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Craigslist Mastery Program Introduction – Session #1

The Craigslist system is more than just a few template ads. It is a complete system designed to create a buyer lead generation system for you. This is the very first session that you should take. To get started click the link below.

Introduction to Craigslist Mastery Program Members Area (new window) – Start with this video as it will give you a complete introduction to the features and materials that you have available to you in the Craigslist Marketing Mastery Program.

Introduction video to Craigslist Mastery Program (new window)

Craigslist System For Real Estate Guide – This guide will get put you on the path for success with the Craigslist System. We invite you to start with this guide prior to continuing on with the additional systems in the system.

Craigslist as Your Next Buyer Sees It & How it Works – Session #2

Not sure how craigslist works? Craigslist allows you to post ads for FREE. This system has created one of the most popular websites on the Internet. With all of these people looking at this site it is important to know how to stand out from your competition and how buyers are viewing this system. This video will take you on a tour of the site and give you some pointers.

Craigslist Video Tour(new window)

How to post an ad on Craigslist? – Session #3

Have you posted an ad before? If you have great but this video will show you how to use the custom templates that are provided in this system to your advantage. You will see not only how to input a regular craigslist ad but how to use our custom templates to improve your conversion rate. We recommend watching this video at least twice and making sure to take notes to make sure you have the process down of using the supplied templates to enhance your ads.

How to Post an Ad on Craigslist Video(new window)

Craigslist Ad Templates – Session #4

This is the second most important thing you can do to improve your conversion rate with your craigslist ads. The first is havinge an amazing headline which we cover in session #6. Having your ads use powerful HTML will improve your conversion rate by 30% or more as compared with a standard HTML ad.

Using the Templates Effectively MP3 – Listen to this MP3 prior to using the templates to save you time and be more productive.

How to use the Templates Videos (new window) – This instructional video will guide you through the “How To” of using these templates. You will see step by step on how to download and customize the templates to work for you and to start generating buying leads in your area.

Craigslist Ad using two pictures (new window) to see how it will look

CraigsList Ad using two pictures template – This is a text file. Save to your computer and then copy and paste into Craigslist. Ad shows you how to put pictures directly into your ad. Note that your pictures must be on the Internet somewhere to make this ad work correctly.

Craigslist Ad with No Pictures and a Bulleted List (new window) to see how it will look

Craigslist Ad with No Pictures and Bulleted List template – This is the text file. This template doesn’t use pictures in the ad itself but you can still ad pictures below your ad using Craigslist. See Session #3 above for How to perform this action.

Craigslist Ad with No Pictures and a Numbered List (new window) to see how it will look.

Craigslist Ad with No pictures and a Numbered list template – This is a text file. This is a great ad when you want to show the person a numbered list of important things. If you don’t want them to see numbers like (1,2,3) use the bulleted list template above.

Craigslist Ad with Picture on Left (new window) to see how this will look

Craigslist Ad with Picture on Left template – Picture of property or most important feature on left portion of ad.

Ordered & Numbered List Ad (new window) to see how this will look

Ordered & Numbered List Ad template – This ad provides room to list things out and to have a numbered list of important items that you want to draw the prospects attention to.

Craigslist Ad Guide – Access the latest ads ready to generate leads from using Craigslist. This 20+ page guide allows you to copy and paste directly into Craigslist with minimum changes.

Get Craigslist Mastery Program – James & Joseph Bridges, only price $59

Craigslist HTML Tips & Guide – Session #5

HTML Ads on Craigslist have a significantly higher response rate than those that do not use any HTML and are just plain text. In session #4 we gave you templates and how to use them effectively. You may want to make modifications to the templates that we provided or to create your own. In order to create HTML templates, make modifications, & not waste time we wanted to give you some HTML tips that you can use to speed up the process.

Be careful not to spend too much time on making changes to templates and creating new ones. The templates are there for you to use and to save you time.

Craigslist HTML Tips MP3 – You can save to this file to your computer for use later. We recommend listening to this prior to making any changes to the templates you received in Session #4.

HTML Cheat Sheet to Using HTML on Craigslist (new window) – You can right click and save this PDF file onto your computer. We recommending printing this out prior to listing to the MP3 above so you can take notes on this sheet.

Conversion scripts for Craigslist Prospects – Session #6

As you start generating leads on Craigslist you will need to have the right scripts to get them to an appointment. There are some that won’t qualify for your services and there is no better where to find out who qualifies for your service and who doesn’t by using the scripts that have been tested on Craigslist prospects.

Craigslist Conversion scripts MP3

Craigslist Conversion scripts listen on the Internet without saving (new window)

Craigslist Headlines – Session #7

How do you get people to view your amazing ads? You get them to your ad with a powerful headline. Different headlines work well in different areas. We explain how to get test headlines in the MP3 file below and give you sample headlines to use as well.

Headline writing cheat sheet (Microsoft Word)

Headline writing cheat sheet (PDF)

Headline writing Audio Lesson MP3

Sending prospects back to your website or blog – Session #8

Every single Craigslist ad that you create needs to have a link back to your website or blog. In fact it needs to take them to a specific page on your website or blog. What should that page or blog post look like? We cover that in this video.

Craigslist Landing page video (new window)

What not to do – Session #9

Are there things on Craigslist that you absolutely shouldn’t do? There are things that you shouldn’t do and we created a list of items so you know to avoid them. Some of these items will save you time others will save you from costing yourself big $$$. Make sure you download and printout the cheat sheet and keep it handy while you are getting your Craigslist Ad system up and running.

Craigslist what not to do cheat sheet (PDF Version) – Save or print this file.

Craigslist what not to do cheat sheet (Microsoft Word Version) – Save or print this file.

Craigslist Adwriting Tips – Session #10

Can you improve the results of your ads? You bet you can. Your ad can never be too good and we cover some tips that will make your ads compel the visitors to call you, e-mail you, and come to your office.

Ad writing tips for success (PDF Version) – It is highly recommended that you print or save this file to your computer so that you can view it while you create your craigslist ads.

Ad writing tips audio guide MP3 – We cover what it takes to have a successful and powerful ad and cover EXACTLY what each had has to have in order to be successful.

Generating referrals from agents outside your area – Session #11

Did you know that you can get agents to send you referrals from outside your area using craigslist? You can if you implement the system we discuss in this session. You can create a nice steady flow of referrals.

Agent referrals from outside your area MP3 – Save this to your computer for use later.

Mental Aspects of the Craigslist System – Session #12

Prepare mentally for the Craigslist system by understanding what you are about to do and what you are about to create. This session is designed to put you in the correct state of mind. We recommend listening to this at the beginning of each week to prepare yourself.

Mental Aspects of the Craigslist System MP3 – Save this file to your computer for use later.

17 Point Master Checklist for the Craigslist System – Session #13

Are you doing everything possible to make sure that the program is a success for you? Download and make copies of the master checklist to make sure you are doing everything possible every day to gain the maximum number of leads.

17 Point Checklist (Microsoft Word)

17 Point Checklist (PDF)

Syndicating Your Listing to Other Powerful Websites – Session #14

Having your listing in as many places as possible helps you get more people to call you. There is a great system that can syndicate for you, generate an enhanced HTML page for you that you can use on Craigslist, allow you to easily share it with your social network, & best of all is the great price of FREE.

In this training session we will be covering the website of Postlets which you can get your free account at www.Postlets.com. Before yuo set-up your account listen to the training call below so you only focus on the most important features.

Postlets Training Call MP3

Generating Traffic To Your Open House With Craigslist – Session #15

Open houses attract buyers who have not yet found an agent. They are very similar to Craigslist leads as they are in the quest for information and are still in that search for a real estate agent who can assist them with the process.

Craigslist can be used to generate additional traffic of highly motivated buyers to your open house provided you follow a system and pattern for success. The training call below will give you a system to follow for success with Open Houses using Craigslist.

Craigslist Open House Traffic System

How To Outsource Your Craiglist System – Session #16

Discover how to have someone else place the Craigslist ads for you so you only have to answer the phone, book appointments, and collect commission checks. The complete guide to outsourcing your real estate business will reveal the secrets of top producing agents and how they have more time off, more income, and do this without having a large payroll.

The guide and 33 minute training call will take you step by step through the process of outsourcing your real estate business.

Outsourcing Real Estate Guide

Outsourcing Real Estate MP3

Overview of the Craigslist System & Top Things to Watch – Bonus Session

In this session Todd explains what needs to be done in order to be effective with Craigslist. This audio lesson will give you tips, hints, and the secrets behind Craigslist so that you can have a powerful buying system.

Craigs List Member Bonus Materials

Craigslist Mastery Bonus Training by Todd Bates MP3

Use the bonus Materials to make sure that you book more appointments from the Craigslist System.

Get Craigslist Mastery Program – James & Joseph Bridges, only price $59

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