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Special Report From Jason Capital

All I can remember.. is the pain.

The excruciating pain of being..  


In the moment, fighting back hot tears, I made a blood vow to myself things would be different…

In any and every kind of society structure… school… a job… a city… a country… the world at large… there are people who seem to have it all…

  •  The fame
  •  The popularity
  •  The recognition
  •  The adoration and fawning

Doors magically open for them in all kinds of life-changing ways.

It seems their life defies the laws of gravity. They’re immune to failure.

For some people, their meteoric rise to fame is jaw dropping. Almost as if they had signed a deal with the Illuminati.

Literally overnight, they’re partying with the Hollywood celebs, doing deals with the rich and powerful elite, have their face plastered all over cable and the Internet.

What’s even weirder?


“What gives?” you may ask.

In this special report, I’m going to tell you. And the reason I can tell you?

THE PAIN. The pain of being ignored.

  •  I used to be shy, I used to be reserved…
  •  I used to be a wallflower…
  • Girls would notice me from a distance and then as they approached, they’d disappear and I’d wonder why…


It’s been years since I felt that deep hole in my soul. Almost like I was invisible to the rest of the world.

Girls acted like I wasn’t even there. Guys pretty much didn’t see me as a threat and left me alone.

The Amish have a word for it. They call it being “shunned.”


I can tell you about the things I tried. But I’d just embarrass myself.

Besides the pain was just too great. (Candidly, it’s actually inspiring me to write this letter to you now. I feel like I’m venting…)


It’s pretty lonely being invisible.

When I was a kid I dreamed of being somebody. Somebody important. Somebody special. I wanted to be in demand. I wanted to be wanted.

I tried all sorts of things to get attention.

Most didn’t work. A lot of them backfired.

But here’s what I figured out along the way:


Heck, anybody can get that now, by doing some crazy shit with a cat or a hooker.

I wanted recognition, I wanted acknowledgement. I wanted respect.

I Wanted Something DIFFERENT


(If you’re reading this right now, be honest. You do, too. That’s because you’re a part of Team Capital–my alter ego.)


You want to be known as a badass. Someone powerful. Someone who can move, touch and inspire people in special ways.

You know this. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t.

And having been through the process, I’ll tell you what doesn’t work. Then I’ll tell you what does.

Here’s what I know for a fact doesn’t work. If you want to people naturally attracted to you, don’t try…

  •  Seeking and demanding attention from the world.
  •  Seeking and begging approval from the world
  •  Riding on someone else’s coattails
  • Any kind of gimmick that attempts to trick people into paying attention to you


(Yes, yours truly has tried all these. They were rather humbling experiences. You should have seen the time I tried to buy a nightclub with no money down.)

Now having said that, there is what I call “the long way around the barn.”

And that’s to get good at something. Mastering it. And the getting out there and paying your dues. In the process, becoming known and respected.

Do that? And you will have all the fame and fortune you want. People will flock to you. It’s just a matter of time.


Perhaps a better way. It’s definitely a quicker way.

Today, it’s one I use every single day of my life. The most famous, the most important and respected people I’ve modeled use this method as well.

And what’s that way?

It's to develop…

CHARISMA To become a Charisma GOD.

Now before you go “Jason, there’s no way I have charisma!” I want you to know something…

Up until just a few short years ago, I didn’t have an ounce of charisma either.

And it showed…

My weekends were spent alone. I had few friends. I smoked a lot of weed.

Trust me, hanging out by yourself and getting stoned can only take you so far in life.

But then I started getting pissed at myself. I wanted all those things a guy (desperately) wants but I didn’t know what to do.

I started to learn about things like game and routines, but honestly?

It wasn’t helping. Not one bit. I thought it'd stay like this forever. 

Here's a little confession. This is a true story:

One day, I saw a girl.. 

She was gorgeous, playful, the girl all the other guys wanted shining on his arm.

For months, I thought about asking her out but my nerves always stopped me.

So one day I finally muster up the courage, walk right up to her and say, “Would you like to get a drink with me this weekend?”

My voice cracked while I said it. I felt fearful and insecure. You ever get that way around a beautiful girl?

She had been smiling but now… she looked like she’d seen a ghost. 

Apologizing, she started, “Umm, that’s really sweet of you Jason…umm, I think I’m busy with my family this weekend but thanks.”

The pain of that rejection stuck with me for longer than I care to admit.  But a few years later, that same girl saw me on video…

And what she saw was different

She saw my charisma, my power, my confidence

She Couldn’t BELIEVE Her Eyes. Or

How Bad She Wanted Me Now. 

Amazed, she called me on my cell. Texted too. 

The message she left talked about how stunned she was. 

She couldn’t believe I’d become a star, a millionaire, a leader. 

Recognize this my friend:

Your ability as a Charisma God holds the possibility of total and complete transformation for you in your life too.

The problem is no one ever showed you this. Me neither.

Think about it: How many days a week do you talk to someone?

Everyday, right?

Yet no one ever taught you THE POWER of your voice. (It's enormous, by the way. Just wait until we unleash it for you.)

But that's just the beginning of this..

No one ever taught you the true secret behind naturally commanding the spotlight.. 

To effortlessly unleashing your natural magnetism that oozes charisma and power.. 

Or even the 4 most-important vocal tonalities you should have in your arsenal to subconsciously influence the most stubborn of people without arousing friction.. to become the top salesman in your industry in under a month.. to connect with anyone, be they soft and cuddly or cold and distant, in barely 60 seconds of innocent, easy-going conversation.

This is what they should have taught us in school.

"Decisions Determine Destiny."

And on this page today, you will make a decision:

To become a Charisma God, or not. What’s better, what's your gut telling you?

Don't settle for average. Look around you.

Notice what happens. When people stop taking action. And start letting the world tell them what to do, how to live, how to be. 

It always ends the same. In a puddle of pain, tears and excuses. 

Trust me, that’s a hell of a vicious cocktail that you never want poisoning your bloodstream.

I challenge myself to go higher every single day. 

Like the billionaire (and my coach) Dan Pena says…

Because once you start living as a Charisma God..

One by one, people will begin treating you differently. Really differently

.They know that you’re someone different. Someone special. Someone magical.

The starring role..and all its benefits and perks…will be yours.

  • Everything will begin to OPEN for you. Doors. Opportunities.
  • Even other people’s wallets. True story.
  • People will talk about how they find themselves thinking about you when you’re not around.

Can you see how powerful this is? Can you appreciate how simple this can be?

You know what’s really scary though?

Letting your anxieties, your shyness keep you a “best-kept secret”.

Think about it: Let’s say you’re talented, and you’re smart, and you’ve set your sights high. All true, right?

But what if you never command the spotlight and it never makes it way to you? We can’t just trust that “our time will come”. For most who wait, it never does. Think about it:

Opportunities don’t knock forever. Weird things happen.

Look at Jay Williams: He was the #2 pick in the NBA Draft. Experts said he’d be the next great player in the NBA.

Then he crashed into a streetlight after his rookie year and never played another game again.

Everything he’d put his whole life into, poof, GONE, in an instant.

An old mentor of mine used to say, “Jason, you gotta make hay while the sun shines.” 

My answer to that?


We have a saying here on Team Capital:

Success loves speed.

It goes to it like moths to a flame.

So when opportunity comes knocking, who are you gonna let get the door?

That opportunity belongs to YOU. So please do understand when I say:

Becoming A Charisma God Represents Possibly The Most Extraordinary Opportunity Of Your Lifetime. I Know For Sure, My Lifetime.

Becoming a Charisma God is an ability that has immeasurable power and influence in the world. It’s an essential quality every Team Capital member needs to develop.

Now if you like what I’ve shared with you just now, if you can see it IMMEDIATELY changing your life, there’s a lot more where that came from.

In fact once I discovered it, CHARISMA has become a daily muscle I’ve developed from that day to today. And watching my clients transform, it’s become obvious – anyone can develop all the charismatic power they want. 

And so due to the 4+ years of demand, I am now opening my breakthrough training on how to get it fast. It’s creatively called..

Inside, you’ll find the training is paced evenly over 4 weeks.

Here’s how CHARISMA works

Its is not just a bunch of videos or audios put together, nor is it a standalone system. It’s a living, breathing thing, an experience between me and you.

Each week, you’ll attend your new training with me and your fellow students who make it in the test group with you.

Each training is about 2 hours, so you will want to set aside that time each week.

We’ll delete your anxieties, destroy your shyness and install nerves of steel. 

You’ll never feel another knot in your stomach, or forget what to say again.

We’ll unleash your natural magnetism so you ooze power, teach you the charisma shortcuts of President’s and World Leaders and together fast, make your life the masterpiece it deserves to be.

Oh, and you will walk out a muthaf*cking Charisma God.

There is even another level inside CHARISMA we're including that’ll truly bring it to life for you too..

In addition to your private training each week you’ll also meet LIVE with me.

Yes, Personal Charisma Coaching with me. 

Now with all that I’m going to do for you, there is something else you'll be doing inside CHARISMA:

Inside, you're going to not just learn but APPLY. (That's where real transformation happens.)

So I'm going to have you record a short talk for me, on any subject you're passionate about.

And then, I'm going to watch it.

With a notepad, pen and keen eye.

When I'm done with all my notes, I'm going to send them to you.

Yes, that means you're going to get direct, personal feedback and coaching from me on your speaking too.

How much do CEO’s, authors and other experts pay me for this type of personal coaching and feedback? Roughly $3,330 an hour.

So if you wanted an extra fact that makes your investment in CHARISMA is a no-brainer, there it is. 

So listen: We’re getting to that point now:

When you look back on 2017, will you be among the “success-minded” Charisma Gods who accepted their exclusive invitation to breakthrough their anxieties, conquer their shyness and and dominate the world’s stage from now on as a Charisma God?

Simply by going through the program for the full 4 weeks you literally transform… internally AND externally… into the Charisma God who effortlessly and naturally magnetizes the spotlight, and controls the conversation so you win friends with ease, influence the most stubborn of people and lead anyone without setting off resentment or friction. 


What could be more powerful for you at this point in your life? The same qualities found inside people like Steve Jobs, Bruce Lee or John F. Kennedy… … are now fully present in you.

The bottom-line: Together, we’ll destroy your anxieties, unleash your ultimate power, and make your life the masterpiece it deserves to be. 

You already know the cost of getting direct access to me as a private client..

If not, the fee to meet for an hour and see if you’re a good fit is $3,300. From there, it starts at $100,00 but can go up to the 1 Million Dollar range.

And although you’re getting the same cutting-edge training and intel I share with my private clients, because you’re securing one of the first 50 spots inside this test group, you will not invest $100,000 or anywhere near that.

Nor will you invest the $3,300 application fee.

The price for instant access to CHARISMA is just $1497.00. And yes, that includes LIFETIME ACCESS after the 4 weeks are complete as well.

And I'm well aware that's a helluva lot of money if you still think of it as a “cost” instead of an investment. I believe you're much smarter than that.

You see, just a couple hours spent inside here can totally revolutionize your life, career, relationships and wealth. How do I know that? Because I hear that every day now, and more.

When I taught just a sliver of what you’re going to get last month, typical reports back were things like, “I just had my best month ever thanks to your advice”…”just one of your suggestions got me promoted, got me in with one of the most successful people in my area and completely changed how my girlfriend and I relate, everything is so much better."

These are the type of results you can expect as soon as tomorrow (maybe tonight). 

And this is key: You should be veryvery weary of letting your anxieties, fears or shyness pigeon-hole you into being a “best-kept secret” for the rest of your days. 

Time is on no one’s side, and success is a fickle beast.

 It’s like what Virgil wrote down 2,000 years ago: “Fortune favors the bold.”

You made it this far.

You know where you want to go in life.

And you know what success requires of you to get there.

Because listen: I don’t preach what I don’t practice.

I don’t just encourage others to invest in themselves because it sounds good.

It’s part of my Code.

Here’s just a short list of the investments I’ve made in myself over the last year:

  • $25,000 to gain access to a private mastermind
  • $8,000 for private coaching with an education specialist
  • $4,200 for a high-level NLP workshop    
  • $10,000 for 2 hours with a 9-figure rockstar.

And of course, $22,000 to Dan Pena for his seminar.

Added up. that means, in myself this year only. I've already invested


And remember: That’s only some of the investments I’ve made in my skills and value.

And I’m already pretty damn successful at what I do…

Think about it: If I’m working that hard to keep my game raising, what should you be doing right now?

I remember when I was younger, and felt like there was no way I could do what I so clearly needed to, I’d remind myself, “Jason, dramatic change can only occur by action. It cannot occur, one way or the other, by doing nothing.”

There were a lot of people back then, nipping at my heels in this race.

They’re nowhere to be found now. 

They’re long, long gone, victims to the tyranny of time, inaction and having to “think everything over”

If you don't join us inside now, you could end up a victim too. 

Take control of your destiny with ACTION and SPEED now!

I’m on your side on this. And if it helps, I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from one of the greatest generals of all-time..

“When the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.” – Napoleon Bonaparte 

Recognize: We just increased the number of spots to the first 50 people who get inside this private test group with us, due to the first 25 spots being snapped up so rapidly.

These final 25 will go just as fast. And we don’t plan on adding any more spots after that until Fall 2017.

Don’t miss out on this breakthrough technology and never-seen-before training that has the ultimate power to revolutionize your life, love and income.

I don’t know if I’ll see you on the inside but if I do, get ready for the most life-changing 4 weeks of your life.

Becoming a Charisma God is an ultra-powerful advantage that lasts a lifetime. Kingdoms have been built solely on CHARISMA. So we’re going to use it with care, and with responsibility.

Here’s to conquering your destiny..

Get CHARISMA 2017 – Jason Capital, only price $79

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