Master Marketing Academy – Markus Evers


Discover What You Need To Know About Marketing & Branding To Scale Your Business

In The Academy You'll Learn Marketing- & Dropshipping Secrets That Other "Gurus" Won't Tell You And Keeps To Themselves.

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Master Marketing Academy

Everything You Need To Know About Marketing To Scale Your Business

Dropshipping, eCommerce & Marketing Taken To The Next Level!

Build, Test & Brand – To See Your Life Expand.

Discover What You Need To Know About Marketing & Branding To Scale Your Business

In The Academy You'll Learn Marketing- & Dropshipping Secrets That Other "Gurus" Won't Tell You And Keeps To Themselves.

  • How to use Facebook ads manager with a full walkthrough and explanation so you understand everything about it
  • How to make the highest converting ad & ad copy. With a live show of me creating one. Giving you all my secrets of the psychologic aspect of ad image and more!
  • A full walkthrough of ad types & ad creation inside of Facebook Ads Manager so you become a pro!
  • An insane, easy to understand, full targeting breakdown. I'm showing you the exact methods you should use to target, and how to find the specific interests for your target audience
  • Giving away earlier winning products so you can see my own (and other competitors) successful ads & ad videos so you know EXACTLY what to do to be successful.
  • A Full roadmap for the testing phase of your products/services. Showing the exact way with data points and metrics, that you should use, to easily and structurized test products.
  • INSANE: Showing you how to SCALE your business with an exact Scaling Roadmap with horizontal scaling, vertical scaling and manual retargeting (insane ROAS).
  • A Full module on Retargeting ads, how to create them, why they are so powerful and how to easily integrate them into your marketing strategy.
  • The exact way to use existing winning products to ROCKET your sales figures into space with the "Golden Nugget" module I beak everything down. Putting the cards on the table and revealing it ALL!

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Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Welcome to the course!

  • 1) Welcome! (2:18)
  • 2) What you need to know b4 we start! (2:28)
  • 3) Starting checklist for ads manager (4:59)

Module 2 – Secret Product Research

  • 1) The mindset of finding winning products! (6:42)
  • 2) Store optimization checklist (12:32)
  • 3) My secret research methods (13:54)
  • 4) Commerce Inspector & Turbo ad finder full breakdown and explanation (16:05)
  • 5) FB Candy – the ultimate Facebook reseach tool (9:48)
  • 6) MAIN METHOD – The Rocket Product Research Method (41:04)

Module 3 – Facebook ads introduction & basics

  • 1) Breakdown of the Facebook ads funnel that we'll be working with (6:32)
  • 2) The mindset of the testing phase (2:44)
  • 3) Full ads manager walkthrough with explanation of the different features (10:37)

Module 4 – How to make the perfect ad

  • 1) 3 elements to make a good ad (4:50)
  • 2) How to make the best converting ad copy (12:12)
  • 3) Creating an ad inside of FB ads manager (8:19)
  • 4) Thumnail & picture ads (7:35)

Module 5 – Psychological aspect of targeting

  • 1) Why we use PPE ads (6:03)
  • 2) Targeting 101 – complete walkthrough (18:24)
  • 3) How to choose the right targeting (14:43)
  • *NEW – Brands Flexed Targeting Method (5:44)
  • *NEW – Magazines Flexed Targeting Method (6:05)t
  • 4) Example of winning ads & winning target audiences (8:57)
  • 5) Campaign structurization (15:16)

Module 6 – The testing phase of your ads

  • 1) The complete Markus Evers Testing Phase Roadmap (22:36)
  • 2) How to transfer from PPE to WC (9:15)
  • 3) Which metrics to look for (datapoints for your ads) (10:55)
  • *NEW – Rapid WC Testing Method (1:55)

Module 7 – How to scale your ads/winning products

  • 1) The art of the scaling-mindset (7:07)
  • 2) The Markus Evers Scaling ROADMAP (24:05)
  • 3) What is a Well Performer (5:49)rt
  • 4) What are Lookalike audiences (9:44)
  • 5) How to create, analyze & use Lookalike Audiences (14:22)

Module 8 – Retargeting ads

  • 1) The basics of retargeting ads and why they're so powerful (3:41)
  • 2) How to setup manual retargeting ads (6:55)
  • 3) How to setup DPA retargeting ads – Dynamic Product Ads (12:09)
  • 4) Which app(s) to use for automatic retargeting ads. (4:47)

Module 9 – The GOLDEN Nugget

  • 1) Finding new winning products as easily as slicing a piece of cake (6:02)
  • 2) How to use your existing winning products to scale your business rapidly (8:01)

Module 10) Increase Profits + Average Order Value

  • 1) Tips & tricks to increase AOV + Profits & Why it's important (8:20)
  • 2) Volume Discount – How to integrate it, and what apps to use. (7:33)
  • 3) You Need This Shopify App – Increase revenue by 20% with 1 click (5:21)
  • 4) How To Lower Your COGS And Hereby Increase Your Profits (5:06)

Value Videos From FB Group – Store Reviews, Targeting Tips, Ads Reviews etc.

  • Store Review #1 (17:09)
  • Store Review #2 (14:10)
  • Christmas Products Targeting Tips & Tricks (20:41)

Get Master Marketing Academy – Markus Evers, Only Price $17

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