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You know that there people out there in the world who could benefit from your knowledge or expertise, but you don’t know how to reach them. How can you find these people, and even more importantly, how will they find you?

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Dear Author, Speaker, Expert, Consultant, and Coach,

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve got a message to share, but you’re not sure how to communicate it. You would like to write a book, but it feels so overwhelming and you’re not even sure how to begin.
  •  You know that there people out there in the world who could benefit from your knowledge or expertise, but you don’t know how to reach them. How can you find these people, and even more importantly, how will they find you?
  •  You wrote your book, but don’t understand why it’s not selling. You got some good reviews, and thought it would sell like hot cakes, but sales have fizzled.
  •  Your eBook is selling on Amazon, but it’s not creating any more traffic to your website.
  •  You want to use your eBook to build your business,  to get more speaking engagements, and to build your reputation so you can be known as the “go-to” expert in your field.

Well, I have GREAT news for YOU! This is where you want to be!

My name is Robbin Simons, and I’m known by many as “The ePublishing Strategist for Entrepreneurs.” Why? Because I work with entrepreneurs from all areas to de-mystify and simplify the many elements that a business owner needs to know about using eBooks and special reports to market and grow a business.

FIRST, Start by downloading this COMPLIMENTARY BONUS Check List:

The 7 Key Elements of a List Building, Lead Generating eBook

How can writing an eBook help you grow your business?

  • Writing an eBook is the easiest and quickest way to establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Once your eBook is published, it will continue to sell forever
  • Amazon Publishing is automatic – Once you launch your eBook, Amazon takes over everything! They manage the sales, marketing, payment processing, customer service, SEO, tax collecting, delivery – EVERYTHING!
  • You can even have your eBook printed easily and inexpensively through Create Space, the print-on-demand company owned by Amazon.
  • If effectively planned and formatted, your eBook can drive more pre-qualified clients to your website than any other method of lead generation
  • When strategically written, buyers of your eBook will know, like, and trust you before they even click through to your website!


I want to write my own eBook so I can grow my list and grow my business,

but I don’t know what to write about and I don’t know where to start. 

If you simply want to have an eBook to use on your website as your free gift  for opting in to your newsletter, then this can easily be done in a couple of hours. It’s really unbelievable how easy it is to put together a 5-10 page eBook or special report to use for this purpose and it’s a great way to get your feet wet if you’re just launching a new business or just want to try your hand at writing.

In the EASY eBook Success Boot Camp, you will learn the about different types of eBooks and which one is best for YOU based on your own goals.

So, where do I start?

Very simply, you begin with a good idea, your own expertise, a process you have developed, your product or service, your signature talk, or a personal experience.

Write about what YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT and you can’t go wrong!

These are all great ideas to get you thinking about your next writing project, but here’s the catch – it’s only ONE SMALL PIECE of the puzzle.

To really be successful at using your eBook to grow your business, you need to know all the tips and strategies for PREPARING, PUBLISHING, AND PROMOTING your eBook so you can make the biggest impact in the least amount of time.

By having this information, you will be better prepared to begin your writing journey on the right path so you can get your eBook done FASTER and you know what? You’ll have HUGE results too, because you followed a proven system.

You see, I have this down to a science. I know EXACTLY what you need to do and HOW to get the BEST results – FAST.

Plus, there are things that are CRUCIAL to do – and you might be inadvertently skipping them because you don’t think they’re all that important!

Click and Download this COMPLIMENTARY BONUS Check List:

The 7 Key Elements of a List Building, Lead Generating eBook

OK, so what if I already have my book written……NOW WHAT???

Sure you could listen to all the free calls from all the eBook publishers out there and piece it all together.  By the way, it doesn’t work.  I used to try to do that too.  You’ll get some of it, but you don’t get behind the scenes details  and you won’t get the good stuff.  That’s where the difference lies – the difference between their profit and your loss – the difference between your success or failure.

You’re about to get my entire PROVEN SYSTEM for creating and optimizing your eBook or special report to get more clients that you will LOVE to work with and grow your business so you can live your dream (while sharing your message with the world and helping others find the solutions they seek too!).

The “EASY eBook Success Boot Camp – Prepare, Publish, & Promote Your Own eBook in LESS Time with BIG Results”

You’re about to learn my EASY, PROVEN system which teaches you EXACTLY  what you need to know to take the knowledge you already have and create and publish an eBook or special report that is optimized for generating more qualified leads, building a list of action takers, and growing your business so you can create the lifestyle you deserve.

Whether your an aspiring writer with a book burning to get out of you and into the world, or a seasoned author with a few publications already under your belt, you’ll discover tips and strategies to help you create the eBook you need to get your message into the hands of those who need to read your words, at the same time, building a successful business for yourself.

The EASY eBook Success Boot Camp is a complete program that gives you all the basics you need to know to PREPARE, PUBLISH, & PROMOTE your own eBook in LESS time with BIG results, including:

  • EAST CONTENT CREATION blueprint for writing any book, special report, article, or blog – FAST!
  • Get others to CREATE YOUR eBOOK for you
  • The BEST FORMAT to achieve the results you desire
  • Uncover what your MARKET DESIRES, so you can give them EXACTLY what they’re searching for and MORE!
  • What you need to know about AMAZON so you don’t get BANNED from their program
  • CATEGORIES that will get your eBook noticed and help you sell more
  • How to use KEYWORDS in your eBook and where to place them for the BIGGEST results
  • EDITING & PROOFING tips and strategies that will make writing your book so much EASIER
  • THE BIG 3: AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, APPLE iBOOKSTORE: How they compare and what you need to consider when deciding where to sell your eBook
  • GETTING REVIEWS: How and where to get feedback on your eBook even if you have a small list or no list at all
  • How to turn NEGATIVE REVIEWS  into even MORE sales
  • CREATING AN EYE CATCHING COVER: Find out the best choices for colors, fonts, and images that will attract your readers
  • TITLES & SUBTITLES: How to create a POWERFUL name for your eBook that will attract the most readers
  • BUILD INTERACTION with your readesr within your eBook to entice them to visit your website
  • PRE-LAUNCH CHECKLIST to make sure all your t’s are crossed and your i’s are dotted so you can have a stress-free book launch
  • VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH: Which Social Media to use and how to use them to optimize the release of your brand new book
  • How to get 1000′s of people to download your eBook in ONLY 5 DAYS
  • AUDIO, VIDEO, OH MY!: Create a buzz with cool media tools to drive up your sales and ROCK YOUR LAUNCH!

“This program opened my eyes to hidden revenue possibilities that I had not seen before.”

The EASY eBook Success Boot Camp was the kick in the butt that I needed in order to start writing my first e-book. This program opened my eyes to hidden revenue possibilities that I had not seen before. The program it’s so easy to follow and understand and full of incredible ideas that in the first lesson I came up with the title of my first book!

I’m happy with all the knowledge that I got from this amazing program, today I can say that I have the knowledge to create a really amazing and profitable ebook anytime I want to create one! Thank you Robbin Simons for  The EASY eBook Success Boot Camp.

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