Gamblers Dharma – Simon Chokoisky


Everything that is born, which has a lifespan and an ending, is a space-time event. That includes contests as well as human beings. And just as your personal astrological chart can describe success or failure in various areas of your life, so too can a contest chart created from the time, date, and location of an event show us winners and losers of one-on-one competitions… Gamblers Dharma – Simon Chokoisky

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Gamblers Dharma – Simon Chokoisky

Win bets on sporting events using the prediction system of Vedic Astrology

  • Describes the basics of Vedic Astrology and how it can be applied to sports betting
  • Outlines 5 powerful techniques for predicting the outcome of any one-on-one competition
  • Details how to determine the physical strength of each side, whose motivation and drive to win is strongest, and who has fate on their side

Everything this is born, which has a lifespan and an ending, is a space-time occasion. That consists of contests in addition to human beings. And simply as your private astrological chart can describe achievement or failure in numerous regions of your life, so can also a competition chart comprised of the time, date, and place of an occasion display us winners and losers of one-on-one competitions.

Drawing on conventional Vedic Astrology in addition to his very own studies and prevailing experience, Simon Chokoisky outlines five effective strategies for predicting the final results of any opposition among combatants with 70–eighty percentage accuracy. He explains how sports activities making a bet gives black-and-white results and also you do now no longer should be a complicated astrologer to apprehend the ideas on this ee-e book or to use them to each day life. Using examples from his bets withinside the World Cup and baseball, the writer indicates the way to decide the favourite and decide the underdog’s probabilities through searching into the body, mind, and soul of a group and its players. He info the way to use the planets to decide the bodily electricity of every aspect and whose motivation, intellectual toughness, and power to win is most powerful in addition to the greater diffused religious nature of every group–who’s luckier and who has destiny on their aspect. He info how he used those easy ideas to win loads of bets and the way he now makes use of them to fund charitable causes.

Including personal stories of his experiences with grace, beginner’s luck, and the Vedic philosophy of karma and dharma, Chokoisky demonstrates how the planets and stars relate not only to our sports competitions but also our individual lives. He shows us how the astrologer must become part of the prediction, how a bad day can mean bad luck, and how to ride the wave of good fortune by avoiding specific days that are ill-disposed to betting. Chokoisky explains that one way to remain in the good graces of the gods is to donate a portion of your winnings to charity. He describes how right conduct is essential to continue profiting from this technique and how your own karma and dharma can indicate how to approach gambling as well as how to use your winnings.

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