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Summer’s already welcoming us with a Sangria and a smile, and if you’re looking for a bit of excitement – or maybe more – in front of a sunset, you probably already have your tickets to Ibiza.

There’s plenty of party islands, but very few that carry and earn the legendary status that Ibiza does, and with good reason. If you plan well, ride the wave and know how to make the most of it, you should be picking up more than just a suntan.

I’m leading dating and lifestyle coach Johnny Cassell, and I’ve been working with clients on and off the island for over ten years. This product has been painstakingly crafted by myself and two of my best instructors to give you everything you need to pick up the woman you want in the place you want to be.

Along with the guide comes a podcast featuring myself, Rocco and Maverick – both expert dating instructors, one of whom sold party tickets to ladies on beautiful Ibiza beaches, and one of whom sprang out of a divorce into a professional DJ career on the famous party island and worldwide. These are authoritative voices in the world of dating, and you’ll be getting guidance packed with the same kind of depth and content as our world-leading dating seminars and courses.

In this product, you’ll discover:


  • How to pick up women on the beach
  • The art of attracting girls by the pool
  • Ways to open with women at boat parties
  • Methods and tips to seduce women at the beach clubs
  • A guide to picking up a girl on the dance floor


  • How to get a girl home from the club
  • Ways to isolate the girl you want
  • The intricacies of wingman dynamics
  • How to pick up women on the beach
  • The lost art of getting her friends onside
  • Preparing the flat for a romantic encounter
  • How to bang the cleaner, waitresses, and bar staff
  • How to have sex on the beach – and what to watch out for


  • How to choose the best time of year for your holiday
  • The best clubs and nights to go to
  • What to pack for your trip
  • The best audio equipment for your beach and hotel room parties
  • How to sort out vehicle hire and pick your wheels
  • How to pick up girls at the airport
  • How to get access to the exclusive airport lounges
  • The best restaurants to take girls to on the island
  • How to choose where you’re staying
  • What to do and where to avoid on different parts of the island
  • How to gain access to the best clubs, bars, and boat parties
  • Ways to make the most of your concierge and hotel facilities

As you can see, that’s a hell of a lot of content. You won’t need anything else to get started on your Ibiza sexcapade.

Invest in yourself to really see the difference. Let me and my instructors walk you through life on the party island for proven results – and for an amazing time with some amazing women.

Enjoy the journey,

Johnny Cassell.


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