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The results of this research has been tremendous… for I have uncovered 37 of the best newspaper, magazine, direct mail and online advertisements ever written by Gary Halbert, who in most people’s opinion is the best copywriter who ever lived.

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Dear fellow Internet Marketer,

Let me be up front. In this ad, my goal is to sell you something. Normally this would not be a good way to open an ad. However, I can be transparent with my intentions for one simple reason. What I am going to sell you will be perhaps be…

The Most Incredible Offer Ever!

Here’s why. For the past four weeks I’ve been doing research at several libraries, on google, and combing through the massive online newspaper archives at newspaperarchives.com.

The results of this research has been tremendous… for I have uncovered 37 of the best newspaper, magazine, direct mail and online advertisements ever written by Gary Halbert, who in most people’s opinion is the best copywriter who ever lived.

Normally, when people assemble together a “swipe file” to sell, here’s what they do.

  • Step 1: Find the Ads
  • Step 2: Throw Them All Together Haphazardly
  • Step 3: Write a Whiz-bang Sales Letter and Call it a Day

That’s not how I roll.

I have a simple motto I use to dictate how I run my online business. What is it? I’m glad you asked. My motto is this:

Give At Least 20 Times More
Value Than The Price Paid!

In other words, create an irresistible offer.

So here’s what I did with these 37 Gary Halbert Ads.

First I converted them into PDF documents. Why? Well, sometimes the best way to bang out a high quality ad quickly is to simply copy and paste sections from different ads to form a template.

Then you can just go back and re-write each section so it fits with the product or target audience.

That’s my biggest secret for writing…

Instant World-Class Ads!

And that was just the beginning.

Not only are you getting a PDF transcript of all 37 ads… but… you’re also getting a detailed analysis of 34 of these ads personally written by me.

This is important because I highlight each instructive lesson in the copy, and communicate it to you in simple and easy to understand language. The idea is to instantly show you the techniques in the copy that were responsible for generating millions of dollars.

Some of Halbert’s techniques are basic, and I’m sure you are aware of them. But there is also a lot of subtle, advanced copywriting going on that I think 3 out of 5 people would miss… unless it was pointed out to them.

The reason I say this is because I’ve read every Halbert newsletter ever written, and some of the techniques I discovered…

…Were Never Mentioned
In Any Gary Halbert Newsletter!

Listen. If you get just one “takeaway” from each ad after reading my analysis, and apply it to your copywriting… how much better of a copywriter will you be? And how more money will that allow you to make?

At this point I realized I had a pretty killer offer… but I still wasn’t finished. I wanted to give you even more value. So what was next?

Well, I went back over almost every ad, looking for the single greatest lesson that ad had to offer. Since we’re looking at some of the best ads ever written, I often found more than one.

Then, I turned these lessons into homework assignments. Of course, this “homework” is optional. But how bad do you want almost overnight riches and success?

When I transformed myself from a wet-behind-the-ears copywriter to a five figure plus copywriter in less than 6 months, I did it with the following process:

   1. Study a million dollar ad.

   2. Find the best lesson contained in that ad.

   3. Drill that lesson into my mind until it becomes a part of me.

   4. Repeat the process with the next million dollar ad.

This is a far better way to learn copy than the way most people try to do it.

Most people buy a bunch of books and overpriced courses. I owned the Robert Collier letter book, Vic Schwab’s “How to Write an Advertisement”, John Caple’s “Tested Advertising Methods” and a whole gob of other books for years, and I still couldn’t even finish one sales letter.

But when I finally got serious, and developed the process I outlined above, I started writing ads at almost lightning speed – often in one sitting. Some of these ads pulled a decent 3% while others fared better with 5%. A few were even runaway winners…

With Response Rates As High As 13%!

So besides getting a killer swipe file… you’re really getting a copywriting course that’s better than just about anything else on the market. (True.)

What I’ve done is isolated all the best lessons Halbert had to offer, and turned them into homework assignments that you can follow.

And by following them you’ll learn how to write copy at the unconscious, instinctual level. Writing good copy will just become a part of you. You’ll be able to do it automatically.

Still… something wasn’t right.

What I realized when I was writing the analysis for these ads were some things I couldn’t explain in writing. Some parts of the ad were either so subtle, or so artfully done, that the mere written word alone couldn’t do them justice.

What was the solution? Simple… Video Analysis!

I fired up camtasia, went back and did video analysis of every single one of these ads. Some videos were so in depth, I had to split them into three parts.

When I finished (the whole things took weeks), I counted up the results and found I had…

53 Different Videos Each Containing a Gary Halbert Gold Nugget On Writing Copy For Profit!

What I discovered (when shooting these videos) is I could give much better copy instruction then I could ever dream of just with written analysis

Not to say that the written analysis is bad. Some people prefer to read and skim than to watch a video. Or they just like a quick reference, so the written analysis serves its purpose.

However, with video, not only can I really get deep into the copy, but I’m able to jump around to different parts, to show you how they tie in.

I’m able to highlight subtle transitions and copywriting techniques that I otherwise would not be able to explain. Or it least not in a precise fashion that allows you to…

Instantly Understand, Use And Profit From!

With these videos, that is now possible.

Strangely enough, the original plan was to only do 5 or 6 videos for my favorite Halbert ads. But once I realized how incredible these videos were, as far as the copywriting lessons they contained, I sucked it up and did the rest.

It took my countless hours, but in the end it was worth it… for I had achieved what I finally considered… an “irresistible offer”.

Here’s What the offer consists of:

   37 Gary Halbert Ads in PDF Transcript Form

   34 of those ads contain personal written analysis

   Homework Assignments on over 30 ads so you can instantly learn the best lessons contained in those ad and apply them to your own marketing efforts

   Video Analysis of all 37 Ads performed by me, for a total of 53 videos containing over 5 hour of copywriting instruction!

Damn, that’s a killer deal.

After the massive amount of man hours I poured in this project, I decided to take a few days off before writing this ad.

But something still didn’t feel right. Deep down in my heart, I knew I could make the offer even better…

So I put on my thinking cap on and asked: “What makes a swipe file so good?” Looking through my own swipe file, it dawned on me.

See, I don’t just have a collection of killer ads to get ideas from, I actually have each of those ads sorted out by sections.

In reality, a good copywriter shouldn’t have one swipe but…

Several Swipe Files!

For example I have a:

  •    Headline Swipe File
  •    Bullet Point Swipe File
  •    dSales Template Swipe File
  •    dGuarantee Swipe File
  •    dOpening Paragraph Swipe File
  •    dP.S. Swipe File

The reason for this is simple: Sometimes, all you really need is the headline. Once you have that, the copy will sometimes practically write itself.

Other times you might find yourself writing bullet points, and just need some new and fresh ideas to make your copy pack more of a punch. What you’d do then is open up your bullet point file and swipe away!

Or, you might decide you really want to add some zing to your guarantee, to take all the risk out of ordering. You could ponder how to do it all day, or just open up your special guarantee swipe file and find your answer. It’s the real secret to…

Instantly Increasing the Persuasion Power Of Each And Every Ad… Every Time!

Now you could take each Halbert ad, and sort them out yourself. But why should you have to? What don’t I do it for you?

In fact, that’s exactly what I did.

Here’s what you’re also going to get:

   “The Gary Halbert Headline Collection”

   “The Gary Halbert Bullet Point Collection”

   “The Gary Halbert Guarantee Collection” (Some of the best guarantees I’ve ever read and swiped from)

   “Famous Gary Halbert Openers”

   “P.S.’s from Gary Halbert”

These little reports make excellent quick reference guides. You can even write complete ads just from these different swipe files.

Here’s how you’d do it:

First, open up the headline collection to get an idea for your headline. Once you do that, then open up the “famous Gary Halbert Openers”, and find one that fits best with your offer.

Once you’ve got your opener, it’s time to tell the reader about your benefits. What better way to do that than with killer bullet points, which you can swipe from the bullet point collection.

What’s left? Just throw in a guarantee (swiped from the guarantee collection of course) and then ask for the order.

Too much work for you? Well…

Here’s an Even Easier Way To Write A Profitable Ad

You ever seen one of “paint by the numbers” pictures? All you have to is paint within the lines, and when you’re finished, you’ll have a masterpiece!

Well, besides having the swipe files I’ve created for you above, you’ll also have sales letter templates. If you analyzed every Gary Halbert ad you could get your hands on, you’d discover that in most cases, he writes nearly all his copy from one of seven basic templates.

What I’ve done is identified and isolated 7 of those templates for you to easily follow along with. I use these templates myself when I need to write copy to meet a deadline, and have to do the whole thing in a single setting.

What I’m saying is this: There can’t be an easier way to write copy in one sitting that pulls 11% of higher (as I have done several times using this method)!

Is this beginning to sound like a good deal to you? Then wait until you see just how little I’m charging for all of this…

But before we get into that, I got some bonuses I’d like to extend to you, to truly take this offer over the top, so there is no disputing how incredible it is.

Special Time Sensitive Bonuses

Bonus #1: Free Lifetime membership into my “What’s Working Now” copywriter club.

Each month I go down to the library, and browse through magazines and newspapers, as well as scan the web for ideas. When I find an ad I consider truly killer, I clip it out and ad it to my swipe file.

How’d you like me to also send you a copy of that ad, as well as a quick critique of it?

Well, if you act now, you can get enrollment into this membership for free, for life. This is something I’m eventually going to charge for, so I can’t make this bonus available forever.

Bonus #2: 2 Hours of “Fly on the Wall” Quick-Fix Ad Critiques

I typically charge $75 per half hour to personally critique someone’s copy, and most clients are happy to pay this fee (one time I came up with a headline for a client that more than tripled her response!).

However, once in a while I offer “superficial” quick-fix copy critiques to people on my list for no charge. The last time I did this, I recorded the whole session.

You get to see a pro copywriter instantly spot fatal flaws in amateur copy, and within minutes come up with solutions to those flaws and dramatically enhance the copy.

Another thing to note is that these critiques cover several niches. So there’s a good chance that I’ve critiqued something similar to whatever your niche your in, or thinking about entering.

Do you think that would be helpful to you?

Bonus #3: Free Updates for All Future Gary Halbert Ads

I’m never going to quit researching and uncovering Gary Halbert ads. And I’m sure, from the sales I generate from this product, people will start sending in Halbert ads I don’t have.

Actually, I told a marketing buddy just yesterday about this product, and he already sent me two ads that I didn’t have.

So those will be sent to you for free soon, when I finish them up (I just couldn’t wait any longer to get this product into your hands). But in addition to those two ads, you’ll also get all future Gary Halbert ads sent for free (with video and written analysis) to add to your swipe file.

As I add to my Gary Halbert swipe file, naturally I’m going to increase the price of what I charge for this package. But by buying today, you assure that you pay the lowest price ever for this collection, and you guarantee yourself all future updates to this package for free.

I hope you see the value in that.

Okay, to sum everything up, and to make sure the skimmers didn’t miss anything…

Here’s What You’re Going to Get:

   37 Gary Halbert Ads

   34 ads come with written critiques

   Over 30 homework assignments, to help you master copywriting as quick as possible

   All 37 ads with Video Analysis, for a total of 53 videos that span over 5 hours worth of time

   “The Gary Halbert Headline Collection” (6 pages of headlines)

   “The Gary Halbert Bullet Point Collection” (over 146 bullet points!)

   “The Gary Halbert Guarantee Collection” (Some of the best guarantees I’ve ever read and swiped from)

   “Famous Gary Halbert Openers”

   “P.S.’s from Gary Halbert”

   Gary Halbert Sales Templates (7 master-class templates For when you need to plug and go!)

   Free Lifetime enrollment into my “What’s Working Now” Membership Site

   2 hours of “quick fix” ad critiques (A value of $300)

   Free lifetime updates! (All future Halbert ads I add to this collection will be sent to you for free!)

How Come You’re Charging Such a Low Price? Are You Insane?

I know I should be charging at least 5 times what I’m going to charge for this.

First, there is nothing like this on the market. Second, it contains more copywriting lessons and strategies than you’ll find in most courses that sell for over $1,000. Third, it’s designed and optimized for people who need to write excellent copy, and need to do so quickly… especially those who have never written a winning sales letter. in their life!

Look, if you just discovered one “big idea” from this package that could improve your conversion ratio 1%, what would that be worth to you?

If you sell a $47 item, and you currently close 1 out of 100 people who come to your site, that would means you could put an extra $47 in your pocket every time you sent 100 people to your site. Within a few months, you’d be making thousands of extra dollars!

And what if you could cut your copywriting time in half, by using the sales templates and swipe files?

Let’s say it takes you 10 hours to write copy that makes you $1,000. Now you can do it in 5. So this package would then be worth at least $500 in value to you every time you sat down to write a sales letter.

Actually, I’m being modest with the numbers.

If you can only extract one idea from this package, there’s something wrong with you. That’s because there’s several big ideas to be found that could put many thousands of extra money into your pocket in no time flat.

With all that in mind, here’s how I came up with the price. I think a reasonable person… if they put in even just the tiniest of effort… could use the ideas, lessons, tactics and shortcuts found in this package to make $750… easily.

Remember what I said my goal was when creating an irresistible offer? It was to give 20 times greater value than the investment required. So with that in mind, I can up with the tiny price of just $37. ($37 X 20 = $740)

That’s just one dollar per ad!

This is the Lowest Price This Package Will Ever Be Offered At!

Get Gary Halbert Swipe File – Jason Fladlien, Only Price $52

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