reams come true… 

The folks who are FREE… financially, mentally and spiritually… 

…are the decision makers.

On the other hand… the people who live lives of quiet desperation… 

The ones who are always broke… 

The sad folks who have to look down at the floor in shame and tell their family… "I'm sorry but we just don't have the money"… 

The ones who die with the music still inside them… 

…are the people who have to “think about it.”  

And really, "I need to think about it" is just an excuse.

It's a way of letting your fears stop you from doing something that could transform your current life into the lifestyle of your DREAMS.

And potentially make you RICH!

So right now… you have a decision to make:

You need to decide what kind of person you are. 

If you’re not prepared to be successful, I wish you God's speed on your journey through this short life.

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Doberman Dan

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Pax vobiscum.

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