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If you want to drive your sales and persuasion into the stratosphere . . . make Donald Trump envious . . . and raise so much money you’d have to back a Brinks truck up to the back door everyday to handle your deposits, then this is the man who can make you “The Highest Paid Salesman On Earth”.

Stan Billue has been called the most copied, respected, and referred-to sales trainer alive. He has built a 30-year reputation as a recognized expert in sales training, telemarketing, motivation, mentoring, marketing, and copy writing.

He’s doubled his own income each year for five consecutive years selling over the phone. Stan has taught more 6 and 7 figure a year income earning mega-buck sales pros than any other trainer.  Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar use his training materials when selling seats to their own seminars.

In addition, Stan has owned, managed and built dozens of telemarketing rooms and has consulted and trained for hundreds of world class sales companies, top sales pros and successful entrepreneurs.

Discover the Secrets of the Super Sales Pros

Learn the Methods of the Master Motivators

Gain the Confidence of the Top Communicators

Discover the Nuances of the Great Negotiators

You’ll also get the downloadable mp3 audio files for each module plus a play button that you can use while listening online or from your smart phone, iPad or tablet.

Each of your sales training modules include a printable pdf file with action plans and space for notes.

This is your on the go, in the field personal sales coach. Download or play from your smart phone, home computer, lap top from anywhere you have internet access.

Here’s what you get  . .

1. Your Highest Paid Salesman On Earth 90 Telemarketing Skills Training Series

  • * Audios: 90 mp3 audios downloads from each of the 90 Telemarketing Selling Skills Videos
  • * PDF Transcripts: 90 PDF word for word transcripts for each of the 90 Videos/Audios.

2. Bonus #1: A Subscription to Stan Billue’s Monthly Newsletter

3. Bonus #2: The Manuscript of Stan Billue’s Autobiography, “A Best Seller” – 2 Part PDF Manuscript totaling 110 pages

4. Bonus #3: Stan Billue’s Most Helpful Positive Affirmations – 1 Page PDF document

5. Bonus #4: Motivational Quotes From Stan Billue – 12-page PDF document   6. Bonus #5: The Real Truth About The Deep-Seated Psychology Of Face to Face and Telephone Selling: Stan Billue Interviewed by Michael Senoff – Part One: 58-minute audio, Part Two: 47 minute audio, 56-page transcript containing both parts

7. Bonus #6 :10 Closing Secrets Guaranteed To Double Your Income Over The Phone: A Webinar With Telemarketing Legend Stan Billue – 36-minute audio webinar, 12-page transcript

8. Bonus #7: Sales Secrets for Super Stars Webinar – 24-minute audio webinar, 10-page transcript

9. Bonus #8: Winning The War On Objections Webinar: Overcome And Eliminate Objections While Never Giving Up Control Again – 26 minute audio webinar, 14-page transcript


  • After working with thousands of Professionals over the last 30 plus years, Stan has learned what works and what doesn’t.
  • He will develop and improve your skills required and your Attitude needed to become the best in the world.
  • If you are interested in learning how to take your success to the next level, go to
  • This training is perfect if you’re a Sales Pros, Business Owners, Sales Managers or Entrepreneurs
  • If you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’ll probably suffer the same if not worse results . . . unless you make some changes.
  • Whatever you’ve been using to get you to this point in your life is not enough to get you to The Highest Paid Salesman On Earth.
  • You’re going to love what Stand and I have put together for you on this ultimate sales training self help resource.   It’s 90 of the best sales training modules ever recorded and in one place.
  • All 90 of Stan’s live training are yours to watch in video, download as mp3 audio files and to read and  print as word for word transcripts.
  • Each one of these modules is designed to give you the tools you need to become the Highest Paid Salesman On Earth.

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