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If you are tired of all the conflicting information and want real solutions you can apply at home, this program is for you…

Heal Thy Self @ Home is the culmination of the Tolman philosophy built over 40 years and now made accessible to anyone and everyone on the planet. In eight weeks, you will learn EXACTLY what you need to know to transform your health and the health of others.

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The #1 Health Program For Natural Healing At Home.


About this Online Course Can’t Get Away? Interested in healing your body through cooking wholefoods and following ancient health principles? Tyler Tolman has a complete 8 week online system you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.    It contains step-by-step modules to help you learn all about nutrition, wholefoods and how to integrate them into your everyday life. You’ll Experience: An 8 week transformational course delivered in ‘bite-sized’ pieces. This program is beautiful because, at the end of 8 weeks, you’ve made a massive transformation through small daily and weekly actions. No matter if you’re working, taking care of your kids or you’re just "busy", this process is designed to be gradual and flexible enough to be in resonance with you and your life. Lifestyle change doesn’t have to be hard work. We will show you how to make this fun. What makes this super enjoyable is the support you'll receive from the online community you'll be connected with. Who Is It For: Those who have a desire to heal from disease and sickness Those wanting to lose weight, feel confident and radiant People looking for alternative ways to heal themselves If you want to know more about optimum health and the healing powers of fasting If you want to be empowered and have the knowledge to be able to support the health of others Those seeking to get away from the modern medical system to heal If you're looking for a program that is flexible enough to fit in with your lifestyle, yet provides enough support and engagement to keep you motivated Would love to come to come to a retreat but are not in a position to Benefits: Healing dis-ease from the comfort of your home Have certainty with a renewed attitude on health and outlook on life Feel more alive and more energized than you have in years Feel the joy and gratitude experiencing the most soul nourishing healthy food on the planet Feel empowered in knowing how to optimally fast Reduce your risk of disease and start feeling younger everyday A flexible program designed to work in resonance with your life Feel supported with an online community of over 1,000 people You will have this system for life… …and all in the comfort of your own home.

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If you are tired of all the conflicting information and want real solutions you can apply at home, this program is for you…

Heal Thy Self @ Home is the culmination of the Tolman philosophy built over 40 years and now made accessible to anyone and everyone on the planet. In eight weeks, you will learn EXACTLY what you need to know to transform your health and the health of others.

You’ll receive the answers you’ve been looking for along with practical solutions and plenty of support in a fun and interactive online platform.


Some people would have you believe that you need some kind of miracle pill or supplement or vaccine or antibiotic to enjoy good health. I believe that’s simply not true. Doctors are saying one thing, nutritionists are saying another; not to mention all of the different diets and diet products available on the market. It isn’t any wonder people are confused.

I like to wipe the slate clean and bring it back to simplicity. Our bodies have the innate intelligence and capacity to heal and regenerate. Our cells are doing it ALL the time. Deep down, we already know what we need. And, when you create a plan that YOU know to be true, and then you implement that over time, you will receive the results. It is that simple.​

When you take the Heal Thy Self @ Home journey, you will transform your understanding of health. The power to change your life and your body is in your hands.​


Heal Thy Self @ Home is delivered over 8 weeks with all the information broken down into ‘bite-sized’ pieces your brain can easily digest and absorb.


Awareness is needed before we can achieve any real change. This module will introduce you to what you are putting in and on your body. You will learn about cancer and diabetes, GMO foods, artificial colours and sweeteners, chemical preservatives, gelatin, MSG, hydrogenated oils, proteins, supplements and the low down on smoking and alcohol.


Be empowered with information about how to heal yourself and loved ones naturally when illness strikes. Learn about antibiotics, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals and the common drugs to avoid. When you have a clear understanding of all the options available to you, you can make an informed decision without guilt, pressure or overwhelm.


Nourishment is about more than the food you eat. In this module, you will learn how to take a holistic approach to leading a happy and healthy life. Feel alive and energised when you make passion a health priority and learn simple daily habits that make the biggest difference.


In this module, you’ll learn about the 7 systems of the body: Reproductive; Musculoskeletal; Lymphatic; Digestive; Respiratory; Circulatory; and Nervous Systems. You will learn how they function and the best foods for cleansing and rebuilding each of the 7 systems. Feel empowered by knowing how your body works and how to listen and respond to it.


Are you ready for the best digestive cleanse you’ve ever done in your life?! When the colon gets too backed up, the liver becomes overworked and toxins start escaping into your body. It’s time to say goodbye to heavy metals, pesticides, other toxins and parasites. You will learn how to do a colon cleanse at home as well as an Ancient Egyptian ritual to completely clean the digestive system, lose weight and feel mentally clearer.


This week, learn the steps of healing disease through one of the best self healing methods on the planet – water fasting. You will also learn about vibrational healing and other techniques I use to facilitate optimal recovery, including what to remove from your diet and environment and what to introduce.


Get ready for a fresh food detox you’re going to love! In this module you won’t only learn about mouthwateringly delicious raw and cooked healthy foods, but you’ll come to understand the origins and evolutions of food that brought us to where we are today. After completing this week you’ll feel a renewed connection with food and won’t want to buy anything pre-made or manufactured again!


Throughout the course of these eight weeks, you’ll have been introduced to ancient techniques and ways to identify stress, blockages and many forms of diseases years in advance so you take preventative action through simple lifestyle changes. Through mastering simple yet profound actions you can take each day, you are well on your way to the divine health you were born to enjoy.

It doesn’t matter how busy your life is, this process is designed to be gradual and flexible. PLUS, you have access to this timeless resource for the rest of your life!

So take it at your own pace, begin making those small changes to your daily routine that will have a huge impact over the course of your life.

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