Fast Track to Direct Billing – Susan Watson


Increase access to dietitian services, keep your practice busy, & keep your clients coming back with direct billing to medical insurance companies!

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Increase access to dietitian services, keep your practice busy, & keep your clients coming back with direct billing to medical insurance companies!

Your dentist does it. Your physio does it.

Direct billing is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to providing consistent, accessible care from a registered health professional.

How many times do you have patients ask – do you direct bill?

Do you think you might be losing business from clients who can't afford to pay upfront for your services?

Does your heart hurt when you can’t provide accessible services to a lower income bracket, who HAVE access to extended benefits?

Direct billing can:

  • Improve access to dietitian services
  • Improve your reputation
  • Give you a competitive edge over non-covered nutrition services
  • use extended health benefits to enhance services and elevate our profession

Why AREN’T you direct billing your dietitian services?

The excuses we often hear are:

  • I thought dietitians couldn’t direct bill
  • It seems complicated
  • It seems overwhelming
  • I’ve tried and made mistakes

We got your back, in our Fast Track to Direct Billing this Summer!


SUMMER is the time to start planning on growth, access, and your practice. (And of course, to prevent summer-slow down next year!)

That is why Susan is hosting a workshop ‘Fast Track to Direct Billing’ – a quick and easy, step by step workshop on how you can implement direct billing in your private practice.

Sign up now and join the workshop on July 9th at 10 am EST (or watch the replay!)

What you will learn:

How to set up your business to direct bill and accept assignment of benefits – everything from marketing to structuring your service packages (yes! it is possible to direct bill if you offer packages).

-Step-by-step the processes you need to take to accept insurance for payment, and how to avoid making costly mistakes. (Ask Andrea – she didn't follow my instructions – and she was out $$$! Needless to say – she listens to me now πŸ˜‰ )

Learn all the terminology and how everything works, like co-ordination of benefits, primary payer/ secondary payer, how reasonable and customary charges work … the works.

How to confirm clients benefits to ensure you don't lose out on money, and tips on how to avoid being on the phone all day

Yes. Direct billing insurance companies takes a bit of work.

But is it worth it?

Susan TRIPLED her business, has helped her to establish better relationships with the physicians that refer to her practice, and has her business seen as THE place to go for nutrition counselling in her city.

If you think that accepting direct billing might be a good fit for your biz, then learning the essentials is a must to save you time, money, and headaches!

BONUS! (cause we want you to rock this!).

We’re providing a 1 month follow up Q+A Facebook Live to answer any of the questions you have on direct billing.

This workshop is covering Susan's step-by-step system to have you start direct billing right away.

This is different from our self-study course – which includes scripts, templates, additional marketing tools etc.

Many of you have said ‘ok I don’t need the templates, the scripts, etc. – I just need to know how to get going’. That is EXACTLY what we will be covering.

You will have the STEP-BY-STEP of what you need to do to be direct billing in one month’s time!

Get Fast Track to Direct Billing – Susan Watson, Only Price $29


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