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Do YOU Want TRUE LOVE That Actually Works To Come Into Your Life? If So, Don’t Waste Any More Time “Hoping” And “Waiting” For Greater Intimacy To “Just Happen” (It Won’t… Until You Do THIS.)

Plus: The Incredibly Intimate Secret That I’d Rather Not Tell You…

Are you still hoping, wishing, and waiting for True Love to come into your life at last?

Because True Love is the ultimate force for happiness, transformation, and fulfillment in all our lives… I can guess, if it hasn’t happened for you yet, this is probably pretty close to what you’re going through.

Maybe you think about it every day.

Or every hour of the day.

Maybe you feel lonely, desperate, and hopeless about it ever happening.

If so, you’re EXACTLY where I used to be.

And that’s why, in just a moment, I’m going to share an intimate experience from my own life that I think will help YOU decide to take action to finally experience True Love like you want and deserve.

In the meantime…

Here’s the #1 FACT about TRUE LOVE that you must understand if you want to start creating and growing it in your life:

True Love is NOT that “happily-ever-after” stuff we see in the movies.

In fact, TRUE LOVE will totally kick your butt… unless you’re ready for it.

Scary as it may sound, I’m convinced that many people (in fact, MOST people) are doomed to either lose the person they’re in Love with right now, or worse… never find that person at all.

And that’s tragic.

Just think about this for a moment…

Well, after teaching men all over the world how to attract women, and after working with and coaching them on the art of attraction, I’ve come to a realization:

How important is it to YOU to experience a passionate, fulfilling, REAL partnership at long last instead of “just getting by” and “surviving” in a difficult or boring relationship?

How would it change your life to stop dreading fights and conflict because you finally know how handle those “bumps in the road”… instead turning them into amazing opportunities to become closer and more intimate with your partner?

Above all:

What if you could have every tool and technique you’ll EVER need – right at your fingertips – to make lasting, fulfilling, passionate TRUE LOVE appear and keep working in your life at last?

If ANY of this is important to you, it’s clear to me: you’re more than ready to take your romantic life to the next level, whether that means transforming your current relationship or attracting True Love into your life for the very first time.

Either way… I’m excited for you. And I’m here today to tell you:

I know you can do this because (get ready for it…) finding True Love with the woman of my dreams… also known as MY WIFE… is exactly what finally happened to me!

Yes, you heard right…

After a lifetime of doubt, fear, even hopelessness about whether True Love would ever happen for me, I finally found True Love with the one woman who is my perfect match… and who is now my wife and the mother of my child!

I’ll wait for you to pull your jaw off the floor.

Meanwhile, here’s how YOU can bring True Love into YOUR life, too (no matter how convinced you are right now that it’s never going to happen for you)…

The Unexpected End Of My “Former Life” As A World-Famous Dating Guru

No two ways about it, I’ve probably helped more men around the world succeed with women and dating than anyone else.

Millions of men have read my newsletters, watched my videos and purchased my books and dating-success programs.

I taught them how to meet, attract, and get dates with as many great women as they wanted… just like I was doing.

Sounds pretty good, right?

You’d think I’d be HAPPY, right?

You’d think.

But there was something totally different happening behind the scenes.

Even though I’d mastered the “dating game” (man did I ever) I’d actually given up on finding that ONE PERFECT WOMAN I could be with for the rest of my life.

In fact, I thought of the whole the idea of “True Love” was a romantic fantasy.

BUT THEN, a few years ago, right around the time I finally “gave up” and accepted my fate to be a lonely, unfulfilled, single “serial dater” for the rest of my life…

SHOCKER: I Met The Amazing, Total-10 Woman Who Was My Perfect, Forever Match

Her name is Annie, and when I first met her, I was actually using one of the “techniques” that I taught in my final dating program called “Become Mr. Right.”

It was a technique called “living your purpose”… and I did it by attending an amazing music and arts festival called “Burning Man”… an insane desert gathering where artists, thinkers and dreamers come together to exchange ideas, watch performances, partake in great food…

Well, let’s just stop there and say it’s totally mind-blowing.

I went to share ideas with receptive, like-minded people about how we can improve ourselves and make the world a better place.

As my wife likes to say now, I was basically like a bird in a tree singing for a mate…

… and she heard me.

And it turns out this was the most “fateful” event of my entire adult life.

I soon realized that Annie was THE ONE for me.

We started the process of building a RELATIONSHIP. And… since we were clearly so perfect for each other, I assumed that it would be easy.

Spoiler alert: I could not have been more WRONG.

SHOCKER #2: What REALLY Happens After You Find Your Perfect Mate

Like many things in life, the “reality” of creating a real, deep partnership was a huge surprise for me.

With all my years of studying the female gender, psychology, behavior and emotions, I naturally expected this to go smoothly and easily.

Well, guess what:

Within the first week of falling in love, Annie and I had our first argument.

In fact, the first year of our relationship was probably the hardest year of my adult life. Not exactly the “love story” you see in the movies…

… but it was the beginning of my education about the REAL world of True Love.

It turns out that True Love… the kind that lasts… is usually very challenging. It forces us to face the deepest, darkest stuff we’ve worked so hard to avoid our whole life, from shame and neurotic thoughts to bad habits and aggression.

Yes… I said aggression.

Newsflash: people who are in love will fight.

Often, they will fight a LOT in the beginning.

My new relationship was no exception.

But here’s what I realized (thanks to my wife who herself is actually the most intelligent relationship expert I’ve ever met):

Until you have this thing called True Love in your life, you can avoid dealing with all this stuff.

But True Love forces you to deal with it.

Let’s go even further…

True Love is actually the only force strong enough to give you the courage to confront and ELIMINATE these issues from your life ONCE AND FOR ALL…

Get Double Your Dating – Intimacy Intensive – David DeAngelo, Only Price $49

Listen to some success stories…

The Awesome, Totally UNEXPECTED Impact Of True Love On My Life

Harsh reality is, most people will break-up when it gets “too tough.”

They will run from the effort.

They’ll think it’s supposed to be “easy.”

As you might imagine, as an acclaimed dating expert in a relationship with a top love coach, we immediately rolled up our sleeves and got to work on this stuff…

We started testing a radical new system for dealing with our conflicts and fights.

We worked on ways to make it easier to be more honest with each other, to openly share our feelings, and to express our wants and needs to each other.

We developed powerful new ways to connect and deepen our relationship with each other.

And here’s what happened next:

As our relationship strengthened and deepened because of all this, a lot of people in our lives started to take notice.

Our friends and family starting turning to us for help with their relationships more and more often. They started using the tools and techniques we’d developed for ourselves…

… and wow did it ever work them!

Stories came pouring back to us about the huge impact these concepts and techniques were having on their relationships.

After several months of receiving this overwhelming feedback, my wife and I decided we needed to get this information to everyone who needed it by doing what we did best: creating a live “Intensive” program designed to teach these methods to everyone we could possibly reach.

Cut to the chase:

This soon became our most powerful, seismically life-changing program ever…

We Called Our New Program “Intimacy Intensive” Because That’s The Only Way To Describe It

Intimacy Intensive is XX SOLID HOURS of “live” sharing, learning and laser-focused training on taking intimacy, trust and love in a relationship to a much deeper level – as well as preparing to find and keep your perfect partner if it hasn’t happened for you yet.

And, in a moment, I’m going to share THE BIGGEST REASON that it would be tragic to waste even one more day before you start watching this program…

But first, as promised, here it is:

The Intimate Secret That I’d Rather Not Tell You

You see, I’m basically a very “private” person by nature.

I don’t like to share a lot of details about my personal life. And when I’m teaching, I try to keep the focus on the material and the students.

That’s why I’m a bit embarrassed to tell you that, just a little while ago…

My wife and I had a pretty significant argument.

Guess what it was about…

This letter that I’m writing to you right now!

In a nutshell, she wanted to make some changes, and I was getting a bit… well… “territorial” about it.

When we finished arguing, I couldn’t keep writing.

Later, I told her that I was still upset… so we talked it through using everything we’ve learned about turning conflict into progress and deeper communication and Love.

Suddenly, I actually felt even MORE affection toward her than if we didn’t have the argument in the first place!

In my heart, I felt a sense of optimism, happiness, and progress in an area that’s important to me… and I got back to writing.

And I have to say, each and every time something like this happens now, it feels genuinely MIRACULOUS to me because…

I Finally Have All The Tools And Techniques I Need To Turn Conflict Into A Stronger, More Resilient Relationship

You really need to hear and understand this, because it’s a pretty big deal.

Intimacy Intensive isn’t smoke and mirrors. It isn’t pie-in-the-sky or just warm-and-fuzzy affirmations. This program is jam-packed with SPECIFIC tools and techniques that are very POWERFUL and very REAL.

In Intimacy Intensive, we cut right to the chase, hitting all of the BIG ISSUES head on.

From fighting and sex to relationship taboos and honesty, you’ll learn how to confront, integrate and solve all of it… here’s just a partial list of the relationship “intensive care” you’ll get when you start watching “Intimacy Intensive”:

  • How to address those “DANGEROUS” RELATIONSHIP TOPICS that you’ve been avoiding (or won’t talk about at all) because you think they’ll damage or even END your relationship.
  • How to USE HONESTY as one of the most powerful “tools” in your relationship. (Pop quiz: should you tell your partner “everything” that’s on your mind? One answer leads to more intimacy and trust… the other to nothing but more problems!)
  • How to GROW YOUR SEXUALITY so that sex becomes MUCH more interesting, fresh, and exciting with time. ***NOTE: An entire session of this program is dedicated to sex… you can’t afford to miss this!
  • How to HARNESS THE ENERGY OF FIGHTING to make your sex life magnitudes better (This one was possibly the biggest surprise to me.. and it’s AWESOME…)
  • How to HANDLE JEALOUSY: here’s the one-and-only HEALTHY way to “dance with” and integrate jealousy into your relationship.
  • EMERGENCY RELATIONSHIP FIRST-AID: here’s what to do if you start feeling coldness, distance, or detachment in your relationship. (For now, know this: everyone experiences this stuff, but the remedy is NOT what most people think.)
  • How to GET YOUR PARTNER TO OPEN UP when he or she won’t talk about a specific issue… and why it’s critical to work through these issues. Your relationship truly depends on it!

Of course, along with all of these “heavy” topics, we also go joyfully in-depth about:

How To Enjoy And CELEBRATE Your Relationship The Way You Really Want And Deserve

Like I said, my wife and I have fights.

But, MOST of the time by far, we’re having fascinating conversations… laughing hysterically together… learning amazing new things about ourselves and the world.

We go on adventures… we explore and develop ourselves both individually and together… we revel in mind-blowing sexuality, intimacy and romance.
In other words – we’re HAVING FUN.

And that’s exactly what Intimacy Intensive is ultimately designed to help you do, too. During its XX HOURS of laughing, learning, and exploring true intimacy, you’ll also discover:

  • How your relationship can help you become the very best version of yourself. “True Love” is the best path to personal growth and becoming the ultimate “version” of you!
  • How your relationship’s health can improve OTHER relationships with family and friends as well (INSIDE SCOOP: My wife is, in my opinion, the ultimate “family repair” expert, probably the best there is. Can’t wait for you to watch her work her magic in the program!)
  • How to get your “love needs” met by learning specific ways to “send” and “receive” love, including how men and women tend to be different, and how to feel the great benefit of having a real, true PARTNER in life.
  • How to “juice up” your sex life so that it becomes an ongoing adventure. Is it possible to have a sex life that keeps getting better over time? We do… and so can you!
  • How to get your “super powers” working as a couple to achieve your personal goals and improve your health and success in life.
  • How to FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF… and we don’t mean in the “egotistical” or vanity sense. These powerful exercises will develop your sense of self-worth… which will help you build a more fulfilling relationship… which will help your partner fall more in love with you… which will help you succeed in all key areas of your life.
  • And much, much more…

Add it all up, and the message is clear:

Of all of the emotions, being in Love is supreme.

And now YOU can learn how to make it a reality in your life, too!

Now, a quick WARNING:

If You’re Not Interested In Experiencing Real, True Love, Then This Program Is NOT For You

In other words, do not watch the program if you’re just looking for more “dating advice.”

Do not watch it if you don’t care about creating a deep, fulfilling, lasting partnership with someone you love.

Above all, do not watch it if you don’t crave the rewards and intimacy of bringing True Love into your life.

On the other hand:

Start watching “Intimacy Intensive” RIGHT NOW if you want to experience a powerful, transformative, genuine True Love relationship in your life at last.

And keep in mind… other high-level relationship training workshops usually cost thousands of dollars to attend in-person. And they are NOT guaranteed to get you the results you’re looking for.

(My wife and I have attended some of these, so we know this only too well).

That’s why, just like every program I’ve ever made available to you – this one comes with my world-famous, 100% RISK-FREE guarantee…

If you watch the program and don’t feel like the experience of love in your life is radically changing for the better, just request a refund. That simple. No questions or hassles.

So now, only one question remains:

Are You Ready For The Rewards Of Creating Conscious, True Love In Your Life?

If so, you’re ready to start watching “Intimacy Intensive” right now by going into your member’s area with your login and password, and clicking on Intimacy Intensive.

The tools, training, and special guests in the program have truly helped my wife and I build a relationship that is beyond anything that I thought was possible…

Now, we’re looking forward to helping YOU get there, too.

In Intimacy Intensive, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about cultivating the feeling called Love with your partner and then taking it to to a mind-blowing new level.

You’ll accomplish this by finally having a complete “tool kit” in your life for building a continually-growing, intimate relationship.

On the other hand…

Without this tool kit, nothing will change in your life.

So how’s that been working for you?

You have nothing to lose by taking action, so try “Intimacy Intensive” 100% RISK-FREE by going into your member’s area with your login and password, and clicking on Intimacy Intensive..

P.P.S. As my wife and I were thinking about how to tell you about Intimacy Intensive, we decided that it was best that I was the one who wrote this letter to you.

After all, most of you already know me, so it makes sense, right?

But, as I told you above, it was a big undertaking. And (just like the program itself) we actually collaborated on the entire thing.

It was truly a relationship “team project.”

It’s also an awesome example of the kind of fulfillment in partnership, collaboration, and love that YOU will learn to enjoy with YOUR partner by watching the program.

That in mind…

If you do nothing else to start experiencing real, true love in your life, do just this much TODAY:

Intimacy Intensive is only available in my Member’s Area. If you are not a member, you may join by purchasing any one of my programs. Here are few of my best sellers:

  • Advanced Dating Technique
  • Cocky Comedy
  • Love The Final Chapter

Get Double Your Dating – Intimacy Intensive – David DeAngelo, Only Price $49

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