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Complete SLS Course

I’m giving away a low cost, low time committment way to get results on Linkedin Now it’s not fool proof, you do have to spend time split testing your audiences and copy

Complete SLS Course

Simple lead system is everything you need to get great results from Linkedin and Cold Email

For some companies that’s 5 sales leads a week, for others it’s keeping a sales team busy with 30+ sales meetings in a week

Here’s exactly what you get when you sign up to the course

SLS is a 5 week course designed to get you generating leads

  • Without wasting time (on content marketing)

  • Without wasting money (on paid advertising)

  • And without going insane (by trying to figure it all out for yourself)


The Complete SLS Course costs only £397

What’s that worth to you?

Now I’m assuming you’ll pay that off from getting one client

But for most of you £397 will be paid off from getting a trial project, a ¼ or less compared to how much you usually bill a client

And if you’re an enterprise SaaS company or agency – £397 is often less than 1/100th of a client – that means every lead you generate extra from SLS is potentially 100x ROI on this course per lead

The Complete SLS Course has an 100% money back guarantee if you don’t get results from the first 60 days

We have a very low refund rate, that’s why I’m willing to offer this for 60 days

My courses are popular and people are getting good results – If you’re unhappy with the course I want you to have a refund, as it happens so rarely

I know if you’re a B2B company you will NOT be disappointed

Results are never guaranteed, but SLS is the one course you need to increase the chances of you scaling up your B2B business this year

Let’s build your company – what’s £397 compared to building the B2B business that you want over the next 5 years?

Fill in the form on this page to buy now, and I’ll jump on a FREE 1-1 consultation with you in the next few days – free of charge


  • 5 Core Modules, Packed with Detailed Tutorials, Strategies and Simple To Follow Weekly Tasks
  • Bonus Interviews With Jon Buchan and Karen King
  • Access to advanced Targeting and Copywriting videos for your lead generation needs
  • Bonus trainings to improve your lead generation – including the complete cold email webinar
  • Bonus 1-1 Power Up Call With Charlie

Week One – Just Start…

Week one is about strategy and results

If you follow through with the tasks in week one of the SLS course, you are much more likely to be one of the big Linkedin success stories

Week 2

Week 2 we go much more in-depth into week 1’s techniques.

We show you proven targeting hacks that few people ever use, to help you get qualified leads…

Week 3

In week 3 we’re going to show you how to use Linkedin to skyrocket your or your company’s influence

This is something few people are doing, but some of my most successful clients are using

Week 4

Week 4 is about long term strategy

Turning your Linkedin into a marketing machine

This week is optional – if Linkedin shuts down tomorrow, would you still have influence and leads?

This week makes sure you will

Week 5

Week 5 is about content and engagement

Now I’ve succeeded on Linkedin for almost 2 years without worrying about content

But I have taught previous clients how to get leads from Linkedin content and I can teach you the same


Running 5+ profiles

How to run 5 Linkedin profiles

Cold Emails

Learn the secrets that helped my previous clients generate up to 30 sales meetings in one week using cold email

Only 100 Potential Prospects

Are you an enterprise SaaS company? Or do you want Fortune 100 clients for your agency

This is how you nurture small lead lists


The more I see my clients get lots of leads, the more I teach them sales strategies

I’ll give you a basic sales template you can use for yourself, or hand over to a sales rep or SDR

And Much More…

We will add Copywriting and Linkedin bonus videos into the bonus section over the next month

Right now, we’ve just added bonus interviews with Jon Buchan (Charm Offensive)

Karen King (Freelance Copywriting Mentor)

Get Complete SLS Course – The Copy Space, Only Price 78$

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