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For some reason nothing seems to work no matter how hard i tried.   I was almost ready to throw in the towel But I couldn’t look a my wife and kid every night coming home so tired from my job at  the car dealership.   I said to myself, I’m gonna try it again There must be a better way than this….  

 After doing research, I stumble upon the Buzz online with E-commerce I saw a lot of people who was making money with website like Shopify   At first I doubted myself Because the last time my wife trusted me with these previous online business I max out 3 credit cards, with Nothing to show for them except for the bills and losses…  

I also realize a lot of people was loosing money with Facebook Ads. After I got in the training, did some few testes, tweakings and using a specific tool I come up with a strategy that’s almost like a LOOPHOLE to Facebook money…

At first I thought it was Crazy, or maybe even illegal…

 So I tested it again, same thing happen Then I decided maybe it’s just me…

Even if you don’t have a website now, don’t worry Also with this strategy we will teach you how to set up your very own online store that will make you money like clockwork…

I was gonna keep this a SECRET

And Share it only with a few selected people on my team until my mentor Keder  said “Wait this is too powerful not to share with others” Therefore we decided to put this Formula together.

What’s Included Inside Massive Shopify Conversion

Module 1  

  • Clip 1: Store Set up
  • Clip 2: Design & Custom Templates for Your Store
  • Clip 3: Store Applications
  • Clip 4: Pixel Set Up

V2 - eBokly - Library of new courses!Module 2 

  • Clip 1: Spy On Competitors
  • Clip 2: Product Research
  • Clip 3: Product Sourcing

V1 - eBokly - Library of new courses!Module 3 

  • Clip 1: Adding Product
  • Clip 2: Adding Related Product to Maximize Results
  • Clip 3: Creating Catalogues and Tags

V4 - eBokly - Library of new courses!Module 4 

  • Clip 1: Launching Your First Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Clip 2: Advance Facebook with Espresso
  • Clip 3: Advance Tracking
  • Clip 4: Optimize Campaign

V5 - eBokly - Library of new courses!Module 5 

  • Clip 1: Advance Scaling
  • Clip 2: Sick Retargeting
  • Clip 3: Custom Audience and Look A Like Audi

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