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Journey to Enlightenment. Achieve Your True Potential with the Dynamic Development Series 24 Lessons on Health, Abundance, and Success Hailed when it was released as the ultimate self-development resource, this is a 24-step journey to happiness and enlightenment. It will nurture your innate talents, turbo charge your personal growth, and help you achieve the greatness that is uniquely yours. Both volumes contain 12 lessons from human achievement expert Randy Gage with a lesson, and some "homework" to complete. And on some audios Randy interviews some of the biggest names in personal growth for their unique, potent, and powerful insights. Many different facets of an abundant life are covered, from prosperity to goal setting, happiness to creativity, and health to money management. If you want to break out of self-imposed limitations and break through to your true potential the Dynamic Development Series is the perfect resource for you. It's a continuing roadmap on your journey of personal development. Each lesson brings you on an in-depth study in some area of human achievement, whether body, mind or soul. You'll discover new truths about yourself and uncover old ones. You'll desire more, obtain more, and accomplish more . . . by becoming more. 1) Crossing the Fringe of Fear. Learn how to transcend fear and turn obstacles into opportunities. 2) Creativity: Unleashing the Power of You Tap into your innate creativity to dance, write, paint, build, compose, design or other creative endeavors. 3) Spiritual Prosperity Use spiritual laws to manifest health, wealth and abundance in your life. 4) Choosing Happiness How you can choose happiness even in the face of change, challenge and other obstacles. 5) The Power to Heal Thought-provoking insights on healing from Aborigine medicine men to the power of the mind. 6) Achieving Optimum Health How to wake up each day brimming over with vitality, enthusiasm and passion. 7) Meditation Experience inner peace by traveling to the space between thoughts. 8) Goal Setting for Positive Results The real truth about setting and getting your goals. 9) Achieving Optimum Performance You'll hear from several extraordinary experts on how to get peak results in your life. 10) The Power of Man Learn how to shatter self-limiting beliefs from the extraordinary W. Mitchell. 11) Creating Loving Relationships Discover how to attract and keep healthy relationships. 12) Developing Leadership This is one of the most important skills you'll ever need.Learn how to develop it

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