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Learn how to succeed on Amazon’s popular print on demand program: Merch by Amazon, from a tier 200,000 seller that’s sold more than 7-figures on the world’s #1 e-commerce website…Merch By Amazon – Ryan Hogue

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Merch By Amazon – Ryan Hogue

Tier 10 → Tier 200,000

Learn how to succeed on Amazon’s popular print on demand program: Merch by Amazon, from a tier 200,000 seller that’s sold more than 7-figures on the world’s #1 e-commerce website.

— Michael, Member of Ryan’s Method: Amazon Merch

Thanks Ryan Hogue, it means a lot.

Let me encourage all of you here – I was at 12 sales about 3 weeks ago.

I paid for Ryan’s courses on POD and Amazon Merch, and I did was he instructed.

I hit 45 sales on Merch today with 80% Evergreen t-shirts 20% trends.

I also have over 100 sales on ETSY thanks to Ryan’s Method in the same timeframe.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

amazon merch course module 1


Welcome to Ryan’s Method: Amazon Merch!

Intro to Merch

Course Tools

Applying For Your Amazon Merch Account

Getting Out of Tier 10

Tier 10 to Tier 500 With 1 Design


amazon merch course module 2


THE GOLDEN RULE: Don’t Infringe!

Finding Design Inspiration Part 1: Browsing The Internet

Finding Design Inspiration Part 2: Watching TV

Finding Design Inspiration Part 3: Using Mobile Apps

What’s Already Selling on Amazon? (Part 1)

What’s Already Selling on Amazon? (Part 2)

PopSocket Niche Research Strategies

amazon merch course module 3


Merch Informer: Merchant Search

Merch Informer: Products Search

Merch Informer: Merch Hunter

Merch Informer: Keyword Finder

Merch Informer: Trademarks Tool

Merch Informer: Trend Hunter

Merch Informer: Additional Tools


amazon merch course module 4


Design Apps

Finding & Installing Fonts

Design to Stand Out + My Photoshop Template

Design Strategy 1: Text-Based Designs

Design Strategy 2: Distressing

Design Strategy 3: Using Premade Graphics

Resize Designs for Hoodies + PopSockets (Easily!)

Real Design Sessions w/ Ryan

amazon merch course module 5


My Safe Upload Strategy

  • Step 1: Upload Artwork & Select Products
  • Step 2: Pricing Strategy by Merch Tier
  • Step 3: Product Details (Keyword Optimization)
  • Step 4: Selling on Amazon Merch UK + DE

Multi-Upload Strategy

amazon merch course module 6


Introduction to Advertising on Amazon

Register For AMS

Sponsored Brand Ads (Formerly Headline Search Ads)

Sponsored Product Ads

Product Display Ads

amazon merch course module 7


Selling Your Designs On Additional Platforms

Selling Your Designs On Additional Products

Driving External Traffic to Amazon

Convert Merch Designs to KDP Covers

amazon merch course module 8

About Ryan, Your Coach

I applied for my Merch account in late 2016 & was accepted in early 2017.

I’ve gotten multiple Amazon Merch accounts out of tier 10

I’m currently in tier 200,000

I sold over 100 shirts while in tier 10

On my best day, I sold 107 Merch products generating $1,970 in sales, earning me over $700 in royalties

Lifetime stats: 19,000+ sales | $365,000+ revenue | $70,000+ royalties

Between Amazon FBA/FBM/Merch/KDP I’ve sold well over 7-figures on Amazon

In my courses, leave no stone unturned.

You will learn exactly how I discover trends like the one that made me $700 in one day, how I find evergreen niches (using both free & paid tools), design tips, and so much more!

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