Instant Sales Berzerker – Dan & Philip


Tired of BS claims like “you can make $1000s every hour” …

Then wasting your time on methods that don’t deliver ???

So were we.

That’s why we created our OWN bulletproof system from scratch instead …

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No List? No Product? No Traffic? NO PROBLEM! 

How We Make $600/DAY While Building A Buyers List With A Press Of A Button

Copy-Paste Your Way To Leads, Sales & Profits

With This PROVEN Breakthrough!

No Product Creation | No Making Videos | No Wasted Time!

  • 100% Beginner Friendly
  • The fastest results you’ve ever seen
  • Bulletproof, proven system for making commissions from scratch
  •  Secret traffic source included!
  • Automated – 1-time setup pays us over and again
  • Copy-paste simple – you get to swipe our proven blueprint 
  • Make sales or we double your money back

Get Instant Sales Berzerker – Dan & Philip, Only Price $37

If You Want Make-Believe, Watch Netflix

 If You Want RESULTS …    


Tired of BS claims like “you can make $1000s every hour” …

Then wasting your time on methods that don’t deliver ???

So were we.

That’s why we created our OWN bulletproof system from scratch instead …

Based on REAL strategies used by leading marketers.

Fair warning: this isn’t promising to make $1000s fall from the sky while you sleep, because we all know that’s BS.

WHAT THIS IS … is simple, repeatable, and most importantly … PREDICTABLE.

How We Turn 30 Minutes Or Less Into 

Few  Hundred Dollars A Day, EVERY Day.


Here’s How Much This Rinse & Repeat 

System Is Making Us Right Now:

Instant%20Sales%20Berzerker%2001 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

Instant%20Sales%20Berzerker%2002 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

How We Make $100+ Days Using The BEST Method


Why do we say $100/day when this is making us so much more?

Because we’d rather underpromise and OVER deliver!

Sure we’re making more … we’ve been doing this for over 9 months.

But complete BEGINNERS are already seeing $100 days with this …

It’s the most copy-pastebeginner friendly money-making blueprint anywhere.

Get Instant Sales Berzerker – Dan & Philip, Only Price $37

You Don’t Need

  •   Any experience
  • Your own products
  • An email list
  •  A social media audience
  • To know anything about traffic
  • To make videos

Because Instant Sales Berzerker comes loaded with your very own cash machines!

  • You Just Come In And SWIPE Our:
  • Proven funnel 
  • Winning campaigns

Secret traffic source

And you’re done!

We even show you over-the-shoulder HOW to copy our winning blueprint.

No more reinventing the wheel.

No missing parts.

And no guesswork!

Got Internet And 30 Minutes? 

You Got This!


  • Brand new BULLETPROOF method 
  • Proven strategy used by top-earning  marketers  
  • Be up & running in as little as 30  minutes! 
  • Simple, repeatable & easy to scale 
  • Everything – even our secret traffic source – INCLUDED! 
  • Perfected from over 9 months of results … just plug in & profit! 

Instant Sales Berzerker is a copy-paste system anyone can use to make INSTANT sales … even if you’ve never made a dime online before. 

This battle-tested blueprint, fine-tuned for over 9 months, is what  we use personally to make money every day

Complete beginners have duplicated our results for their 1st EVER commissions online …

And now it’s your turn.

The Ultimate LAZY 2-In-1 Profit System

When you’re able to make hundreds of dollars a day in just a few minutes …

that’s a LAZY lifestyle!

But while this nearly fully-automated method is pumping out commissions …

It’s also building you a BUYER’S list at the same time!

For even BIGGER profit potential tomorrow.

That’s the secret sauce behind how this method can generate $600 …  $800 and more per day.

This 2-in-1 Profit Machine Is PRACTICALLY UNSTOPPABLE!

“Daily Commissions 

Like Clockwork

Instant%20Sales%20Berzerker%2003 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

“100s Of New Buyer Leads Packing

Our List From Every Campaign!”

Instant%20Sales%20Berzerker%2004 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

Why Is It Called 

“Instant Sales Berzerker”?

Because it can get you SAME DAY sales & commissions!

See, the biggest reason people fail online is it takes TOO LONG for them to get results.

That’s why we’ve spent months streamlining this system and having complete beginners put it to the test.

Results? Same day commissions for all our beta testers …

Including a case study YOU CAN COPY of how a complete beginner made FIVE sales in a single day!

You Get It All – EVEN Our 


The ‘missing piece’ of most products? The one thing you’ve absolutely GOT TO HAVE to make it work?


So don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered.

Instant Sales Berzerker includes our ultra-profitable, SECRET traffic source we’ve

never shared outside our inner circle before.

This traffic source alone is worth 10X the price of this system …

And it can SKYROCKET your results faster than anything else out there.

Tried, tested & proven by us personally … now YOURS for the taking.

Get Instant Sales Berzerker – Dan & Philip, Only Price $37

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