How To Become a Business, Marketing Coach Or Life Coach


How to become a business coach, life coach or any other type of coach & earn a living coaching and doing what you love

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In this course you will learn how to start or accelerate your career as a business coach, life coach, executive coach or just about any other type of coaching.

Marc Mawhinney is one of the top experts on coaching. In fact, he is a coach for coaches, and has the #1 podcast in which he interviews a new coach every day!

In this course, Marc brings you what he learned from all the coaches he's talked to over time. You will learn his productivity tips, his marketing tips on how to get clients, his strategies on how to find your niche (especially a lucrative niche with clients that can afford to pay fair prices), and much more.

The secondary instructor in this course is Alex Genadinik who is also a business coach that has helped over 1,000 people in his mobile apps and business coaching practice.

Together, Alex and Marc bring you the tips you need to become a leading coach (or one of the leading coaches) in your industry.

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Course Curriculum

Course introduction

  • Course introduction (0:58)
  • How to use the discussion to get my personal feedback for you and your business (1:17)
  • Marc Mawhinney instructor introduction (0:33)

Main coaching tutorials and tips

  • What is coaching and what isnt coaching (2:42)
  • How early or late should people start (2:43)
  • How to know if maybe you should not be a coach (2:03)
  • What is your why (3:04)
  • Additional ways to stay motivated (1:39)
  • Coaching certificates or degrees should you getthem (5:27)
  • How many hours a week shouldyou expect to work (3:17)
  • How to make the jump from 9-5 job to full time coaching (4:22)
  • How much you can expect to make as a coach (2:40)
  • How to quickly set up your online presence and get up and running (5:04)
  • Marketing and how to get clients (9:24)
  • Strategies to dig down and find your niche (11:09)
  • How to charge how much to charge (8:42)
  • Free consultations do they help to convert clients (2:54)
  • How to get better paying clients and get into more lucrative niches (7:40)
  • Mistake Alex made in choosing his niche when he was a beginner entrepreneur (4:13)
  • Additional strategies for how to charge make money with extra revenue streams (2:27)
  • Additional revenue stream public speaking (1:00)
  • Getting affiliates to resell your coaching and e products (0:51)
  • How to position yourself as the expert in your niche (6:27)
  • Coaching locally vs. coaching on Skype (2:42)
  • Time management tips for coaches to get a lot done (3:35)
  • How to help your clients succeed (4:29)
  • NEW Productivity tip that should help you get more important things done (2:59)

Additional promotional and sales tips (more during the Fall & throughout 2016)

  • NEW Sept-2015 what to do with hagglers (2:53)
  • NEW advanced Twitter marketing strategy to drive sales and branding (10:30)
  • NEW-How to increase engagement of your promotional Facebook posts using images (4:01)
  • NEW-How to increase sales and traffic from your email signature (2:12)


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