Creators Training Masterclass – Julian Alexander


I’ve enjoyed over 4 years of my life working with brands as a filmmaker and photographer. This little “life hack” is exactly what enables me to make money anywhere in the world.

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Welcome To Creators Training

The best 3 step system to help creators get results with clients, land brand deals, and build their own creative online business.


Julian Alexander

I’ve enjoyed over 4 years of my life working with brands as a filmmaker and photographer. This little “life hack” is exactly what enables me to make money anywhere in the world.

The only reason I’m able to do this is because of the pure dedication to this craft that kept me committed through the years of trial, error, & failure, (it definitely wasn’t easy starting from nothing).

& that’s why I made this platform that has all of the information you need in one place. Something I wish I had access to when I first started.

In 60 days, you’ll learn what took me over 4 years to figure out the hard way.



The Best Investment for Filmmakers & Photographers

Stop the guesswork. Follow a plan that works, so that you can get real results.

50+ Video Lessons

Watch at your own pace & make progress through one actionable video at a time. Take it one step at a time.

Lifetime Access

Don't pay another penny! Sign up today & get access for life (even when prices go up).

Tested Tactics

No more guessing. Use the exact same tactics that work every single day.

6 Month Guarantee

If you don't get any results after implementing everything in this course, we'll give you a 100% refund!

Private Community

Be surrounded by over 1,000 other ambitious creators in our community & work together.

Live Coaching Calls

As a member, you will get special access to several live workshops directly with me.

Get Creators Training Masterclass – Julian Alexander , Only Price $57


Inside The Course

Breaking it down to make it easy

1. The Start

Stop worrying about how to start. Follow these steps & create the confidence you need, in order to move forwards in your filmmaking and photography business.

  • Success Mindset
  • What to expect
  • Your Specialty
  • Usernames/Domains
  • Bios that Convert
  • Feed Planning 101
  • Grow IG Fast w/ Ads
  • Hashtag Growth Plan

2. Land Brands & Clients

Most people can’t figure out how to land even one brand deal or client. Thats why this module focuses on showing you all of the key strategies I use to hunt down amazing brand deals & get clients with half the effort.

  • Pricing Yourself
  • Contracts (Template)
  • Sharing RAWS?
  • Invoicing (Template)
  • How to Upsell Clients
  • Howto: First Client
  • Increasing Referrals
  • Networking Secrets
  • Ptl. Brand Deals
  • Pt 2. Proposals
  • Pt 3. Pitch the Brand

3. The Hands-Off Method

There are parts of the job we enjoy, and parts of the job we despise… In this section I show you how to get your own virtual assistant for $2-3 per hour. The best part is I did all the hard work for you. All you need to do is hand them the downloadable guide. They’ll know exactly how to do all of your tedious emails, brand outreach, and client outreach.

  • Outsourcing 101
  • Finding & Screening
  • Narrowing Candidates
  • Automate Brand Work
  • How to use "The Guide"
  • Download: The Guide

4. Pro Website Made Easy

You need a website… period. There’s no way around it. I know it might be intimidating, but that’s why I show you exactly how you can easily build a site like the one you’re looking at here (without having to type a single line of code). Don’t worry, I’m not a programmer either.

  • Sites, Funnels, & Stores
  • Naming your brand
  • The Secret Library
  • Website Foundation
  • Plan for efficiency
  • Lazerfast website
  • Sales Psychology
  • Website Plugins
  • SEO & URL's

5. Clients Like Clockwork

Most people would say that the worst part about freelancing is having to “land” clients… but, what if I told you that you could make clients come begging to YOU? You’d probably say that’s too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s what we call “strategic positioning” and this is where you learn how to do it.

  • First Funnel Steps
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Closing the sale
  • Building your clients
  • The Freelance Funnel
  • Killer Sales Video 101

6. Automated Income

The number one problem with being an artists is that you’re stuck trading your time for money…. until now. Watch and learn how you can create products, services, and connections that make you “automated income” using the creative skills you already have.

  • Creating Products
  • Digital Product Sales
  • Physical Product Sales
  • Getting Product Sales
  • Customize the Nav
  • Optimized Checkout
  • Customer Contact
  • Business Email
  • Accepting Payments

7. Running the Automated Income Machine

Once we build the machine, we have to turn it on & give it some gas. This is where I show you exactly how I took my photography products from zero to $100,000 in sales in less than 3 months.

  • Track your Audience
  • Intro to Advertising
  • Finding your Target
  • Creating Video Ads
  • Run Your First Ad
  • Power of Data
  • Building Value LLA's
  • WV&ATC Strategy
  • Messenger Strategy
  • Howto View Data
  • Optimizing Data
  • Boosting Ad Results
  • Scale Winning Ads
  • Manual Bidding 101


Get Creators Training Masterclass – Julian Alexander , Only Price $57

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