Google Ads Playbook 2.0 – Nik Armenis (Ecom Nomads)


Google Ads Playbook 2.0 – Nik Armenis… Maybe all you need is a proven system that produces consistent revenue by monetizing the most buy-intent customers on the internet, which gives you the right foundations to scale effortlessly.

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Google Ads Playbook 2.0 – Nik Armenis (Ecom Nomads)

Google Ads Playbook 2.0 - Nik Armenis (Ecom Nomads)

Unlock The Secret System Behind Generating Over

$50 Million in Sales In The Last 12 Months.

The Google Ads Playbook is the ONLY course you’ll EVER need to turn your business into a consistent revenue-generating machine.

I understand. You’ve tried everything.

All your competitors are sprinting while you’re still stuck in the mud struggling to progress.

You start wondering where it’s going all wrong for you … what they’re doing that you’re not…

You start doubting yourself.

But the real problem you have is not a lack of effort or indiscipline.

Maybe all you need is a proven system that produces consistent revenue by monetizing the most buy-intent customers on the internet, which gives you the right foundations to scale effortlessly.

This is why I created The Google Ads Playbook.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my past decade of experience and put it into one program.

And frankly, I do NOT believe in the “one size fits all” strategies everyone on the internet is pushing.

What works for stores that are in their fifth year in business doesn’t work for brand-new stores.

After spending more than $10,000,000 on Google Ads, I’ve managed to craft different strategies that are applicable for the situation you are in.

So whether this is your first year in business or your fifth – I’ve got you covered with a specific strategy tailored for you.

Inside this program, I will lift the curtains on these strategies I’m using to create (very good) ads for myself & my clients and show you how to pick the ideal one for your store.

You will get over-the-shoulder intense trainings so you know exactly what to do inside your ads manager, and we will move together step-by-step from launching your first Google Ads campaign to scaling your store.

And most importantly, you will finally be able to take control of your e-commerce business … and if you follow this program perfectly, the days of murdering your money on unprofitable ads are long gone.

But whether my expertise can help you crush your goals or not, we don’t know yet. So let’s find out…


You’re an ecommerce entrepreneur who’s struggling to scale at high ad spend.

You’re an eCommerce veteran that wants expand his horizons using the Google network.

You’re a SEO or Lead Generation PPC agency owner that wants to branch into eCommerce.

You’re a Facebook Ads Agency owner that wants to add a new revenue stream and offer Google ads as a service or train his staff.


People who jump from one business idea to another every week without taking any action.

Anyone who wants to “get rich as quickly as possible” (that mindset won’t work)

Anyone who wants instant results just because they joined, without putting real effort in.

Are You Currently Facing One Or More Of These Issues?

Never ending increase in ad costs stopping you from being profitable.

iOS issues are forcing you to play the “blind goat” game while trying to scale your ads on Facebook.

You’ve reached a ceiling and can’t scale any higher.

Your ad account is getting banned as soon as you start seeing some good traction.

Do You Have One Or More Of These Goals And You Aren’t Hitting Them Yet?

You want to create an omnichannel presence for your brand by branching out to Google.

Build a solid foundation on a platform that gives you consistent sales.

You want to double or triple your revenue insanely fast.

You want to learn the right way to advertise on Google.

Do you identify with any of the issues or goals above?

If so, you should keep reading…


  • How to create a strategy that lays foundations for success with Google in 10 minutes only.
  • What kind of budget you should be allocating for Google Ads (depending on where you’re at right now.
  • How to constantly dominate your competition on Google Shopping while bidding less than them.
  • The exact process behind creating high-converting campaigns to generate a consistent revenue stream
  • The exact day-by-day process to rapid test and scale your products with Google Ads.
  • Unknown tweaks to squeeze every single cent from your potential customers by following them around the internet.
  • How long you should wait before making any decisions inside your ads manager.
  • Hidden hacks that allow you to “ethically force” the algorithm to send you customers with the most buying intent.
  • How to easily troubleshoot your campaigns when the performance is dipping in order to get back on track in no-time.
  • Last but not least, you will be able to master the Google network (Shopping, Search, YouTube, Display Network and much more..)

In short, you will be able to create a reliable and profitable advertising funnel that is guaranteed to explode your sales.





A quick introduction and best practices to get the most out of the course.

  • Lesson 1: Welcome to the course.



In this module, we will go over the mindset and approach required to create your pathway for success with Google Ads.

  • Lesson 1: Mindset for success with Google.
  • Lesson 2: Search Engine Marketing finally explained.
  • Lesson 3: Integrating Google with your marketing strategy.



We will go over all the strategies that I apply to different types of stores as you grab the one most suited to you and start implementing it in your business. Then we’ll start tying the knots by properly all our accounts and setting up your dashboard.

  • Lesson 1: Creating your Google Ads Strategy: Covering All The Bases..
  • Lesson 2: Setting up & linking all your accounts.
  • Lesson 3: Google Merchant Center easy walk-through.
  • Lesson 4: Google Analytics & conversion tracking made simple.
  • Lesson 5: How to build an easy-to-use Google Ads dashboard.



Google Shopping is the engine behind our well-oiled system. You will discover a new way to unlock wild pockets of revenue for your store.

  • Lesson 1: Over-the-shoulder Google Shopping set up.
  • Lesson 2: Beginners Google Shopping testing strategy.
  • Lesson 3: Dropshipping testing strategy.
  • Lesson 4: Established store testing strategy.
  • Lesson 5: Live campaign optimizations to make improvements.
  • Lesson 6: Merchant feed optimizations to boost your results.
  • Lesson 7: Implementing bulletproof scaling tactics.
  • Lesson 8: Intro to segmentation, SPAGs & query sculpting.



In this module, I will show you how to turn search ads from an ignored channel to a blue ocean of hidden profits.

  • Lesson 1: Search Ads overview for eCommerce.
  • Lesson 2: Proper intent-based keyword research & campaign overview.
  • Lesson 3: Essential search campaigns for ecom.
  • Lesson 4: Ramping up with advanced search campaigns.
  • Lesson 5: Simple optimizations to enhance your results.
  • Lesson 6: The “secret weapon” for scaling & optimizing Search Ads.



In this module, we will tap into the remaining Google channels in order to create an omnipresent fully-optimized funnel for your brand.

  • Lesson 1: Overview of the three secondary Google channels.
  • Lesson 2: Discovery Ads explained & live campaign set up.
  • Lesson 3: How to effectively use Display Ads.
  • Lesson 4: YouTube Ads for eCommerce crash course.


Look, you can consume all the content on the internet, but once you start applying what you learned, you will stumble upon a hurdle or two. You will have some questions that need to be addressed.

And what makes this course easily stand out from all the others is the level of support you’ll be getting from me personally. I am 100% committed to being the most active person inside our private group and answer all your questions and concerns.

You also get the chance to go on monthly live Zoom calls, exclusive to the group members where you can ask about anything you’re struggling with and I will tell you exactly what you should do.

This is the closest thing you can get to a mentorship while only paying the one time fee of the course only.


As you already likely know, the program is available at this promotional price for the first 50 action takers.

First come, first served.

Until this point, most of my students have seen massive results due to the support they get after buying the course.

And I plan to keep the numbers low to maintain the level of success we’re seeing.

So if you want to be the next success story, this is your decision.

But this could be your last chance to learn everything I know about Google ads at this price.

Because more bonus content will be added and the price will definitely rise even more.

You can get lifetime access today to all the future updates for only $1997 USD.

To get access now, simply click on the big button below, fill out your details on the next page, and I’ll see you inside the course!

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