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Do you want to learn Feng Shui and wish to take this knowledge further ​to benefit yourself and others?

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Had you taken the Diamond Feng Shui Home Study Course Levels 1, 2 & 3 and absolutely loved it? 

  • Do you want to learn Feng Shui and wish to take this knowledge further ​to benefit yourself and others?
  • Do you wish to help others to change their Health, Cash Flow, Success, Romance and Spiritual Energy?
  • Do you love Feng Shui for Life and wish to learn to become a professional and make money while making a difference for others?
  • Do you wish to use Diamond Feng Shui Certification to support your interior design, for building properties or to invest in property?

Then your next step is to become Certified in Diamond Feng Shui. Become a part of the global Diamond Team that is committed to bring Feng Shui as a transformational tool to your family, friends, and others.

Welcome to the Diamond Feng Shui Complete Certification Program

The Diamond Feng Shui Certification Program can start after you complete the Diamond Feng Shui Home Study Course 1,2,3.


1. Basic

Space Feng Shui

2. Advanced

 Time Feng Shui

3. Mastery

Landscape Feng Shui & more

4. Complete

All  3 together

Certification has 3 levels, you can opt for doing one level at a time or all together. You will be certified once you complete all the levels and finish your second mentoring session with the DFS Advanced Consultant.

Diamong Feng Shui Basic

Certification Program

Prerequisite: Diamond Feng Shui Home Study Course Levels 1,2,3

This Basic Level of Diamond Feng Shui focuses on understanding the Space Feng Shui (Compass Feng Shui) for your home and office. It includes 6 video calls in a year where you can ask clear questions with your Feng Shui Master and get in touch with other certified students.

Feng Shui your Business Video Program

Bring the magic of Feng Shui to your working space and start experiencing incredible shifts.

  • Learn how to set up your Business Office based on your personal Energy Number: the best direction for your desk, the strongest colors for your walls, your desk material, and the best colors for your desk chair.
  • Discover where your Success Direction is and how to activate it, where to hang your logo, your products/ services/ business cards/ business flyers.
  • Find out where your Relationship Direction is, how to activate it and how to strengthen your office for constant positive cash flow and the best ROI. Learn which are your strongest keywords and colors for your Business message and marketing.
  • Understand the influence of Time Feng Shui on your Business.

Feng Shui your Business Video Program includes 4 video sessions of 90 minutes plus a bonus session and a manual.

Space Clear your Life Audio Program

Do you feel stuck and wish to move forward with your life? You might feel abundance is not coming, but perhaps you have not allowed the space for money to come into your life. In order to create more flow, you need to LET GO and to LET COME in. Asking is not enough, creating space to receive is key. Learn the 4 levels of space clearing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Space Clear your Life Audio Program includes 4 audio sessions of 90 minutes.

Diamond Feng Shui Club (1-Year)

Have the support from Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond 6 times a year. In the Diamond Feng Shui Club Marie Diamond answers your questions about all the levels of the Diamond Feng Shui Curriculum in a Video session of 90 minutes. You will get access to the private FB group of the Diamond Feng Shui Club.

Diamond Dowsing Basic Video Program

Learn the basics of Dowsing to take your Feng Shui to the next level. Dowsing helps you to find the stress zones in your home that creates:

Lack of sleep

  • Lack of money
  • Lack of romance
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of healing
    When the energy level of your home is too weak, the Law of Attraction cannot work fully. Once your home is dowsed, you sleep better, money flows easier, romance is better, you are so much more focused and your healing level improves.

Diamond Dowsing Basic Video Program includes 8 video sessions of 90 minutes each.

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