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Kindle%20Publishing%20Romance%20 %20Ty%20Cohen%201 - eBokly - Library of new courses!"For Years Now I Have Continuously
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Creating and promoting romance novels might be one of the simplest coins cows you’ll ever stumble upon… 
… and I’m going to reveal you ways human beings such as you and me are making loads in keeping with day…

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Hey, Ty here. 

If you’d like a actual shortcut to being profitable online, then I’m approximately to reveal you the most important mystery going proper now:

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Who Said Romance Is Dead? NOT ME!
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Why romance? 
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You don’t want any qualifications. You don’t want beyond outcomes or evidence of some thing. You don’t even want to recognise some thing approximately romance! 

Here’s the thing… 

Romance readers LOVE a brand new story… and that they don’t care how lengthy or quick it is… so long as they get their fix. 

Which approach you don’t need to be an top notch author or write a large ee-e book to begin making sales… in fact… 

You could make a six-determine profits with romance books that are simply 25 pages quick!
Short testimonies are not anything new… 

… and in today’s international, human beings LOVE quick testimonies due to the fact we’re all in a rush and geared up for our subsequent fix!

(It’s the identical cause human beings are looking extra Netflix episodes and manner much less movies.)

Good information for you…

… due to the fact with the proper system, you could crank out romance books each week and begin constructing the sort of clean passive profits that maximum human beings can most effective dream of.

Here's the name of the game to getting wealthy with romance novels…
In fact, it’s quite clean in comparison to different genres and non-fiction. But it’s now no longer OBVIOUS and maximum human beings haven't any clue wherein to begin.

In my leap forward new guide, I’m going to reveal you EXACTLY how me and my college students are banking heaps of greenbacks with easy, quick Romance novels on Kindle.




The formula to getting rich with romance novels!

  • My golden rules for creating romance novels that people can’t resist buying, reading and sharing with others
  • Self Publishing Success In 20 Steps: What you need to know about the next few days ahead, so you don’t get lost or held back.
  • ​Inside Information About The Romance Genre: I’ll reveal EIGHT essential observations in the romance niche that you can keep in mind as you start creating your book, so that you’re guaranteed to succeed every time!


Creating Your Publishing Accounts

  • How to set up your KDP account in just 3 minutes – no tech expertise needed
  • My time and money-saving secrets to creating a Kindle Publisher account that’s primed for success and sales from day one!
  • ​Essential tips for getting your publishing account approved and live in minutes, not months!


Secrets to Surefire Success

  • Why you need a brand, and why it’s DEAD EASY with this approach I’ve figured out recently
  • ​How to start making money before you write, instead of hoping for sales after you’ve finished your book
  • ​My secret method to uncover winning romance novel ideas so you never waste time writing a flop
  • ​How to build a killer publishing team that does all the work for you, in just ONE HOUR! This will blow your mind. 
  • ​How to triple your income and create true financial security by creating a __________ and not a ____________ book.


Build A List Of Raving Readers

  • How to attract hungry buyers by building some "tiny little spaces" on the web that people are going to OBSESS OVER. 
  • ​My fave tools for capturing emails and sending email broadcasts that make me money fast!
  • How to create email stories that have people foaming at the mouth to buy your latest book, every time!
  • How to turn up the dial on your sales with a simple bookfunnel, explained in detail
  • ​How to get other people to send you their buyers (and where to find them)
  • ​A painfully obvious way to slash hours off your writing time and produce better results that ramp up your sales!
  • ​My cheater’s way to create Facebook ads that bring in money like clockwork, without all the drama, confusion and huge costs.


Publishing Your Romance eBook

  • ​​How To Format Your Romance eBook quickly and easily, to bring you 5 star reviews and even more sales!
  • ​​How To Publish Your Romance eBook On Amazon the easy, pain-free way
  • How To Create Your Author Central Account without any tech skills
  • ​​How To Publish A Paperback Version Of Your book without huge costs or heaps of hassle
  • The Permafree Method: How To Make Your Books Free On Amazon to build your list, grow your reputation and watch your passive income explode over the coming weeks and months! 


Launching Your Romance Book

  • How To Correctly Launch Your Book so it Hits Bestseller Status
  • ​​How To Effectively Use "Price Flipping" to attract more buyers the easy way
  • ​Bundling secrets that you bundles more money, without extra work

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