researching. Great value, especially the one-on-one call with Brian.” Paul Tanner – Lakewood, CA

“Brian, I wanted to thank you very much for the information provided in your course, Mobile Food Profits. For someone like me, with no experience in running my own business, or in being in the food industry, this was a very helpful program.

The modules are presented in an easy to follow method, and the slides that are included with each module are also very helpful .This program is a real bargain considering the information that is provided,for anyone who is considering entering the Mobile Restaurant Industry,

Thanks again!” Carter McKaughan – North Carolina

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