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High Traffic Academy is an online traffic and training program which offers guidance and advice in the form of a membership site that shows users and business builders exactly how to drive targeted traffic to their websites, lead capture pages and sales offers using paid strategies.

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If you have been searching for some of the best training on how to drive traffic to your website, you may have come across High Traffic Academy by Vick Strizheus.

Vick, who truly needs no introduction to most online marketing communities, has been a true master at the art of not only getting paid traffic, but converting it into long term, repeat buyers and customers and thus has undoubtedly earned the much respected title as the “online traffic king”.

In this complete review of High Traffic Academy, we want to show you what's inside the program and whether or not it can be a good investment to grow your online business.

As anyone should know the 3 C's of marketing; to create, to capture, to convert – Vick will show you how to roll with the punches in bunches as he gears up for the much anticipated release of HTA 2.0

Take the time and watch the video right here.

What is High Traffic Academy?

High Traffic Academy is an online traffic and training program which offers guidance and advice in the form of a membership site that shows users and business builders exactly how to drive targeted traffic to their websites, lead capture pages and sales offers using paid strategies.

When we recently spoke with Vick Strizheus about High Traffic Academy 2.0 – what he said is going to shake a lot of people's core foundation for how they go about building any opportunity from the ground up.

He is very calculated and strategic when it comes to driving traffic and has spend over 8 years full-time collecting resources and taping into some of the best advertising sources in the web. And now is going to share it with those who are interested in joining and buying HTA 2.0

When Vick shared his secrets and insight with me about the launch, I knew this was something I could immediately back and put my own imprint into because it is built upon the principals of providing epic levels of value and transparency about WHAT'S WORKING NOW in 2014 and moving into 2015.

The good thing about Vick's unique traffic-getting strategies is that not only does he reveal the art of attracting quality traffic, but he goes and knows the extra mile to convert and optimize that paid traffic into an audience and following any marketer would desire to have and sustain.

This is very obvious since Vick, has quickly become a top income producer in some of the most popular opportunities in the Internet, with earnings of over 2 millions in just a few months of marketing.

The truth is there are many ways to produce traffic online and many places where to place ads, but its very important to get the right traffic that is responsive to your offers and actually has a desire to buy, this is the kind of traffic and advertising sources that can be found in High Traffic academy.

What can you find Inside High Traffic Academy?

As we said previously there are many ways you can get traffic online, SEO is a very popular technique that offers natural organic traffic to your websites.

However, High traffic Academy is not about SEO or any kind of organic natural traffic. The HTA training program focuses completely on paid traffic sources and advertising providers.

Even thou organic traffic can be great, paid traffic gives you the ability to scale your business and instant access to people that may be looking for the products or services that you have to offer, without relying on Google.

The Secret Behind Successful Paid Traffic

If you have been around the marketing industry for a while, you may have heard the phrase ” Traffic is the blood of your business”, while that is true is not just any traffic that will get the results and sales you want. Paid traffic can be a great return on investment ONLY if you know what you are doing and are spending your advertising dollars wisely.

The secret to generating good paid traffic and generating sales relays in running successful traffic campaigns. Many people don’t get good results and sometimes even waste their money when investing in paid advertising because they don’t know how to run traffic campaigns, they don’t quiet know how to target the right audience and end up spending a lot of money with out seeing results, which leads them to give up on their business.

If you feel that you are still a novice when it comes to paid traffic, the most recommended thing before throwing money into advertising with no directions, is to find a mentor you can watch or someone who is knowledgeable about the subject. Unfortunately unlike organic traffic your money can go to waste very quickly if you invest into paid advertising without knowing what you are doing or having the right marketing plan to execute.

Inside high traffic academy Vick covers exactly how to run a successful campaigns to get the maximum results from your money, as well as how to structure your offers and the psychology behind marketing that will get you a higher return on investment.

High Traffic Academy covers 3 main pillars:

  • Website Development
  • Traffic Creation
  •  List Control

HTA Website Development Stage

Website development is the beginning of the course, where Vick mainly focuses on the fundamentals of getting your capture pages and websites ready for traffic.

You will obviously need a website or capture page to drive traffic to, so in this part of the course Vick focuses on all of the elements you will need to have for a successful landing page, things like: buying a domain, choosing domain name, hosting, building the right capture page, selecting the right titles, organizing the offer and all essentials in between.

This is a very important stage in creating the final sales, especially if you are still new to marketing. if you are not new you can pick u a lot of great advices that can be useful in your business.

If you don’t have a lot of experience building capture pages, this part of the course also gives you access to “Easy Landing Pro” which is a point and click software that will help you create effective capture pages fast and easy, regardless of your technical skills.

HTA Traffic Creation Stage

Most of the meat and potatoes of the whole course are inside this stage. This is the part where you will learn about many advertising sources and ways to get paid traffic to your now ready website and capture pages.

This part of the training is broken down into 8 different modules, including:

  • Offline Goldmine Traffic
  • The Penny Traffic
  • The Underground PPC traffic
  • Secret GIA Traffic
  • E-mail Media Traffic
  • Banner Media traffic
  • Ad Swap Traffic
  • CPA Backdoor Traffic

Each module provides extensive “how To “ information on how to run paid traffic using each technique and sources.

HTA List Control and Cultivating

This is one of the most important stages of the whole driving traffic and marketing process. This is exactly where all the money is generated.

Now that you have a site that converts and that you have send traffic to it, you have started to make sales and build your list. Building a successful list is what this part of the training is all about. In this part of the marketing mastery Vick will show you how to turn your list into loyal followers and repeated customers just as he has done for over 8 years full time now.

Here you will understand that driving traffic and creating a high converting funnel and system are only a part of the equation, if you want long term success and get the most out of your advertising money, cultivating your list is key to make that come to fruition.

This Stage is divided into 8 modules that will help you understand and dive deep into cultivating your list for long term success.

High Traffic Academy 2

Vick is now getting ready to launch High Traffic Academy 2, which will be the upgraded and up to date version of HTA1. When you buy HTA1 you will get complete access to all the information in the latest training.

To learn more about High traffic academy visit here.

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