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See… I discovered an extremely easy way to entice people into giving me their email. Simply offer a free giveaway. It seemed to have worked fabulously, because my mailing list exploded with subscribers.

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Getting tired of relying on a dying mailing list that's struggling to produce few clicks and even fewer dollars?

Breaking: 5 Simple Techniques Revive Your Dying Mailing List and Turn it into an Ever Flowing 6-Figure Income Stream!

Transform an Ice Cold Mailing List into a Steaming Pot of Hungry Buyers With Just a Few Simple Emails.

After Investing Hard Earned Cash into Collecting Opt-lns, My List Went Stale and Took Their Money With Them…

I made a big mistake.

See… I discovered an extremely easy way to entice people into giving me their email. Simply offer a free giveaway. It seemed to have worked fabulously, because my mailing list exploded with subscribers.

There was just one problem.

They had shallow pockets. And I'm talking really shallow. Like, "can barely squeeze out a quarter in those pockets" shallow. These guys weren't willing to part with any of their money. They were attracted to free, and free only. And that wasn't going to pay the bills.

So here I was. With a list I had invested more time and money into than I care to remember. And I was getting zero payoff.

And this is only one twist that can turn a list sour.

Here’s the 5 Major Profit Killers that Will Suck Your Income Stream Dry:

  • “The Freebie Seekers” – The subscribers who will gladly offer up an email for your free offer. But unwilling to part with any of their money later down the road. After investing time and money into this strategy, you’re left high and dry.
  • “The Hesitant Stranger” – Handing over money on the Internet can be scary for a lot of people. Especially when they don’t know whose on the receiving end. Without a brand behind your name, this subscriber will clutch their wallet so hard, you’ll struggle to loosen their death grip.
  • “The Cold Subscriber” – These money-suckers are common amongst offline business lists. They’re cold and shut down offers almost immediately. Their thick, icy walls are almost impossible to break through.
  • “The Subscribers Gone Stale” – It happens. Life gets in the way. Different opportunities present themselves. Your list gets tossed to the side. The problem is, trying to revive your list after they’ve flat lined is extremely difficult.
  • “The One-Time Buyer” – Building your list from past buyers is a popular way to grow. But more often than not, 99% of marketers make a critical error that stunts their growth. Turning an otherwise profitable list into a one-trick pony.

Reviving a “Dead” List and Turning a Profit is Actually Much Easier Than You Think…

All too often, hard working folks like you possess a mailing list that could make you a killing. But just one (or even several) of these major issues is holding you back.

After hitting several brick walls myself, and seeing people around me suffer much in the same way, something needed to change.

I reinvested my energy. Using every resource I could get my hands on, I went into hardcore testing mode. Slowly uncovering methods that would transform a lemon into a steady profit stream.

As we speak, you’re sitting on a giant profit opportunity. Your mailing list – no matter how big or how small – can easily be a major income source for you.

All you need is a push in the right direction. The key that will open up the deadbolt on all those wallets. A masterful template, carefully crafted to generate a rushing income stream.

And it’s here.


The 5 Simple Steps to Transforming the Coldest, Cheapest, Most Unreliable Mailing List into a Huge Profit Generator.

This is it. Your guide to warm your list back up. Turning even the biggest tightwads on your mailing list into dedicated, hungry buyers.

Whether you've got an overwhelming number of Freebie Seekers, Hesitant Strangers… or maybe your list has simply gone cold. The Follow-Up Master Plan is designed to conquer.

Jammed pack with step-by-step instructions that are ridiculously simple to follow. And my personal blueprints and templates for quick email writing. You'll never let a hard earned mailing list go to waste ever again (especially when you see how much money you've been sitting on this whole time!)

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside:

The "Facebook Niche Page" Sequence


The step-by-step sequence that will familiarize buyers with your brand. Transforming them into a dedicated following, simply by using your niche Facebook page. From being an unknown Tike' on your page to a loyal customer, your subscribers will feel confident in buying with you. Prepping them to be long-term customers for ongoing success.

The "Offline Business Cold Signup Conversion" Sequence


This is an inside look at how to convert cold local traffic by using a simple freebie/discount offer. You'll be melting that thick, icy wall into a flood of sales.

Full disclosure: This one takes a bit more than just an email sequence. But don't worry… I'll show you the exact method I used inside the business. And how the email sequence supports it. This is powerful enough to transform a local business overnight when used correctly.

The "Stale List Reactivation" Sequence

VALUE $297

We've all been there – we build a list and then (for one reason or another) we stop emailing them at the frequency that we should. The list can quickly become a write off… BUT there's a way to revive it.

You'll get instant access to my simple blueprint that will turn your list around in 7 days! You'll get your money's worth out of this alone.

"Free Giveaway Bonding to Buyer" Sequence

VALUE $197

Transforming a Freebie Seeker into a buyer is a tricky procedure… at least it used to be. This dead simple strategy will turn penny-pinchers into raving fans.

You'll get access to my exclusive set of email templates. These will easily turn any business around in less than one month.

"Buyer's List Breakout" Sequence   

VALUE $197

Selling your own products is a great way to build your mailing list. There's just one major issue – 99% of marketers make a giant mistake that can crush all the gains you just achieved.

I'm going to make sure you don't ever make this profit-killing mistake (or at least never make it again). This technique will show your buyers why you're the only newsletters worth opening – setting you up for a long-term income as your subscribers buy over and over again.

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