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Today, I’d like to share with you the result of a pretty amazing financial investigation. It’s about a brand-new type of account that’s been gaining popularity here in America.

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Dear Reader,

Hi, my name is Ryan Cole.

Today, I’d like to share with you the result of a pretty amazing financial investigation. It’s about a brand-new type of account that’s been gaining popularity here in America.

And what’s so incredible is how quickly a small deposit in this account can grow into a fortune — even in today’s “pay nothing” interest rate world.

One young man named Kevin Koch, for example, deposited just $27 into this new type of account. He told reporters about his amazing discovery, saying:

“Every morning, I went online… and saw that the account grew!”

Kevin was absolutely stunned at his good fortune. Four years of growth and almost no effort on his part landed him more than $886,000.

All from his initial deposit of less than 30 bucks.

And here’s the thing…

Kevin didn’t park his money in any risky foreign currency issued by a far-off government or anything like that.

He also didn’t buy stocks, bonds, ETFs, options, mutual funds… or anything else Wall Street has sold us in the past.

In fact, what Kevin did with his money was unlike anything I’d ever seen in my career in the financial industry.

Immediately after reading his story, I conducted a full investigation on this new form of account.

I tasked my team with finding out three very specific things:

  1. What exactly Kevin did with his money to grow $27 into a fortune…
  2. How many other people are using this “underground banking system,” and if they’re seeing similar gains…
  3. If it’s legal, safe, and ethical for people like you and me to open one of these amazing new accounts.

What my investigation found shocked me. And my guess is that it’ll shock you too.

More than 4.6 million people have opened accounts, in all 50 states and in nearly every city in the country.

Now these Americans are seeing absolutely huge gains on their savings…

Like one gentleman, Jim Kenna, who put just $1,000 into his account and watched it grow to nearly $5 million.

Or Chris Samuelson, whose initial deposit of $2,000 blossomed into a small fortune, which he used to start his own company less than a year later.

And according to my research , every $100 parked in this account in January of 2013 would have turned into $12,000 before the end of the year.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to begin growing your wealth with one of these hidden accounts, too.

I’ll even give you the name of the website to visit and the specific forms you need to fill out. You’ll be able to get started moments from now.

Not only will you see how quick and easy it is to open an account, but you’ll also see that opening an account comes with more benefits than just the chance to grow your wealth, including:

  • No minimums to open an account (you can get started with as little as $1, if you choose)…
  • No “lock up” periods. You’ll be able to deposit and withdraw money at any time…
  • No fees for most transactions, even for international transfers…
  • Unprecedented privacy. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to find out the value of your account, what you’re spending your money on, or where the money is stored…
  • 100% security. It’s near impossible to hack into your account and steal your money…
  • 100% FREE to open an account, and no pressure to fund one after it’s opened…
  • And complete protection against inflation, allowing you to stop worrying about the demise of the dollar…

So let me ask you…

Would you be interested in opening one of these accounts?

I hope so.

After seeing this investigation to its very end, I opened an account for my family. And it couldn’t have been easier.

Listen, when you consider that this “underground” account has, in the past, paid more than 50 times what a typical savings account… certificate of deposit… or savings bond pays…

You have a moral obligation to your family — for your own well-being and that of your future generations — to at least look into one of these accounts.

But how can you tell for sure if one of these underground accounts is right for you? How much can you expect to grow your savings? And how do you get started today?

Let me back up and show you everything that my team showed me over the course of their 14-month investigation…

How to Grow Your Wealth in the 21st Century

The first instance of this type of new bank account turned up about five years ago, in 2009.

Shortly after the housing, banking, and credit crisis of 2008, it’s no secret that people all around the world feared what would happen to the financial system.

That’s when this underground banking system began to gain steam…

And one of the most interesting things we’ve found is that — unlike traditional banking we’ve come to accept — this system isn’t tied to one specific government.

It’s also not tied to one specific currency. And it’s not tied to any specific bank…

But here’s what really got my attention…

A simple deposit of $100 back in 2010 would be worth nearly $34,000 today.

As you can imagine, these new accounts are making ordinary people all over the world extremely wealthy.

Chris Samuelson first learned about this new banking system in 2011. His initial investment of just over $2,000 made him wealthy in just a few months.

He used the funds generated to start his own business, which was recently valued at around $40 million.

Richard Vernon began investing in this account in early 2011 as well. He made his first million before the year was over.

He has since also started his own company and has assisted over a dozen other businesses in transitioning to this groundbreaking new form of saving and banking.

But it gets better…

Creating Millionaires Every Year

You may have read that Google created more than 1,000 millionaires the day the company went public on the stock market…

Pretty amazing, right?

Well, our evidence shows this new underground bank account could create more millionaires in the coming year… than Google created the day it went public.

Consider this: Back in 2013, only about 100,000 people held one of these accounts.

Today, more than 4.6 million are using this new underground banking system.

And the amount of money flowing in and out of this new system is growing by the day…

In fact, in early 2013, roughly $156 million was parked in this underground system. Today, the market for these new accounts has ballooned to over $4.6 billion.

Now “underground banking” ATMs are being installed in major cities all over the globe…

From New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Sao Paolo, and Montreal to Hong Kong, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver, and many more.

Within a few years, they could be in every town and city in America. You could be able to grab “cash” anywhere on the go.

Listen, it’s clear that more and more Americans are using this system to grow and protect their wealth in a radically new way.

But here’s something else that shocked me…

Wall Street “Dumps” Their Own Dollar-Based Banking System

Our investigation has found that even a few elite Wall Street bankers are quietly “dumping” the traditional banking system…

And these bankers are now parking their own cash — much of their personal cash — deep inside this underground banking system.

Martin Nesmith, a top hedge fund manager at the $55 billion Fortress Investment Group, recently endorsed this system.

We’ve found that he personally holds a stake in it.

And we’ve found a recent memo from a major venture capitalist predicting that the value of an “account” could go up more than four-fold in less than two years.

Imagine turning every $1 invested right now into more than $4 by 2017 – just by making a single move to open an account and deposit as little or as much as you choose.

And because this account has nothing to do with gold, silver, stocks, bonds, options, or anything else you’ve likely heard of… you won’t have to learn about investing.

You simple visit a website (which I’ll give you details on in a moment), open an account, and make a small deposit.

Then you sit back and watch as little as $1 grow into $100… $200… or more.

That sounds too good to be true, I know. I thought the same thing when I first heard about these little known accounts.

But I’m not asking you to believe me right now. I’m simply asking that you review the same facts my team gave me…

Then you can make up your own mind whether this is true… or I’m just full of promises that will never be fulfilled.

And here’s something else interesting:

Just as I’ve mentioned to you, there’s no minimum to set up these accounts…

There’s also no maximum.

That means the highest-net-worth individuals could deposit $5 million, $10 million, even $100 million. And they could all see the value of that account grow FOURFOLD.

And as unbelievable as that may sound, it’s actually a pretty conservative estimate.

Our research investigation also uncovered evidence from analysts at Wedbush Securities that predicts these accounts could see a 90-fold increase.

Here’s the simple truth:

  • Although you won’t hear about this on television, many of these Wall Street firms are already “dumping” their own system…
  • And they’re parking cash in this underground banking system right now.

Of course, they’re not going to openly tell you about their moves. So it’s not your fault that you may not have heard about this new system.

But the life-changing wealth that ordinary people have built by taking a chance on this revolutionary new “bank account” is very real.

By viewing this presentation today, you’re at the crossroads of a once-in-a-century innovation that you are lucky enough to witness in your lifetime.

An opportunity to jump in this early during a major paradigm shift will likely never happen again…

A complete reorganization of our global monetary and banking system…

And a completely better way to earn more on our money.

Now, you’ve seen how to use this account to grow your money. But let me show you another amazing benefit we’ve found…

Your Completely Invisible Account

Part of what I find so fascinating about these accounts is how wealthy bankers are using them to not only grow their money, but also to hide and spend it. Consider this…

George Simon, a banker for 12 years, quit his job in 2013 after discovering this new system, and used it to buy land near Paradise Bay in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Using his “underground” account, George said he was “able to complete the transaction quickly, with no need to involve banks or other third-party intermediaries.”

Jacob Silver had been a funds manager at Morgan Stanley. He left his job to dive into this system, predicting, “It will be a premier safe-haven asset.”

My point is this: Not only can this underground system grow your account, but it could also provide complete privacy and completely anonymous transactions.

The United States government cannot control your account. They cannot access your account. They cannot see what you’re spending money on from your account.

Maybe you’re wondering why that’s important. Let me show you…

Why You’d Better Move Your Money Right Now

It’s no secret that the national debt has doubled in the last 10 years…

And it’s expected to double again in the next 10.

There’s no way our government can ever expect to legitimately pay this debt back to its creditors.

The United States government is desperate for cash.

And your traditional bank account is the perfect target. That’s why stashing some of your money away in an “underground bank account” is so important. Let me explain…

Years back, when the U.S. government got in trouble financially… it began to go over so-called “offshore” American bank accounts.

Take Swiss banks, for example.

For years, Swiss banks offered their clients privacy and anonymity. They were the ultimate save haven for storing and growing your wealth.

But not anymore.

Due to pressure from U.S. regulators… Swiss banks are reporting account holder information to the IRS as fast as they can.

Banks that don’t comply end up like the prestigious Wegelin & Co., a Swiss bank forced to close its doors in 2013… after 272 years in business.

This “underground banking system,” on the other hand, has no third party that the feds can intimidate, leaving your account information out of their reach.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. The U.S. Congress published a little-known report on this new system in December 2013. In their words:

“There is no third-party intermediary. The buyer and seller interact directly… but their identities are encrypted, and no personal information is transferred from one to the other.”

Here’s one more reason why keeping your money private is critically important…

You know what a bailout is, but do you know what a “bail-IN” is?

Put simply, it’s when a government dips into its citizens’ savings to provide cash for itself.

The practice began in Cyprus and has rapidly spread to other countries. These countries are stealing their own citizens’ money to “bail in” the government.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what a bail-in might mean for your hard-earned savings.

So along with growing your money, an underground bank account could protect your money. And that’s why Congress is so worried about this new system…

Why the Underground Bank Account Is Quietly Replacing the Swiss Bank Account of Old

Although most people don’t know this, the U.S. Senate recently convened an emergency hearing to hear testimony on this new banking system.

One senator admitted he was “worried” about this new system.

Another, Illinois senator Mark Kirk asked bluntly:

“Is [this] going to replace the Swiss bank account?”

And a contractor with a major defense company told The Wall Street Journal that this technology “spooked the hell” out of government bureaucrats.


Because of the level of privacy this system offered and its total detachment from the central bank’s control over money.

Reports had already begun circulating that people were able to keep their savings hidden, anonymous, and undetectable using this system.

Today, it’s still legal to open an “underground” banking account.

The best part is… unlike the Swiss bank accounts of old… you don’t have to be rich for this kind of banking.

You can invest as much or as little as you want…

  • Anonymously and with unrivaled security.

Even The Washington Post noted this system could be “significantly more secure” than major credit card transactions.

There’s a good reason a major newspaper would make a claim like that…

Your personal account can be customized however you wish — up to nearly airtight security. Your name, address, Social Security number and credit history never have to be tied to your account.

You may never have to worry that some bank or credit card company will have to admit they lost your personal account information to criminals.

In fact, you may never again have to risk putting your credit card or bank account information online in order to buy things.

It is so secure it could even make Swiss bank accounts obsolete.

One popular offshore tax haven in the Mediterranean was shocked to see a mass exodus away from bank accounts and into this system just months ago.

And get this…

Because it isn’t in the hands of some foreign banker, you don’t have to worry your account will be reported to the IRS.

That means you get to keep more of your savings away from the government.

A paper by Michigan Law Review noted of this system:

taxpayers’ anonymity is maintained… [This underground banking system] could potentially defeat governments’ recent successes in addressing offshore tax evasion.

At this point, you’ve seen how to use this account to grow your wealth.

And you’ve seen how to use it to protect and hide your wealth.

So now you’re probably wondering what this secret account is. Let me show you…

The Banking System… and Currency of the Future

It’s something called a “Bitcoin account.”

No, it’s not an actual coin. It’s simply a digital currency.

A currency that you alone have control of… and only you can decide whether to spend.

The government cannot seize it.

In fact, after your personal “bank account” number is generated by the Bitcoin network, you can take it off the Internet completely and write it on a piece of paper.

You can have a few Bitcoins or a few thousand on the network. As long as you keep that number safe, no one can touch ever them.

Bitcoin is also fully exchangeable with dollars, euros, or any other major currency.

And remember that chart of the bank account growth I showed you earlier? Well, the price of Bitcoin has been on an absolute tear recently. Check it out again…

The value has absolutely skyrocketed. And it’s making everyday people — all across America — true believers…

Bob Mayer, a renowned author, attorney, and technology expert, has already made a fortune from Bitcoin.

He is also convinced that it will continue to grow.

“This is perhaps the greatest bull market ever… we’re seeing a rapid uptake in this new technology… I like to call it hyper-monetization.”

Even a multimillionaire investor who helped create Facebook estimates huge growth for future investors in this new system.

“I believe it could be much larger… [growth] will probably happen much faster than anyone imagines.”

Buying, storing, and selling Bitcoin is unbelievably easy to do.

Even purchasing items with Bitcoin is as easy as scanning a bar code…

Naturally, you might be skeptical that something so simple could be such a threat to the traditional banking system.

But skeptics are seeing their objections blown away.

Bitcoin has made enormous progress into mainstream acceptance — and legitimate infrastructure is being created to support its use as money every day.

Let me show you a few recent items you could have bought using your “Bitcoin bank account…”

Had you loaded up on Bitcoins back in January 2013, you could have bought a $3 million mansion in December for the small investment of $37,500 in Bitcoin.

A new 2014 Rolls-Royce would have cost you only $3,208.

And a top-of-the-line Rolex, normally $125,000, would have been only $1,567.

Online currency exchanges, derivative trading platforms, and even a physical exchange just a few doors down from the New York Stock Exchange have all gone live, with much more planned.

A high-profile company called AvaTrade is even offering a Bitcoin brokerage service for traders.

ATMs are going up every week. Thousands of businesses are accepting Bitcoin as currency. They know that this is the future of not only e-commerce, but banking itself.

Even the federal government has been forced to recognize that the genie is out of the bottle…

A federal judge admitted recently in an SEC lawsuit that Bitcoin is a form of money.

The Department of Justice recognized that Bitcoin offers

“legitimate financial services and the [has] potential to promote more efficient global commerce.”

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted in a letter to the U.S. Senate that Bitcoin

“may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system.”

Even the European Central Bank had to acknowledge that

“it can reasonably be expected that the growth of [Bitcoin] will most likely continue.”

To recap what we’ve covered so far…

  • This secret Bitcoin account can help you grow your wealth.
  • It can help you protect your wealth.
  • And it can be used to buy things anonymously.

That brings us to the most exciting part of this entire investigation. We’ve found a coming trigger event that should send the price of Bitcoin — and your account — soaring.

Let me show you…

Why It’s CRITICAL You Create Your Bitcoin Bank Account Right Now

There’s one thing that throughout history has sent money soaring…

In a word, it’s this:

  • Acceptance.
  • Acceptance for paying bills.
  • Acceptance for buying items.
  • Acceptance to exchange for other goods.

And according to our research, the acceptance level for Bitcoin is about to explode.

For example, at the beginning of 2013, there were a little over 2,000 businesses that accepted Bitcoin.

Today, there are more than 100,000 merchants that accept Bitcoin… and that is expected to increase to 140,000 by 2016.

  • Listen, we’re on the verge of Bitcoin being a mass market-accepted payment system.
  • And when Bitcoin goes fully mainstream, we could see the value of accounts absolutely skyrocket…

As it grows, it may continue to make its users extremely wealthy…

Turning every $1,000 into $10,000… or even far more… in just 12 months.

Already, a company called BitPay provides a payroll service to companies that enables them to pay their employees in Bitcoin.

BitPay already serves over 60,000 companies and is still growing its customer base by over 1,000 per week.

Shoppers can purchase merchandise at major retailers like Overstock.com, Amazon, CVS, and Target using Bitcoin as payment.

You can use it to buy a brownstone in New York City.

Or to buy poker chips at major casinos in Vegas.

You can even pay for flights across the country in Bitcoin at CheapAir.com.

All without ever getting out your credit card and jeopardizing your personal information.

In fact, it won’t be long before you never need to get that credit or debit card out again…

Or pay all the annoying fees and interest that go along with it.

The ease and cheap transactions provided by Bitcoin are attracting small businesses to the network as well…

Brick-and-mortar retailers are adopting Bitcoin at a breakneck rate.

Florists, bars, and restaurants are all accepting Bitcoin in cities around the country.

But that’s nothing compared with the growth to come…

PayPal, the largest Internet payment service, has been considering integration of Bitcoin into its payment system. PayPal currently processes 60% of all Web transactions.

Such a merger could drastically increase the value of a single Bitcoin… five… 10… or even 20 times.

But even that may just signal the beginning…

CNBC reported in November 2015 that recent research by Magister Advisors, a British tech advisory firm, even predicted that Bitcoin could be the world’s sixth largest reserve currency by 2030… that’s just 15 years away.

Imagine what that could do for growth…

Not only could paying for items get easier, cheaper, and safer…

  • But the price will explode. And if you act now, you could make a fortune.

And here’s the most critical point of this entire message:

  • My investigation has even uncovered a 14-page client note from Bank of America indicating it has told its clients that Bitcoin “has clear potential for growth.”

As you know, Bank of America is one of the world’s leading banks. You can’t get more mainstream than them.

Rest assured, bankers, investors, and thousands of other Americans are poised to take advantage of this once-in-a-century opportunity.

And right now… I’m going to show you how you can too.

Visit This Website

If you’re interested in getting started with this amazing new wealth-growing secret, I’ve prepared a full report… which you can download for free today.

It’s called The Bitcoin Bible: The Safest and Easiest Ways to Buy, Sell, Store, and Speculate.

Inside this first-ever report, you’ll learn:

  • The one thing you MUST do if you decide to fund a Bitcoin account…
  • The specific website to visit and how to quickly and easily open an account…
  • The absolute safest ways to buy and store your Bitcoins…
  • How to make sure you’re not being scammed, hacked, or tricked when opening your account…
  • How high we think the price of Bitcoins could go and how you could position yourself to make a fortune as Bitcoin rises against the U.S. dollar…
  • A no-brainer way to protect yourself against any correction in the price of Bitcoins…
  • The two “bulletproof” methods to store your Bitcoins once you’ve purchased them…
  • How to use Bitcoins to buy retail items for more than HALF OFF.

Again, The Bitcoin Bible is yours FREE.

All I ask in return is for you to try the research in our one-of-a-kind monthly letter called Unconventional Wealth.

Unconventional Wealth at
Your Fingertips

Like I said before, my name is Ryan Cole. I work for an organization called Laissez Faire Club.

And I steer the ship of Laissez Faire’s Unconventional Wealth.

As you may know, the term “laissez faire” is a French term. It means “let them be.”

As in…

Let us make our own decisions. Let us aspire to succeed independently and grow our wealth as long as it’s not hurting others.

Let us live our own life.

Laissez Faire’s Unconventional Wealth shows you actionable ways to build wealth on your own terms.

Free from the government’s special interests.

Free from any conflicts of interest that arise when dealing with your money.

Laissez Faire’s Unconventional Wealth is NOT a stock-picking or trading service…

And it is NOT your typical investment research newsletter…

We go well beyond the stock market…. exploring off-Wall Street opportunities that are already making a lot of people rich.

Every month, you’ll receive a private letter highlighting a unique way you can put your money to work to exponentially grow your wealth.

To be clear, I’m not saying you should quit stocks and bonds all together.

In fact, I even recommend a few extraordinary stock opportunities when I find them.

But a lot of retirees who are searching for growth are putting all their nest eggs in stocks, mutual funds or other unprotected investments.

And that’s dangerous.

Just looked what happened in 2008. There was no place to hide in the stock market.

That’s why I believe it’s important to have at least some of your portfolio invested outside Wall Street.

If you stick with traditional investment strategies, you’ll likely wake up 10 years down the road with nothing to show for it.

There’s a whole universe of unique unconventional assets and strategies that can put traditional stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and ETFs to shame.

Most of these opportunities are totally off the grid. And at first glance, they may even seem completely out of reach.

That’s exactly what Wall Street wants you to think.

But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, let me tell you about…

The Secret Account of the 1%

Have you ever wondered how the rich continue to get richer through depressions, recessions and even stock market crashes?

For example…

After the 2008 financial disaster, one famous hedge fund manager walked away with $2.9 billion.

And a financial guru came out of the crisis $3.7 billion richer.

All while average retirees throughout America lost their life’s savings.

Added up, the wealth gap between the richest 1% and everyone else is larger than it’s been since the 1920s.

What’s their secret?

In short, I’ve found that they’ve used little-known investment opportunities time and time again to continue growing their wealth.

These aren’t the typical types of investments – they’re far different than real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or anything else like that.

But here’s the thing… you don’t have to be rich to access those same types of investments.

I’d like to introduce you to what I call “The Secret Income Account of the 1%.”

It’s a collection of little known investment opportunities the richest of the rich have been using — for centuries — to grow their wealth.

One of these opportunities returned an extraordinary 9,897% gain in 21 years.

And although most of these royal families and business tycoons were already sitting on substantial wealth, they used this “Secret Income Account” time and time again to continue growing their wealth.

Even founding father Thomas Jefferson had his hand in the pot of one of these investments opportunities… so did media mogul and multibillionaire Ted Turner.

They’ve all used this “Secret Income Account” to get wealthier year after year… through depressions. Recessions. Even market crashes like the one we saw back in 2008.

To be clear, this is not like a traditional income account…

For example, there are no physical locations or ATMs involved in this “Secret Income Account of the 1%.”

And it’s not some new type of 401(k) retirement account, IRA, life insurance policy, stock market plan, or anything else like that.

In fact, the “Secret Income Account of the 1%” has nothing to do with stocks, dividend paying companies or anything else on Wall Street.

I’ll share with you the findings of my investigation — including SIX specific ways you can begin to start growing and protecting your wealth… just like the 1%.

Just one of these ways has turned every $1 invested into more than $4,344 in the past.

Another one turned every $1 into nearly $10,000.

But contrary to what you might think, the “Secret Income Account of the 1%” is NOT reserved for America’s richest.

In fact, I’ve found specific ways for you to get into similar deals as Ted Turner. And often times at the same prices.

Already, a few savvy Americans have begun to put this to work for them.

People like Allen, from Chicago, who says one of these investment opportunities helped pay for his children’s education.

Or John, who says:

“My [Secret Income Account], as a whole, has appreciated more than $1 million.”


So how do you get started?

I’ve put together all my findings on the entire “Secret Income Account of the 1%” into an urgent special report I want to send you immediately.

It’s called The Secret Income Account of the 1%: Six Ways to Grow Rich Through Booms and Busts. And it shows how you could get involved in these investment ideas and protect your hard-earned wealth.

This report, like “The Bitcoin Bible” is also FREE of charge.

You’ll get instant access to both as soon as you become a member of Laissez Faire’s Unconventional Wealth.

Sound good? I’ll even throw in one more…

Secret LIFETIME Income Stream Found
Inside Benjamin Franklin’s Will

Everyone knows Benjamin Franklin is one of our nation’s most influential Founding Fathers.

But few people know the incredible story of what happened a few months BEFORE his death…

For example, did you know he left a wealth secret buried inside his will?

It’s true.

On June 23, 1789, 10 months before his death, Benjamin Franklin decided to add an addendum to his will.

In this text, he left an obscure account to his personal heirs and to his native city of Boston.

This specific Boston account turned $4,400 into $5.5 million… never lost money in any single year… and paid income for 200 straight years, until the local government decided to close the account and cash out.

And over the past few years, this account has taken on a life of its own and evolved into something new — what I call “Frankin IRAs”…

And they’re the only tax-deferred accounts in the world that can offer guaranteed growing income for life… and exposure to the stock market with 100% capital protection.

Still, these powerful accounts are not for everyone.

If you’re wealthy and don’t need extra retirement income, this probably isn’t for you.

Or if you’re looking for get-rich-quick results… or willing to swing for the fences and feel comfortable taking big risks with your retirement account… this isn’t for you either.

On the other hand, if you’re at or nearing retirement… and can’t afford to leave your nest egg vulnerable to another market crash, these could be perfect.

Because once you learn all the details behind “Franklin IRAs,” you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to:

  • Get exposure to stock market growth, without having to worry about those nasty losses of 20% or more that tend to happen every five years or so.
  • Earn an annual yield of up to 11.87% for the rest of your life. This essentially guarantees you will NOT outlive your income.
  • Enjoy perpetual peace of mind knowing that you’ll never lose money as a result of market crashes. In some cases, you can even lock in a guaranteed minimum return, typically between 6% and 8%.
  • Potentially save up to $155,434 in taxes by growing your account in a tax-free environment.
  • Invest as much as you want. “Franklin IRAs” aren’t actually 401(k)s or IRAs, so they have no government-imposed contribution limits.

My point is… “Franklin IRAs” could finally put an end to your retirement worries.

And while the mainstream financial media almost never talks about it, a few in-the-know financial journalists have revealed some details:

  • Former presidential candidate Steve Forbes says that “ should be especially appealing to baby boomers.”
  • Fox Business says, “Investors in face little volatility, even in the bear market for stocks, because of guaranteed minimum return.”
  • Jean Chatzky, the financial editor for NBC’s Today Show, says, “ are addressing the primary fear that baby boomers seem to have about retirement, which is that they are going to run out of money before they run out of time.”
  • The internationally acclaimed personal finance expert Suze Orman has also been singing the praises of these accounts. She says, “If you don’t want to take risk but still want to play the stock market, a might be right for you.”

To make a long story short, the potential here is phenomenal… and a small investment could earn you income for the rest of your life.

I’ve wrapped up all my findings in a special report called Franklin IRAs: The Only Accounts That Offer Tax-Free Growth, Safety and Lifetime Income .

And like the Bitcoin Bible and The Secret Income Account of the 1%, this report is yours to keep, free of charge.

As a member of Unconventional Wealth, I’m confident you’ll have an easier, better retirement — all outside the traditional rigged Wall Street game.

But don’t take my word for it.

Get Laissez Faire’s Unconventional Wealth – Ryan Cole, Only Price $29

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