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Is Leaky Gut Destroying Your Metabolism,  Digestive Health and Hormones?

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Introducing Dr. Axe’s Online Course

Healing Leaky Gut

If you’re not sure what to eat, we have step-by-step meal plans ready for you.

You’ll learn the exact foods that are making your gut leak, the supplements, meal plans and lifestyle strategies. 

I created an actionable program to walk you through the 5 steps to heal leaky gut, so you can finally overcome the root cause of chronic disease. 

1) Know Your Type

2) Remove inflammatory food triggers

3) Nourish gut lining with key nutrients

4) Repair specific organs with supplements

5) Rebalance microbes and probiotics

I've put together every step of what you need to do and know to overcome leaky gut. 

With this program you’ll have every tool and resource you need.† Plus, I'm going to take you by the hand and walk you through the 5 steps together. So you can begin repairing and fixing leaky gut in just 30 days. 

This is the same program that I've had thousands of patients go through in my clinic in Nashville to help them get healthy and well, and I know this program can help you.

Getting Started

You’ll take the self-assessment quiz to determine your gut type. This isn’t a one-size fits all approach. So that’s why I’ve put together custom plans with meal plans, recipes, and lifestyle strategies— for all 5 gut types.  


Everything is laid out in an organized, actionable way that’s easy-to-understand. So you can jump in and get started right away. 

Convenient Access on ANY Device

Healing Leaky Gut includes over 6+ hours of video modules, audio MP3’s, guides, handouts, interviews, and supplement protocols.

All recorded, transcribed, and integrated into whatever device you like to use, wherever you want to use it (iPads, Computers, iPhones, Kindle, Laptops, etc.).

All Your Content, Week by Week

Week 1:

How to Heal and Seal Leaky Gut

  • The 5 Steps strategy to seal your leaky gut
  • Hidden Food Triggers causing leaky gut
  • Customized Supplement plan for your type of leaky gut
  • Cooking and healthy recipe creation 
  • The Best Diets for Leaky Gut

Week 2:

Your Specific Gut Type Plan

  • The 5 Gut Types, which are you?
  • How to support specific digestive organs like spleen, liver, pancreas, etc.
  • How to recognize your emotional type and strategies to heal those issues 
  • Surprising Probiotic Killers to avoid 
  • How to create a micro-biome that supports probiotic growth

Week 3:

Addressing Chronic Issues

  • Cutting edge Treatments for Leaky Gut
  • Healthy Bowel Movements
  • Advanced Testing for Leaky Gut 
  • Video Tutorial to make the Dr. Axe healing soup, warm smoothies and fermented food 
  • Advanced Leaky gut detoxes and cleanses

Week 4:

Advanced Strategies

  • Food combining and timing strategies 
  • How to overcome SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
  • Probiotic Transplant Therapy
  • Essential Oils for Leaky Gut
  • Maintenance plan including healing desserts

Healing Leaky Gut Cookbook

Full of Amazing Recipes

Divided into 5 Specific Gut Types

Dr. Axe’s Leaky Gut 

“Kitchen Makeover” Tutorials 

How to Make Dr. Axe’s Gut Healing Smoothie

How to Make Fermented Vegetables

How to Make Bone Broth

Custom Diets, Meal Plans and Supplement Plans

All based on your specific gut type

Private Support Group

You’re never alone…

You'll get access to a private support community reserved ONLY for members of the Healing Leaky Gut going through this healing journey together.

This is a place where you can safely…

Share your experiences and get accountability 

Find out what’s working for others

Get motivation and provide inspiration

You get 24/7 access to a group of peers who are all supporting and helping each other out.

If you're ever stuck, ask your question and get instant answers from the Healing Leaky Gut community. We’re all better together as we go through this journey. 

4 Recorded Calls with Dr. Axe

These are pre-recorded calls where Dr. Axe answers the most common questions about healing leaky gut from course participants.

You’ll Also Receive

Transcripts of all video material

MP3 of all video material 

Weekly emails guiding you through the program

Lifetime Access

Plus, You'll also get 4 Expert Interviews

I’ve brought together 4 world-class authorities, experts and bestselling authors to share with you their advanced insights to healing and repairing leaky gut, thyroid, adrenals, and autoimmune disease. 

Get Healing Leaky Gut Program – Dr. Axe , Only Price $77

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