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I want to talk to you about receiving, about having it all, about letting yourself go, and stepping into COMPLETE, and utter, allowance.

In fact, I want to talk to you about it SO much, and I know that it's such deep and powerful work, work which if you DEDICATE yourself to it will change your life to where things are just EASY (as they should be), that it really goes beyond the scope of just a 'chat'.

So here's what I'm doing, what I've downloaded, what has been coming through me these last few days and is now ready:


A 15 Day Immersion into DEEP Allowance, Ease and INSTANT Receiving, around Your Business, Your Money, Your Body, Your LIFE.

This is the next level gorgeous.

The next level is:

No longer do you have to Do Certain Things in order to Get Certain Outcomes.

Let's be honest … you've always known, deep down, that this is how it is.

That you SHOULD be able to just decide what you want.

Click your fingers.

And it's done.

Wanna know something really COOL??

I also used to think that in order to live like this, be like this, get results like THIS, that it was truly and really about 'if I do a certain amount of THINGS / work / etc .. then I get to earn certain RESULTS'.

And yeah –

That IS kinda true, actually! I'm glad that I spent years of my life learning how to be disciplined, and create habits that still serve me, in school, in fitness, in business, in everything I've ever wanted I HAVE done the fucking work.

Whether I felt like it.

Or whether not.

I PUSHED myself because I focused on the OUTCOMES, and it has ABSOLUTELY been a critical part of my journey of getting to here.

But the thing is …

It wasn't until the last few years that I really started to tap into the fact that I was making it SO much harder than it needed to be!

Get Katrina Ruth Programs – Receive, only price $44

And I should stop before I go any further, and let you know:

Not everybody is going to be able to get what this is about. If your mindset is firmly in 'I can only GET by DOING', and you choose right now to not let go of that belief, or at least be OPEN, then RECEIVE, my 15-Day Immersion, won't work for you. And if that's where you're at, that's okay! Sometimes we need to CHOOSE to go through an evolution of first this, then that.

Learn discipline and HABIT as a way of getting results, before flipping in to allowance.

It's actually a really logical and natural progression, and it IS what I've done.

I achieved and maintained a super fit body for years through discipline, hard work, habit, showing up, no matter what, learning, hand over fist, how to break free of an eating disorder, how to BECOME the person who had the body inside and out.

I achieved and maintained and GREW – continue to grow! – a multiple 7-figure online empire, completely on my terms, monetising my message, my purpose, my YES, and I now get to wake up every day and be me. I achieved this by SHOWING UP. Discipline. Doing the work. Being mother-fucking consistent and REFUSING to back down, even when I was in over 100k of debt, even when I was THIS close to bankruptcy, even when I at times couldn't pay for parking or coffee or even FOOD. (I think the coffee thing was what really upset me) … and the way I got through all that was simple:

Show up.

Do the work.

Make a list.

Do the list.

One foot in front of the other.

Oh, so it hurts, you don't feel like it, you don't wanna? TOO FUCKING BAD! Do the work. Get the result.

And I did …

And now I have this business and life …

And I look back and I wouldn't change a THING, and I'm so fucking glad I learned the value of discipline and commitment. I would never take that away, AND I also fully know and believe that in order to show up and RECEIVE, of COURSE there is work to be done.

Every day.

No matter what!

But here is the DISTINCTION, and what stepping in to RECEIVING is all about …

The way I look at it now:

There is never anything I need to do. But there is always work to be done.

So … I don't have to make a list, follow a plan, do it just so, get it right, or I don't get an outcome. It doesn't work like that. What a 2D, and kinda BASIC success way of thinking.

Now … even though I DO make lists, and sometimes even check them twice … largely 'cause I like getting the crazy out of my head and making a list lets me do that … I then merrily ignore them all.day.long, because the way I get to RECEIVE and be in flow and ease and also make all the right CHOICES, to where everything just freaking WORKS, so effortlessly and it just gets better and better …

Is I simply know what I want.

I tune the fuck in DAILY to the vision, the intention, the big picture, the wow, the OMG, the this is my DESTINY stuff.

I NEVER question anymore – since for ages – whether or not something is possible … if I feel the urge, the nudge, the download?

Of course it's fucking possible.

And I will simply say YES to it.

Know and trust.


Which is to say??? Fucking RECEIVE, baby!!

Truth is, even when I was ALL about that discipline life, of COURSE I was also receiving .. focusing on what I want .. and CHOOSING faith and trust. The inner game has been the real game for me since Day 1!

But what I've learned is, there is receiving and then there is receiving.

There's receiving by 'yes, I did my shit, so now I get'.

And then there's receiving by 'I get to JUST.BE.ME. and do ONLY what I am called to do, moment by moment, and I simply RECEIVE and allow!'.

Oh yeah … did you want to know about receive?

I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED!! I could go on and on with my story … but here's the thing:

I want to share all this WITH you and download it INTO you and just kinda also kick your ass a LITTLE bit, about how damn HARD you're making it on yourself!!






A 15 Day Immersion into DEEP Allowance, Ease and INSTANT Receiving, around Your Business, Your Money, Your Body, Your LIFE.

Are you READY for this??! I am SO beyond ready!!

So, here's what I've got for you baby!!

15 days of DEEP daily immersion, with audio training / videos, in flow, and the NOW, to get you tuned in and ACTIVATED, on receiving

– You can sign up right here, below!

Oh, and also?

This is about INSTANT results.

That's how we do

So here is what you GET what you GET what you GET, to RECEIVE, when you say YES, to RECEIVE, with me!!

Well, OBVIOUSLY, what you get, is the deep and lasting activation of the power which IS inside of you, to receive.

On repeat.

Every.Single.Thing you desire and KNOW is yours.

And we're gonna look at how you can choose this, NOW, in your business.

With how you get to sell and make money.

With the ability to simply HAVE money, all around, flowing into and through you and over you.

With receiving your dream body with ease, and where it just FEELS amazing.

And with every single element of your life, your love, your flow, your YOU!

We'll Be Talking, Learning About, Releasing, All of This, and More:

  • What the emotions, energy, and energetic ALIGNMENT of receiving look and feel like, how to identify and know them, and call them in now
  • The critical difference between CALLING IN and simply BEING in. We like the latter, more. But the former is part of that, and I want to show you how to NOW call in, so it's done, and you're IN it.
  • Shit that stops you receiving. How to release it. Now. Plain and simple. No drama, no fuss, nothing to get emotional about, just – no thank you. And here is how.
  • Knowing what you truly ARE called to allow, with ease, and receive. Once you activate your receiving genius, you will ALWAYS let in EVERY thing you want and crave, so the only thing we want to be cautious around is to know how to know what we actually desire and yearn for and are ALIGNED for. I'll show you.
  • Alignment, and what it actually FEELS like, how to therefore recognise it and step into it
  • Doing vs being: there is NEVER anything you need to do, but there is always action to take! This is one of the critical elements of receiving, to release the 'how' and simply step into moment by MOMENT knowing what you need to do, how to do it, and that it's all PERFECT. This is what has made the BIGGEST shift for me, and I'm so excited to share it with you!
  • INSTANT elevation to 'you 2.0', that next next NEXT level version of you who simply has shit WORKING, who knows she or he is THE shit, and who doesn't remotely even question whether or not it's POSSIBLE, and also?

Fucking now baby.

Can you imagine …

What it IS like when you are FULLY in receiving?!

I know you've already FELT this, so often, at points, in different areas, and so I know that you know this shit is REAL.

All I want to know is are you ready to embrace it FULLY?

Because if yes …

Then YES gorgeous.

Join me.

It's time.


RECEIVE! And work with me for 15 days of DEEP allowance, ease, and INSTANT receiving, around your business, your money, your body, your LIFE!

Plus if you sign up today you'll RECEIVE a 30% discount! Was $189, Now Only $127!

Get Katrina Ruth Programs – Receive, only price $44

RECEIVE: A 15 Day Immersion into DEEP Allowance, Ease and INSTANT Receiving, around Your Business, Your Money, Your Body, Your LIFE. So what are you waiting for? Say yes now and let's get you RECEIVING, baby! 

A 15 Day Immersion into DEEP Allowance, Ease and INSTANT Receiving, around Your Business, Your Money, Your Body, Your LIFE.

What This is Really About … and Why to Say Yes, Now

Little Bit of Real Talk on WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT!

I know that YOU know that what this is really about, is FEELING the inner shifts and knowing that change, for the long haul, is done.

But let's get real. I know you also wanna know what you can expect to see CHANGE.

So, here are just a few examples of what I see DAILY, from doing this work, in my life and also the lives of those who I do this work with.

  • Money flow with ease, more than you can even imagine right now, and part of that will be I will HELP you to imagine bigger, and BEYOND as far as your eye can right now see
  • Every dollar you spend gets to be returned to you 10x over
  • The way you feel and look, physical energy and HOTNESS, inside and out, is just EXACTLY what you want. There is no right or wrong way to eat or train or move or live anymore. You just KNOW how to tap in to what is right for YOU, and the results just – flow.
  • You'll step fully into love, gratitude, self-acceptance and feeling all that as true IN you, now, with zero need for EXTERNAL validation or add-ons
  • You will sleep less, move faster, think faster, feel better, know EXACTLY what to do and EXACTLY how to do it, and the you will DO it, freakin' fast, and with ease. Seriously. We're activating super-human shit here.
  • You will automatically and just MAGNETICALLY attract in your ideal soul clients. They will just appear and they will come to YOU!! It's the best thing ever  also … they will pay you upfront, and / or with ease
  • You'll be high vibing day in and day out, and it will become your normal state to be happy, excited, joyous, and truly just loving life and YOU
  • You'll always know what to say in your business. How to message. How to create or unleash. As well as what to sell and how to sell it. And?
  • Your shit will just sell. With ease. With flow. On repeat.
  • Confidence and self-belief, baby, will SKY-rocket and become your norm. No longer will you need to question, second guess, worry or wonder, because you ALWAYS make the right decision and you ALWAYS know exactly what to do and how to do it!
  • You will be able to, quite literally, blink your eyes or click your fingers and GET WHAT YOU WANT, no matter what it is or how big and it will be a DAILY THING AND NORM.

Which I guess kinda sums the whole thing up!!

But also, let's be clear:

How to Know if You Are OH So Ready, to RECEIVE!

Well, I think it's probably obvious, isn't it???

You simply know.

In your heart.

In your soul.

In your core.

That it's time for ALL of it.

And also? You're about fucking done with letting shit be hard when you damn straight KNOW it can be easy!!!

But let's be clear:

You DO need to be willing to let go of the fear or scarcity based thinking which tells you that you can't just CHOOSE.

And I know it WILL still come up, and I'll help you, that's what I'm here for. Quite frankly what we're doing here is RE-WIRING YOUR BRAIN, your mind, AND your soul.

Receiving SHOULD be automated, after all!!

But yes.

You do need to consciously CHOOSE to let go.

Will you?

Can you?

'Cause if so … I can help and I am COMPLETELY ready and eager to do so!!

All you have to do?

Say yes today to RECEIVE a 30% discount! Was $189, Now Only $127!


RECEIVE: A 15 Day Immersion into DEEP Allowance, Ease and INSTANT Receiving, around Your Business, Your Money, Your Body, Your LIFE.  So what are you waiting for? Say yes now and let's get you RECEIVING, baby!


Before I let you go:

One last thing I want to tell you.

On What This is Really About … and Why to Say Yes, Now

There's something inside of you which just keeps hanging on, isn't there?

A little thread …

Which you can't quite release.

Tying you to the old ways of thinking, of how it 'has to' be and what you 'should' do.

Of course the truth is that of COURSE you can release it.

But for whatever reason, you've been CHOOSING to stay with it …

To NOT let go …

To BE this person who must kinda sorta SOMEWHAT or even PRETTY much get what she wants …

Just, y'know.

At a price.

And so I want you to know, and I'll leave you with this:

You have it in you to fully release, fully open up, fully allow.

It's what you were MADE for.

You feel it.

You know it.

You believe it.

And most of all?

It's time.

So take a breath.

Let it ALL the way out.

And with it?

Let go of a single.fucking.thing you EVER have to again do, and just –


Into you.

Into truth.

Into allowance.

Into yes.

And join me.

In receive.

Get Katrina Ruth Programs – Receive, only price $44

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