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Complete%20Positioning%20Master%20Course%20 %20Marty%20Marion%201 - eBokly - Library of new courses!THE COMPLETE POSITIONING MASTER COURSE

World’s #1 Brand Strategy & Competitive Advantage Expert Teaches The BIG Agency Secrets Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know.

Learn From Real Life Madison Avenue Agency ‘Mad Man’ Marty Marion:

The Insider Secrets, Strategies & Tactics That Only The World’s Top Brands and Agencies Had Access To UNTIL NOW!

Get Marty’s COMPLETE Positioning Master Course Now, And Learn The Brand Strategy Secrets Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know

Positioning Science is the maximum effective approach in any marketer’s toolkit via way of means of a ways.

My COMPLETE MASTER COURSE (24 Full-Length Video Lessons) in Positioning and Competitive Advantage is uniquely created for emblem owners, agencies, consultants, emblem strategists, advertisers, and entrepreneurs in each niche:



(Over 30 Hours of Advanced Training Adapted From My SOLD OUT $5,000 LIVE MASTER COURSE TRAINING PROGRAM)… plus



As the author of The Positioning MatrixTM – the global’s first mathematical version for developing a emblem’s positioning platform – I literally ‘wrote the book’ on aggressive benefit approach to COMPEL your goal clients and customers to IN YOUR FAVOR and AWAY FROM YOUR COMPETITORS.

You’ll take marketplace proportion farfar from your competition, completely dominate your class and explode your sales fast and sustainably. AND I TEACH IT ALL TO YOU IN MY POSITIONING MASTER COURSE VIDEO PROGRAM.

Positioning is the technological know-how behind each main emblem in each class. It’s the motive why EVERY chief of their class IS the chief in that class. PERIOD.

Positioning is the way you completely manipulate purchaser and patron ‘shopping for decisions’ approximately your emblem, company or service to your want and farfar from your competition.

Positioning Is The Foundation For ALL Branding, Messaging, Content & Advertising Across ALL Marketing Channels – For EVERY Type of Business in EVERY Category!

Positioning is the FIRST step in developing any emblem approach, all branding factors & messaging, and all advertising throughout each channel. It’s the SINGLE MOST ESSENTIAL COMPONENT OF EVERY BRAND STRATEGY!

You ought to create your Positioning Platform FIRST, and best then are you able to efficaciously craft all your branding factors and messages.

My Complete Brand Positioning Master Course will educate you each factor of a way to do that and win.

If you don’t absolutely manipulate your positioning, your competition will do it for you, and it won’t be to your want. In fact, they’re doing it proper now. Every. Single. Day. Positioning is the ONLY manner to prevent this fast.

I’ll display you a way to take manipulate right away and maximize your patron and purchaser sales and ROI massive time.

In my COMPLETE MASTER COURSE you’ll get limitless get admission to to 24 full-period extensive and superior video classes revealing the techniques and techniques your competition don’t need you to know… PLUS you’ll get absolutely specific PDF WORKBOOKS for each lesson…

This isn't always novice degree stuff you’ve heard before.

This Complete Master Course additionally consists of four full-period video classes on ‘The Weaponization of Advertising and Marketing‘ – a topic I actually have formerly best taught to my non-public customers. It’s a main evolution withinside the global of marketing and marketing you can't have the funds for to disregard or be ignorant of. These are the intro & teaser classes to my upcoming 12-WEEK LIVE TRAINING COURSE to be introduced soon… and as a unique extraordinary bonus for purchasing this Complete Master Course Video Library, you’ll be entitled to a 50% cut price at the Live Course whilst it’s introduced!

My Complete Brand Positioning Master Course leaves no stone unturned with actionable techniques and techniques in each lesson. This is via way of means of a ways the maximum superior and extensive software I actually have ever taught.

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn (and there’s lots more!) and a Few of the Immediate Benefits You’ll Get:

You'll Learn To Create Higher Converting Ads at Lower Costs and Higher ROAS Than Ever Before:

Using Positioning Science, your advert headlines, content, images, calls-to-motion and all message touch-factors will attain deeper into the thoughts of your maximum incredibly certified objectives and actually compel them to take the movements you want them to take.

This reduces CPC (regularly via way of means of large margins) and will increase each CTR and conversions dramatically. The blessings run from Top-of-Funnel proper thru conversion.



You’ll See Insane Increases in Search Ranking, CTR & Conversion Rates:

I’ll teach you how to strongly and immediately reinforce and drive home your positioning AND de-positioning from search through the moment your targets hit your site or lander, and your conversion rates will absolutely increase.

When conversion rates increase, cost of acquisition goes down, AOV goes up, and you start the ‘stimulation’ and ‘retention’ phases much more quickly, increasing LTV significantly.


You’ll Close Higher Value Clients More Quickly Than Ever Before:

You’ll learn how to create your own Category Class to quickly establish that YOUR agency, brand, products or services will ABSOLUTELY solve your targets’ needs, resolve their pain points, and fulfill their desires… AND that your competitors can’t.

You’ll learn the most serious strategies and tactics to leave your competitors in the dust.


  • Lesson 1: The Core of Positioning & De-Positioning
  • Lesson 2: The Positioning Platform
  • Lesson 3: The Positioning Matrix™
  • Lesson 4: Category Classes, Why They Always Win, How to Create Yours
  • Lesson 5: ‘Brand’ vs ‘Branding’; Competitor vs Competition (Yes, They Are Different!)
  • Lesson 6: Doubt And Dissatisfaction – The Two Critical Movers, How to Create Them
  • Lesson 7: Brand Positioning Ladders and the Variance of Positioning Influence
  • Lesson 8: Brand and Positioning Traps You Are Making; How to Avoid Them; How to Fix Them
  • Lesson 9: Controlling The Decision-Making Process – Part 1
  • Lesson 10: Controlling The Decision-Making Process – Part 2
  • Lesson 11: Controlling Perceptions, Beliefs and Interrupts
  • Lesson 12: The Positioning Venn Systems
  • Lesson 13: Positioning in Advertising and for Agencies
  • Lesson 14: Marty's Private Client Positioning Workflow
  • Lesson 15: Ultra Advanced Positioning and De-Positioning Tactics
  • Lesson 16: Segmentation To Increase Conversion, Stimulation and Retention
  • Lesson 17: Positioning and The Acquisition Phase
  • Lesson 18: Positioning and The Conversion Phase
  • Lesson 19: Positioning and The Stimulation Phase
  • Lesson 20: Positioning and The Retention Phase
  • Lesson 21 through 24: The Weaponization of Marketing and Advertising

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