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How to create knockout information products that instantly separate you from the competition, and enable you to charge higher prices (Home Study Course)

No one wants to put together an info-product that's ho-hum, so how come so many books, videos and presentations put us soundly to sleep?

The limited-edition, self-study course sold out in 48 hours. It will next be available on 4 August 2018 for a limited time. So if you're interested, please continue reading. There are a few conditions. Click here to read how to get on the waiting list.

You know as well as I do, that an information product isn't just about putting information together?

Information itself is super-boring.

It's just a bunch of stuff stacked up together. Sure you can put in some nice layouts, great fonts, maybe even insert a ton of lah-dee-dah. But the information—that's just bits and bobs put together. And bits and bobs don't make for an utterly memorable info-product, do they? Every great product depends on a system.

Without a system in place, an information product can go round and round the mulberry bush, driving you—and your clients absolutely bonkers

First let's consider your situation. You sit there faced with this huge amount of information. All the stuff you've accumulated over the years, piles up in your head. And it's normal to feel that you somehow need to get all that into your info-product.

Then you spin around madly trying to fashion it somehow into a polished product. You're not sure which parts to keep, which parts to slash. And so you either front-load the product with too much, or put in too little.

And we haven't reached the second part yet—the part where the client needs to read all that mountain of information.

Heh, heh, no wonder it feels so ugh to put an info-product together.

Yet, you could sidestep this nutty spin-cycle completely, by using a tried and tested system…

The system doesn't have to be very complex either. All you really need to know are two elements:

1) What makes an info-product boring.

2) What makes an info-product interesting.

Presenting: The Information Products Homestudy Course

It’s not enough to know what makes an amazing info-product. 

Learn what makes products boring—and the system of how to avoid falling into the same trap. Create products that customers adore and keep coming back for more.

The course is based on the very same elements:

1) What makes a boring information product.
2) What makes a non-boring information product.

In this course, you learn why it is that many information products seem to start out with a lot of promise, but then lose steam. And how you can methodically construct an information product that gets the client to slip-slide through the content.

More importantly, you'll get the exact framework to know how to create the boundaries for your information product. That way you won't have too little or too much information. You get to validate for yourself—yes, a litmus test of sorts that tells you exactly where to start, where to go, and oui, where to stop. The key is to create info-products that clients will use, profit from and come back time and time again.

And here's why this course is so important

Just fifteen years ago, you could easily slip under the radar and run a business without writing a book, creating a video or audio. And presentations? Who needed them? Today's world is completely different. The noise factor is so high that unless you are able to powerfully get your point across, you're likely to be drowned in the chatter. And the knowledge you get on this course, isn't just restricted to a book or ebook.

You can use it across different media. Whether you're called upon to do a five minute speech or a three-day seminar, you can use this method. If you're likely to make videos or create podcasts, yup, once again you can use the system taught in this course. And it's an utter relief to be able to construct it all at high speed, isn't it? I mean who wants to spend days, weeks and months putting together an infoproduct and not really knowing whether it hits the mark or not! And a robust system makes life a lot simpler for you—and for your clients.

So what are the three benchmarks of the system?

1) Easy to understand: Simple enough to explain to a 7 year old child.

2) Easy to audit: It's a litmus test. You can tell in minutes if it's going to work or not.

3) Easy to implement: You can be woken up at 3 am and you can put the framework of an infoproduct together.

If you're woken up at 3am, would you be able to drive a car?

Sure, you'd be groggy, but you'd still do a pretty good job of driving, wouldn't you? There's structure in driving and there's structure in learning how to create a product. If you learn the structure correctly, and practice it, you can do a pretty good job of creating an info-product—yes, even at 3am!

What this system is NOT:

1) This isn't a writing course. You don't learn how to write. We have other courses for that, including the Article Writing Course. This course is about the structure of putting together the information you already have in your head.

2) It's not a course that teaches design. So for instance, you're not going to go home learning how to create book covers. Yes, there will be information that's included in the premium version that tells you a lot about various aspects of info-products, but the course itself is where you design and implement the structure of the course.

3) It's not a technology-based course. You're not going to learn how to put together a document in Word or InDesign. We're not going to be bringing in lights and teaching you how to shoot video or audio. What you're going to learn is a simple process that is the structural elements—the secret sauce to creating information products quickly and effectively.

 It's normal to want to know what goes into the packaging of an info-product. We're keen on fussing over the font, the cover page etc.

And those are important elements. However, without a great structure in place, you simply can't produce great product. And no matter how well you package it, your client will not come back for a second helping. The
key to successful info-products is to know how to create the “secret sauce”, and how to use it time and time again to get clients coming back.

And here is what you'll learn…

You will learn:

  • How to create powerful information products that clients love. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing and running madly after new clients, you'll find that your existing clients will keep coming back for more.
  • How to put together the information in a way that doesn't involve pulling of hair and head-banging. A simple, intuitive system that enables you to produce info-products consistently and without the frustration that inevitably arises out of a creative process.
  • Learn what causes boring information products and how to have a litmus test that enables you—or even your clients—to know that you're creating a truly consumable product.
  • Why a lack of order and consistency leads to lack of consumption. And how to make sure that you have the roller coaster in place to ensure that the client is slip sliding right through your product.
  • How to know the boundaries of your product: When do you add more information? At what point do you leave it out. And more importantly, what are you going to do with all the information that you could not put into the info-product!
  • Why the system needs to be scalable. Scalability means you can use the system to create somethings as small as a a booklet, just as easily you can use it to create a massive book as well. If you use it for a 20 minute presentation, you can use it for a three-day workshop just as easily.
  • The media benchmark: Will the system stand the pressure across media? Can you just as easily use it for a book, audio, or video without losing impact? Most systems don't have this flexibility. You are taught to write a book differently from creating an audio, or for that matter video. This is a pain as it takes time and energy. Learn how to use a system that straddles any media and does an astounding job of it too!
  • Practical hands on sessions where you construct info-products. Then we systematically deconstruct the message using specific auditing systems.

If you've ever experienced Psychotactics courses before…

If you've been in any of our workshops, our online courses, you know that we're completely different from pretty much any other workshop/online system out there. For one, we get rid of the blah-blah-blah. I personally go crazy with all the blah-blah.

Which is why all Psychotactics products are designed to get you from Point A to Point B as swiftly and efficiently as possible. We do have 3% fluff in our products (yes, I like to slip in some recipes, cartoons etc), but 3% is as far as we'll go.

No blah means you get from learning to implementation a lot faster.

Here are some testimonials from very fussy, yet very satisfied clients

Note the language, and how they're keen to get from A to B—without all the murkiness you find online

So what's unique about this info-products home study course?

It's one thing to create a non-boring information product. It's quite another to create a product that's not too hot, or not too cold—and just right. Yup, that's our “Goldilocks system” where you'll learn to create product after product that's just right.

If you look at any information product you'll find they inundate you with information about how to get your product together, but no one teaches you to get it just right. That's unique to Psychotactics and in fact, it's why clients keep coming back time and time again.

Too hot or too cold? Too big or too small? Too technical or too easy? Too short or too long? These are the issues that  plague information products. The uniqueness of this course is that you learn how to create a product “just right”—no matter what the media or application. 

Yup, it's time you got the “Goldilocks Factor” into your info-products as well. You'll see how it helps you create products consistently “just right”.

So yes, get yourself the Info-Product Home Study right away!
You may want to read the Frequently Asked Questions below as well, as they'll answer most of the um, frequently asked questions. Feel free to email me at [email protected], if you have any more questions (no question is too silly, too big or too little).

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